How to Delete Apps on Android?

how to uninstall an application on a smartphone

by Alex Gustman

Updated: July 21, 2021

What do we start with after purchasing a new and shiny smartphone? Apart from testing the cameras, we clutter it with various applications. Some of them migrate from the old device; there are also new games installed for testing purposes. In addition, most people wish to try out something new now and then. The device works just fine – for several months, at least. However, no one removes any apps until there is no problem.

Then, several things happen as we reach the memory limits. Firstly, we now struggle to find the programs we need in the overstuffed apps drawer. Secondly, the phone starts working sufficiently slower, deteriorating the user’s experience. Thankfully, there are several ways to get rid of old Android applications and start stuffing the memory (again!) with the new ones since thousands of them are released daily. Let’s see how to make a free space on the drive for them all to fit.

From the home screen

The easiest way to delete unnecessary apps in no time is to give them long taps (one after another). This should bring the “i” letter that stands for information. Press it to look at all the program details and the Uninstall option. If you have an app drawer, the method should also work there. For some smartphones running different system versions, you will have to draw the application on top of the Uninstall word in the upper part of the display. The program is erased from the drive after your confirmation.

The process for Xiaomi devices, for example, is a little bit different. There is typically no drawer at all, meaning you will work from the home screen. To remove the application, simply:

1. Press the icon and hold.

app icon hold.

2. Drag it up until you see the trash bin in the top part of the display.

move the icon off the display.

3. Release the app into it.

move app icon to delete button.

4. Confirm your decision.

delete confirmation
deletion completed

Once you have done that, proceed to the next one. There is one general rule to follow – if you do not touch the program for one month, it should (probably) go away. You will always have a chance to install it again should you need it in the future. Learn how to find all the apps you have ever installed in the article How to find apps on Android.

Looking into main settings

The first alternative way to get rid of the old applications is to look into the settings. You can access that by:

  • pressing the gear icon on your home screen,
  • swiping from top to bottom and pressing the same cog.
main settings

Then navigate to the Apps section by scrolling down or typing the word into the search field. After you open the All apps menu item, the list containing all the programs will appear. Choose one after another, press uninstall and confirm.

application section.
choosing a program to uninstall.
delete button in settings
confirmation of the decision to uninstall programs

Although the steps might be somewhat different depending on the Android version and the device manufacturer, the process itself is intuitive. For example, if you happen to have a very old device with Android 4.0 or lower, the menu item name is Manage, and it will be located under the Applications. But the essence of this method of deleting applications is the same.

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Through the Play Store

Play Store is the space where you download all the programs, meaning you should know it is hiding under a different-colored facing-right arrow icon. To manage apps, follow these steps:

1. Hit the icon to find yourself in the Store.

launching google play

2. Tap three horizontal lines in your left top corner.

hidden panel

3. Choose the very first menu item called My apps.

my games and applications

4. Pick Installed to see the list.

installed applications

5. Select the ones you do not need one by one, hit Uninstall, and confirm.

uninstall the program through the play market.
button confirm deletion

Now that you have some free space available, feel free to browse for some new programs. Repeat the entire process once in a while to have enough free space at all times. You can always check current memory status under Storage or App Storage menu items.

How to delete preinstalled apps on android?

There are some preinstalled programs that you are unable to get rid of. You will know the one when you see it since there will be no Uninstall button when you open it up. This means that the manufacturer’s apps are impossible to delete unless you gain root access.

However, if you do not feel like going into it any deeper, put unnecessary programs into separate folders and put away, or even hide them completely. Though you will lose some free space, at least they will not clutter the drawer.

Preinstalled apps can be uninstalled if you have root via any app such as Titanium Backup. If not rooted, then find out the exact package name and enter the command to uninstall the application via ADB. To use ADB you need a computer or laptop and a data cable. You also need to activate USB debugging in your phone’s settings.

It is vital to keep your phone memory in good shape. Android gives several options to manage your apps. A good practice is to check them once a month to delete the ones you never use. This will make some more room for pictures, music, other media files, or even new applications of your choice.


How to delete apps on an android tablet?

You can navigate to the list of installed applications in the settings, then open the desired programme and select the uninstall action.

How to delete multiple apps on android?

You can use apps that support batch uninstallation, such as Google Files or SD Maid.

How to delete the virus on android?

An antivirus application should be installed, the system should be checked and unwanted software should be removed. The best antiviruses are G DATA INTERNET SECURITY and IKARUS If the antivirus does not find the virus, a reset can help.

How to delete junk files on android?

It is worth using Google Files or SD Maid. Both programmes automatically find and delete unnecessary files.

How to delete unused apps on android?

Google Files allows you to see which applications have not been used for a long time, then select unnecessary applications and delete them.

How to delete app cache android?

Using Google Files or SD Maid. The programmes will automatically find and delete the cache.

How to delete duplicate apps on android?

Open the list of installed applications. Select the unnecessary application and press the uninstall button.

How to delete default apps on android?

In the system settings, open the applications section. In the new menu, select “default apps” and then reassign the required apps.

How to delete the voicemail app on android?

The standard voicemail application without root rights can be uninstalled via ADB. You need to enter the package name and the appropriate command.

How to delete the gmail app on android?

The default Gmail app without root rights can be uninstalled via ADB. You need to enter the package name and the appropriate command.

How to delete factory apps on android without rooting?

Enter the package name and the corresponding command using ADB.

How to delete undeletable apps on android?

If the application is a standard one, then use ADB to delete the application and the name of the package. If the programme is a virus, then an anti-virus programme such as G DATA INTERNET SECURITY or IKARUS should be used.

How to delete the gallery app on android?

The standard gallery app without root rights can be uninstalled via ADB. You need to enter the name of the package and the appropriate command.

How to delete the browser app on android?

The standard browser app without root rights can be uninstalled via ADB. You need to enter the package name and the appropriate command.


Watch a video on how to delete trash on an android phone:


Here we’ve described in detail some ways to delete apps on Android. You can do it directly from the home screen, or phone settings, or through the Play Store.

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