How to connect bluetooth headphones with an android smartphone

how to connect wireless headphones to phone

by Alex Gustman

Updated: February 7, 2022

Bluetooth headphones and headsets are very popular with mobile device owners. Using a wireless headset allows you to be less distracted while driving and also talk on the phone with your hands free. The hand remains free, which provides a comfortable conditions for long conversations. And in the case of bluetooth headphones, there is no inconvenience with wires. Before you start using wireless headphones, you need to pair them with another bluetooth device.

How to pair bluetooth headphones with an android device

Wireless headsets can be connected in two ways: standard and advanced.

With the standard method, bluetooth headphones are paired via the settings menu of the mobile device. The user does not need to download third-party applications, just activate bluetooth headphones and tap “pair” on android device. In this case, there is no access to some of the parameters provided by the manufacturer of the headset.

For advanced connection, you can use the manufacturers of headphones or smartphones branded app such as Sony Headphones Connect, Samsung Level and Motorola Connect. These apps allow you to make advanced settings and check the remaining battery level. If the app is not pre-installed initially, you need to download it from the official website or the Google Play store.

How to connect bluetooth headphones with an android phone in a standard way

Instructions for Android 4 to 9 phones:

1. Open the phone settings menu, and tap bluetooth item.

bluetooth settings

2. In the new window, toggle the switch to the active state. After turning on the wireless module, the smartphone will start scanning for active devices in the reach. The search time is limited, often not exceeding 90-105 seconds. If the headset is not detected, the module will go into standby mode and you will have to reconnect.

bluetooth activation

3. At the time the phone searches for new devices, the bluetooth headphones should activate the detection mode. The implementation of the mode depends on the manufacturer, more often it is a long press & hold on the power button for 3-5 seconds. There are models of headsets that use a short hold – 2-3 seconds.

turning on the headphones

4. Pay attention to the power indicator. If the headphones are turned on in detection mode, the LED blinks frequently and sometimes alternates between two colors. With normal power on, the diode blinks 3-4 times less frequently.

5. If the headphones are in the “detection zone” of the smartphone, the name of the headset appears on the screen. It is required to select the accessory, and enter the password in the window that appears – 0000. This is a standard combination for most Bluetooth headsets.

found headphones
headphones connected

6. Further connection, does not require re-detection of the headset. It is enough to power on the headset and bluetooth in the device settings. The exception is if the headphones are connected to a new phone.

Instructions for Android 10:

  1. Tap settings.
  2. Tap “Connected Devices” section.
  3. Then tap “Add device”.
  4. Once bluetooth is activated, press the power button on the headphones. Hold the button until pairing mode is activated, usually 4-5 seconds.
  5. Wait for the device to appear on the screen of your smartphone or tablet, and then select the headphones from the list.
  6. After pairing, click the “Connect” button in the dialog box. This completes the pairing of the headphones. If necessary, click the button next to the headsets in the list to change the settings.

How to connect bluetooth headphones to the android phone in an advanced way

As an example, let’s consider pairing using the Motorola Connect app and Motorola Surround headphones. Pairing of another accessories with similar apps sre performed by following the instructions below.

  1. Download and run the Motorola Connect app on your mobile device if the app is not installed.
  2. Turn on the headphones, and in the app, tap the “+” button to add the device.
  3. The app will ask to turn on bluetooth, which will open the corresponding settings item. The user only needs to flip the switch and return to the app screen.

The headphones are ready to use. To reconnect, it is enough to turn on the headset and activate bluetooth. The application will inform about the connection status, as well as let you know the remaining battery level and the location of the headset.

Important notice! The Motorola Connect app or similar apps from other manufacturers have limitations. The app requires a device with Android 4.3 or higher. Also, only the listed accessories are allowed to connect.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to connect bluetooth headphones to Xiaomi phone?

Open the bluetooth menu, press & hold the wireless headphones button for 3-4 seconds to pair. Select the headphones from the list.

How to connect wired headphones to a smartphone?

It is enough to insert the 3,5mm plug into the AUX jack of the phone. If there is no jack, a USB adapter or a compact sound card will do.

How to connect wireless headphones to iPhone?

Turn on the Bluetooth. When connecting for the first time, hold the connection button for 3-4 seconds to pair, then connect to the headphones from the list of devices found. The next time you do not need to perform pairing, just turn on the headphones and Bluetooth, the connection will be established automatically.

How to connect Chinese wireless headphones?

Turn on the Bluetooth in the phone settings. Press & hold the power button on the headphones for 3-4 seconds to pair. Select the headphones that appear from the phone menu.

Why are my wireless headphones invisible to the smartphone?

When connecting for the first time, it is necessary to pair the headphones with the phone by holding the power button on the headphones for 3-4 seconds. If this doesn’t help, perhaps the headphones are damaged, connected to another device or run out of power. It is also worth rebooting the phone and reconnecting.

Why won’t my Bluetooth headphones connect to my phone?

First, make sure that you have activated the Bluetooth connection on your phone. If your Bluetooth headphones are still not connecting to your android device, it may mean that it is out of range. The closer your bluetooth devices to each other the better bluetooth connection. Remember, that a bluetooth connection usually has a range of up to 10 metres. When you have persistent Bluetooth issues, try resetting your device.

How do you put wireless headphones in pairing mode?

Place your headset near a device to which it should be connected. Check if the bluetooth is activated. Holding power on headphones will take 7 seconds. This puts it into pairing mode and lets the device connect to the phone or computer.


Here we have described how to connect bluetooth headphones with a smartphone. In most cases, this operation is carried out in a few standard steps. Connecting bluetooth headsets through a branded application is easier, but such programs are supported by a limited number of phone models, and even a smaller number of accessories. In this case, the connection should be performed in the standard way through the settings menu of the phone.

If you still have questions left, you can ask us a question, leave a comment or share your experience in the block below. We will try to provide you with an answer.

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