How to connect Bluetooth speaker to laptop?

how to connect a speaker to a laptop

by Alex Gustman

Updated: November 18, 2021

The wireless speaker is mobile and easy to use. You can use a wireless speaker when working with a computer, TV, smartphone or tablet. In this article you will learn how to connect a Bluetooth speaker to your laptop or computer.

Ways to connect

There are two ways to connect your speaker to your laptop or computer:

  • Wired.
  • Wireless.

A wired connection uses a cable where one end of the plug connects to the device and the other to the speaker. This option provides the fastest and most reliable connection, but limits mobility. This connection is possible as long as there is an audio output on the speaker.

Wireless connection is through the Bluetooth protocol. A Bluetooth module is required for connection, and the initial connection requires pairing with the device. It takes some time to connect, and signal loss may occur if there is interference. But the wireless connection does not limit mobility.

How do I connect a Bluetooth speaker in Windows 7?

The first time you connect, you need to pair the speaker with the device. The second and subsequent times you do not need to perform pairing, you just need to turn on Bluetooth on both devices.


1. Hold the power button on the speaker for a few seconds until the indicator light flashes or lights up.

2. Activate Bluetooth on the laptop or the computer.

3. Open the context menu on the Bluetooth shortcut.

4. From the context menu, select the “Add device” option.

adding a new device
add audio device

5. In the add device window select a speaker and click on “Next”.

search for a new device

6. Then select the speaker in the list of paired devices and press connect.

How do I connect a Bluetooth speaker in Windows 10?

Pairing is required for the first connection. Pairing is not required thereafter.


  • In Windows, open the Start menu, then click Settings.
  • Open the “Devices” section of the settings.
  • In the “Bluetooth and Other Devices” subsection, click on “Add Bluetooth or other device”.
  • Hold down the power button on the speaker for a few seconds until the light begins to illuminate.
  • In Windows, select the Bluetooth option in the Add Device window.
  • Next, select the speaker from the list.
  • Once connected, open the “sound options” section and adjust the preferred volume level.

How to connect a Bluetooth speaker via USB ?

Turn on the Bluetooth speaker.

  • Connect one end of the wire to the speaker and the other end of the wire to your computer or laptop.
  • If necessary, specify the device connection type in the Sound Card Manager window that appears.


Why can’t the speaker connect to my laptop via bluetooth?

The first time you connect your speaker, you need to pair it. To do this, hold down the power button for 3-5 seconds. It is also possible that the Bluetooth driver is not working.

How do I connect speakers to my laptop?

It is necessary to plug the cable into the sound card connector.

Can I connect my speaker to my computer via Bluetooth?

Yes, as long as there is a Bluetooth module on the computer. If there is no module on the motherboard, a module with USB or PCI connection will do.

What if the speaker is connected to a laptop via Bluetooth, but there is no sound?

Check the volume control on the speaker. You may need to assign the speaker as a playback device in the Sound Manager. You can access the appropriate section from the shortcut in the taskbar, near the clock.


This article describes in detail how to connect your Bluetooth speaker to your laptop or computer. Use a wired connection if you don’t plan to travel with the speaker or if a wireless connection is not possible. Otherwise, use a wireless connection by following the instructions in the article.

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