How to connect two PC together

How to connect two PC together

by Alex Gustman

Updated: February 23, 2022

Having two or more personal computers and laptops is a pretty common situation. Many users have their main computer as a workstation, while the second PC is busy with other tasks, and the laptop is for surfing the Internet or watching videos. This is a convenient way to share tasks. However, when connecting two PCs, many users experience connection difficulties. By reading this article, you will get a better understanding of popular ways to connect two PC. Also, it provides you with step-by-step instructions.

Ways to connect a computer to a computer

Usually, the connection of two PCs is used to provide Internet to the second PC via the first PC or to play together on the network. But more often it is needed to transfer large amounts of data.

There are five ways to connect two PCs:

1. With a LAN cable.

2. Via WiFi

3. Using a USB connector.

4. Via Internet – cloud storage.

5. Through the connection of a wireless disk.

The LAN cable is suitable for pairing a PC and notebook, two PCs, or two laptops. This way requires a twisted-pair cable with crimping for reverse data transfer. A normal straight cable used when connecting a PC to a router will not work because of the different locations of the last pair of wires. Therefore, when buying a cable of the required length or type of crimping, specify its purpose – to connect computers.

With WiFi, you can connect two or more laptops with built-in modules. To connect a PC, you need a WiFi adapter built into the motherboard or with a USB connection function.

Connecting via USB is similar to the LAN cable method, but it is not via the network connector on the motherboard. This method is not easy, as a standard USB cable will not work for you. You need to use a cord with an extra controller, which allows you to control it.

The Internet method involves connecting the cloud drive to two or more computers. You need to install the cloud service client, enable automatic synchronization and send files, and then the information appears on the other PCs. It is the easiest and most affordable way when you only need to transfer files.

Choosing a wirelessly-connected drive, you need a physical drive instead of a virtual one connected to the router. The data is transferred to the storage device and then available for downloading and viewing on other PCs. This method allows you to share information fast and without an Internet connection. Additionally, you need to buy additional equipment and memory storage.

Connecting two computers with a LAN cable

1. Connect both PCs with a cable.

2. On the first machine, go to the Network Control Panel.

3. In the local connections look for the line with TCP/IPv4 where you need to set the address – and the mask

4. Do the same on the second PC, but change the address to After that, both devices are available in the network environment.


  • Easy setup.
  • No additional equipment required.
  • No Internet required.


  • A cable with a reverse crimp is required.
  • The connection range is affected by the cable length.
  • The network port is busy.
  • Only two computers can be connected at once.

Connecting two computers using Wi-Fi

1. Go to the Network Control Panel.

2. Set up the new connection.

3. When the setup tool appears, select an option of setting up a computer-to-computer wireless network from the offered options. Type in the network name and password in the new window. Then check the appropriate item to save the network.

4. Choose change advanced sharing settings to activate the parameters indicated in the image.

5. Then connect the second laptop or computer to the new WiFi network.


  • Ability to connect to more than one PC or laptop.
  • No network cable is required.
  • Free LAN port.
  • Easy setup.


  • A WiFi module built into the motherboard or connected via a USB port is required.

Connecting two computers via USB

First, you need to buy the appropriate cable. On Chinese marketplaces, you can find offers from $7 and up. The cable should be about 1.5 meters long. Do not count on a speed of 480 MB / s, indicated in the description. The maximum value is 13-15 MB. Cables with a higher cost probably provide higher data transfer speeds.

If you have a driver disk, you need to install the drivers manually. More often, the drivers are in the cable adapter. In this case, the installation is launched automatically the first time you connect.

Once the two PCs are connected and the drivers are installed, you will find a new removable disk drive in My Computer. You need to open it on each computer in turn and move files from drive to drive using the file manager.


  • Automatic installation of drivers and utility software for moving files.


  • The need to buy a specific cable.
  • The need to wait 2-5 weeks if you ordered from a foreign store.
  • Low data transfer rate – 13-15 MB.
  • Possibility to connect only two computers.

Connecting a computer to a computer via the Internet

  1. Sign up for one or more cloud services. The features, advantages, and disadvantages of popular cloud storage services are described in dedicated articles.
  2. Download and install the client on each PC.
  3. Enter the account username and password.
  4. Set the synchronization folder.
  5. Make sure automatic synchronization is active.
  6. After you move the files into the sync folder, the information will appear on the other PCs. Download time affects the bandwidth of the Internet. With a high speed, it takes less time.


  • Ability to exchange information with multiple computers and mobile devices.
  • No need to buy additional equipment.
  • Easy registration, installation, and configuration of the cloud service client.


  • The synchronization speed is affected by the internet bandwidth.
  • Free cloud storage capacity averages 15 GB.
  • Internet availability is required.

Connecting a computer to a computer using a wireless drive

To establish a wireless connection, you must purchase additional equipment. Below are three options, with different capabilities and connection types:

1. A router with a USB port and an HDD-type drive.

2. Hard disk drive – HDD, with built-in battery and WiFi module.

3. Wireless card reader with a WiFi module and USB port.

The router option is preferable if the computers are at a distance outside the WiFi network. In this case, the connection is made through the LAN port. Also, the stationary connection allows the user to determine the type and format of the connected drive: USB flash drive, HDD, and SSD; 2.5 or 3.5 inches.

A wireless drive, such as the Seagate Wireless Plus, contains only a 2.5″ HDD drive and a WiFi module inside. When external power is connected, it works as an access point with the disk array. The Silicon Power Sky Share H10 version additionally has a 2600 mAh battery, which allows the driver to work up to 5 hours autonomously. It is the best option when PCs are moved frequently or located nearby. Check with your computer manufacturer for drive type and model.

A wireless card reader, such as the Kingston MobileLite Wireless series, contains a USB port and an internal battery. It allows it to work autonomously for 8-13 hours. Also, you can connect different types and volumes of drives to this card reader. The battery is enough for HDD/SSD 2.5. HDD 3.5” requires additional power. It is a rational choice for the frequent moving of equipment or when you need to unite several computers located in one room.


  • No Internet required.
  • Connecting several computers.
  • High data transmission range – fixed router.
  • Ability to determine the type and format of the drive – fixed router and wireless card reader.
  • Standalone mode, with built-in battery – wireless drive and card reader.


  • The weak coverage area is the wireless drive and the card reader.
  • You cannot select a different media type and format – wireless drive.
  • Some wireless drives lack a battery.

To configure the router, you need to open the settings and set the connection settings. Using a wireless hard drive or card reader, use proprietary utility software. In the program, you need to set: the name of the access point and the password. The steps are performed step by step and do not cause any difficulty.

After setup, the equipment will appear as a WiFi access point. The viewing, downloading, and uploading of files is done with the file manager.


Can you use two PCs together?

You can connect two computers together on a network to share files. For example, play videos or music on the first computer and store files on the second.

How do I connect two computers with Windows 10?

Connect the two computers using a LAN. To do this, connect both computers with a patch cable. Create a local network on the main computer and connect the second computer to the created local network.

What can I do with 2 computers?

Play media files on a second PC. Also exchange data between PCs via cable. The second PC is often used for video rendering or calculations. The first PC builds the project, and then the second PC performs the calculation. At this time, the power of the first PC cannot be used for other tasks.

Can CPUs combine?

Yes, if the motherboard is designed to accommodate two or more processors. This combination allows for improved performance, which comes in handy for complex calculations or servers. However, it is often necessary to install two identical processors for successful operation.

Can you connect 2 computers via USB?

Yes, provided a specialised cable is used. This cable is usually labelled “Windows Easy Transfer Cable” on the market.

How do I connect my PC to my PC wirelessly?

Both computers must be connected to the router. Then create a local network on the main PC, then connect the second PC in the local connection settings.

How do I connect two computers without LAN?

If both PCs are equipped with a Wi-Fi module, you should use the “Computer-to-Computer” wireless connection to connect. To do so, open “Network and Sharing Centre”. Then select “new connection”, the “Computer-Computer” method and follow the instructions of the configuration software.

Can I connect two laptops with HDMI?

No, as laptops do not have an HDMI port for data reception. Alternatively, you can use a video capture card. In this case, an image will be captured on one laptop and displayed on a second laptop.

Do you need a crossover cable to connect two computers?

Connect the two computers using a LAN. To do this, connect both computers with a patch cable. Create a local network on the main computer and connect the second computer to the created local network.

How can I connect two computers through Wi-Fi?

If both PCs are equipped with a Wi-Fi module – then use a wireless PC-to-PC connection. Otherwise connect both PCs to a Wi-Fi router and connect using a LAN.

How do I connect two computers wirelessly without Internet?

Use a PC-to-PC connection if both PCs are equipped with a Wi-Fi module. Or connect both PCs to the same Wi-Fi router for LAN connection.


The number of PCs in the group, the distance, and the task at hand affect the choice of connection type. LAN cable connection is suitable for two remote computers. A WiFi network will help if you need to connect several machines that are not more than ten meters away. The USB connector is optimal only if the network port is not working or is used for another connection. For consolidating many remote computers, cloud storage is the way to go. And using wireless data storage will allow you to quickly transfer a large amount of data.

If you still have questions, in the comments section below, you can ask a question to the author, leave a comment or share your experience. We will do our best to answer.

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