How to Find App Package and App Activity in Android?

how to find package name with activity.

by Alex Gustman

Updated: July 21, 2021

We all love applications since they make our life easier. On the developers’ side, however, there is a lot of work to be done in order to make the product available to the users. Every single feature has to work perfectly well before the release.

Each problem detected is immediately recorded in the users’ feedback, diminishing the market’s program rating. Serious issues connected to security can even lead to monetary loss or personal data leak. App package and app activity will help to sort out all the bugs. Let’s see how.

Why we need it?

The program we run tests with has to know two things to perform:

  • the exact app name (since there is no way to tap the one you need like you would do while using your device),
  • the name of the very first page every user sees after launching the app.

To avoid confusion, every program on the market has got its unique name called app package. It looks different from the product name we see on Play Market and can consist of several words separated with dots.

Different functions available in the program are referred to as activities. To start doing tests in Appium, for example, you have to know the main activity name and the package name. It might also be necessary to learn the names of all the activities available within the app. There are several ways to check both items we need. Let’s have a look at them in more detail.

Using another application

There are many options available in the Play Store, granting us a possibility to check the detailed information about all the programs installed on our device. To find out app package and app activity, do the following:

  • launch Play Store,
  • input “APK info” in the search field,
  • install any of the options available – for the sake of this example, we have opted for the current top item on the list (the one released by Kenumir),
  • open APK info from your home screen or app drawer,
  • choose the application you need the information for from the list or search by name by using the magnifier icon in your right top corner,
  • scroll down to see the package name in the separate field,
  • go further and open the Activities menu to see the entire list of options available inside the app,
  • the one containing Main inside its name is the first page you see once you launch the selected application.

Alternatively, pick any other info app of your choice from the list – they are all quite similar. However, some of them will provide you with only the main activity name, whereas this example managed to display them.

Using Android Studio

Another simple but effective solution is Android Studio, which you might already have installed. Open view menu item on the top line of the program, choose Tool Windows, and pick Android monitor from the list.

Then launch the app you need in an emulator. All the details about the application launched will get displayed in the Monitor window. Have a closer look, and you will find both package and activity names.

Using ADB

This method will work, assuming that you own a modern computer and have already installed:

  • Java and variables,
  • Android SDK and variables,
  • additional packages.

To locate package and activity name, you need to:

  • disconnect your device from the computer, unlock it and connect again,
  • type “adb devices” in your command line and press enter to check if you see your phone on the list of devices,
  • type “adb shell” command and press enter,
  • launch the application of your choice in your mobile device,
  • type dumpsys window windows | grep -E’ mCurrentFocus’, press enter,

Have a closer look at the data popping up to see the details you need.

There are both advanced and some simple ways to find out package and activity name – check this How to check app activity Android and this How to get app package name in Android article to learn more about them.

If you are about to test an app, there is some information required to start with. There are multiple ways to find out the app package and app activity names from the APK file and the installed program. In the second case, the simplest of all methods is to install the APK info app and open the desired application inside it. There you will be able to check all program details, find a list of all activities, look at providers, metadata, and get familiar with other properties.


How to check app package and app activity?

Disassemble the application open the file AndroidManifest.xml file and find the Activity of the application there. 2. Install an application for viewing, such as Activity Launcher.

How do I check my app packages?

Use programs like Package Name Viewer.

How can I get a list of all installed Android apps?

Under Installed Applications. Open Settings -> All Apps.

What is an app package?

The name of the application installed on your device.

What are examples of application packages?

Installation packages, archives, software creation apps, etc.

What is the difference between APK and app?

APK – permission for Android applications. APP is a generic name for applications.

What are adb shell commands?

Commands to control your phone directly without using a custom shell inside your smartphone or tablet.

What is MainActivity kt in Android?

A class in the Kotlin language from which to start executing the application.

How many files will be included in a single Android activity?

One file.

Where can I find launchable activity?


How can I know my APK ADB package?

Enter a command to display the list of applications. It is easier and faster to do this on the phone in programs like Package Name Viewer.

Where can I find launchable activity on APK?

Use the command: aapt dumb badging “”

Can we change the package name in Android Studio?

Yes, you can change it.

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