How to drain phone battery faster?

How to drain phone battery faster

Updated: September 12, 2023

While it seems counterintuitive, there may be times when you actually want to drain your phone battery faster, perhaps to optimize its overall lifespan or test its performance. Doing so could help you identify potential issues and get the most out of your device’s capabilities. To drain your phone battery quickly, several methods apply for both Android and iOS devices.

How to drain your phone battery fast?

Firstly, consider enabling all the features that use a high amount of battery. For instance, GPS services, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and mobile data are significant battery drainers. Leave these on and use applications that require these services to quickly use up battery life. Additionally, increase the brightness level of your screen to the maximum. Screen display consumes quite a chunk of your battery’s power, and by cranking up the brightness, you’ll speed up the draining process significantly. You may also want to turn off the ‘auto-brightness’ feature which optimally adjusts the light of the screen in accordance to the surrounding light conditions. This is because optimal performance isn’t the intention here; instead, you’re aiming for maximum battery drainage. Furthermore, run high-performance apps or stream videos online. These tasks require a lot of processing power — and hence, battery power.

The function buttons of the Quick Setup panel.
The function buttons of the Quick Setup panel.

Some apps are designed to consume a large amount of power. If you want to drain your battery, use as many high-performance apps as possible. Keep those apps running in the background as well. Background apps use up battery life, even when you’re not actively using them. Next, disable any power-saving modes on your phone. These modes are designed to save battery life by limiting the device’s performance, disabling background data, and reducing screen brightness amongst other things. If this mode is enabled, it will be very challenging to drain your battery quickly. Make sure to ignore the low battery alerts and keep your phone active till it switches off. Once your battery is completely drained, it’s also recommended to keep your phone turned off for a while before recharging it.

CPU Throttling Test app.
CPU Throttling Test app.

In conclusion

In conclusion, even though these strategies are not typically advisable due to their potential to decrease your phone’s overall lifespan and efficiency, there are certain situations when you might need to drain your phone’s battery quickly. Be it running a battery life test, or trying to correct some battery calibration issues, these methods can help expedite the process. However, it’s also crucial to note that repeatedly draining your battery fully could lead to its degradation over time, so this course of action should be undertaken responsibly and sparingly.


What drains your phone battery the most?

Typically, activities that cause the most battery drain are running intense or resource-heavy apps, such as gaming, video streaming, and GPS navigation apps. Regarding phones, social media apps such as Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat have been reported to be significant battery killers, given their constant background activity in terms of notifications and updates.

How much battery should drain in 1 hour?

Regarding the battery drain rate, it can differ greatly depending on the phone usage and the phone itself, but usually, if used non-stop at full capacity, a phone battery might drain completely in about 3-4 hours. Therefore, if the phone is used moderately, approximately 20%-25% battery drain per hour can be expected.

What app kills the most battery?

Draining a battery quickly is not something usually desired, but in some circumstances such as testing a battery’s endurance, it is necessary. Battery life depends on the type of usage – heavy multitasking, large-screen brightness, constant vibration notifications, Wi-Fi, or Bluetooth activity can sap battery life quickly.
However, in terms of singular apps, it was found that Google Maps drains a battery the quickest due to its use of GPS, data and display, all of which suck significant power.

What is the fastest way to drain phone battery?

Just load your phone up with as much work as possible: the more resource-intensive apps you run, the faster the battery will drain. Also, set all settings like screen brightness to maximum.

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