How to Disinfect a Phone Case?

how to disinfect a mobile phone

by Alex Gustman

Updated: April 14, 2021

The phone case provides certain protection from scratches. Unfortunately, it also collects all types of germs and bacteria. We carry our portable devices around with us everywhere, lay them onto restaurant tables, floors in our apartments, and so on. We use our pockets to carry different objects (money, for example) and oftentimes place phones there afterward. This is a significant problem, considering that our phone touches our face and hands several times a day.

Cover disinfection is especially relevant considering pandemic. Let’s learn simple rules that will ensure your device is safe to use. 

What you should never use

Some substances can easily damage the cover surface, making it less attractive visually. Before you start thinking about disinfection, find out what your case is made of since the list of forbidden items can be different for every material. For instance:

  1. Some leather cases are cleaned with slightly damp cloth only. They can be ruined even if you used too much water and rub too hard.
  2. Solvents are not safe since they can dissolve silicone.
  3. Avoid using chlorine-based solutions.
  4. Never utilize abrasive powders and surfaces. If you scratch the cover, it will be impossible to fix it.

Remember that it is not advised to utilize non-diluted bleach. The scratched surface will not only look gross but will also collect more dirt and bacteria.

To avoid the damage to your cover, use only:

  • soft cotton cloth or buds,
  • alcohol wet wipes,
  • soapy water,
  • rubbing alcohol.

Keep in mind that the product should contain 60-70% alcohol to be good enough to kill all the bacteria and viruses. This means that you should not clean the cases with drinking alcohol – even the strongest liquors (like vodka), for instance, have got only around 40% of it. Besides, beverages can contain dyes and additives that can be easily absorbed by your cover. As a result, it can change color and start smelling. 

Disinfection process with soapy water

Soap is capable of washing all types of bacteria and viruses off, including SARS-CoV-2 that is responsible for novel coronavirus. Washing hands is one of the main precaution measures you should already be taking. To clean the cover, you should:

  • dissolve some liquid soap or shampoo in a bowl of water,
  • take the cover off,
  • submerge it into the substance and let it lay there for several minutes,
  • use your hands to wash the case thoroughly,
  • rinse it with clean water,
  • utilize a paper towel to get rid of remaining liquid,
  • let it dry for some 30 minutes.

Alternatively, wash it with soap, similarly to your hands. Keep in mind that you should rub for at least 30 seconds.

Using alcohol

The most common disinfectant is isopropyl (isopropanol or rubbing alcohol are just another names) and ethyl. To clean the case, follow the steps:

  • take the cover off,
  • remove all the dirt if there is any before disinfection,
  • wash your hands,
  • gently rub both inner and outer side with wet wipes or cotton cloth moistened with rubbing alcohol,
  • let it dry at home temperature before applying it back to the phone.

Never expose your cover to direct sunlight or use a hairdryer to speed up the drying process. Silicone and plastic can change color or deform as a result.

It is generally advised to disinfect the case at least once a month. Keeping in mind pandemic, wiser to consider doing this daily or even more often (if required).

Cover disinfection can help to prevent dangerous infections from spreading. It is also worth reconsidering the way you use the device. Avoid leaving it in public areas, stop laying it on the tables in the cafe, and so on. In general, try to take it out only if you need to contact someone urgently.

Video How to Disinfect Your Phone


Here we described how to disinfect a phone case. To avoid damaging your phone case, you should use only the recommended disinfecting agents for your type of phone case.

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