How to Find Apps on Android?

how to find an application on a mobile phone.

by Alex Gustman

Updated: July 21, 2021

Migrating from iOS to Android might be somewhat burdensome. Both operating systems look and feel different. If you are new to smartphones, learning an entirely new world is not easy as well. It will be necessary to find the answer to all the questions, including the simplest ones.

The applications are small programs that can be found and downloaded through Play Store – app hosting all free and paid programs. People tend to stuff as many as possible to their drives and forget about them. However, sometimes you are forced to delete some of them when we are out of the storage space. Let’s find out where you can see all programs installed and how to re-install the ones you have once deleted.

Where do I find my apps on my Android phone?

Apple smartphones have only one space for apps, which is the home screen. Android devices are different – they also feature an app drawer. It looks similar to the home screen and is made for the same purpose – to show me all apps. Why do we need two identical items then?

All the programs you install go straight to the drawer. If you want to access the list quickly, simply:

1. Go to the home screen – you can do it at any time by pressing the middle circle button in the low-middle part of the display.

home screen.

2. Find the grid icon located in the bottom part of your screen – it typically looks like a cube with three dots on either side but can be a little different depending on the smartphone you own.

the grid icon

3. Look for a small arrow pointing upwards if there is nothing like a cube described on the home screen.

4. Give it a tap to find yourself in the drawer.

main menu android.

The home screen is the place for shortcuts of the most important apps you work with. This is quite handy – you do not have to rummage through dozens of programs. It is now understood by Apple as well as they have announced a Library item for iOS 14 which looks very similar.

You can delete a shortcut from the home screen, but the app itself is typically removed from the drawer. However, exceptions are depending on the device manufacturer, and the launcher used.

If you want to see the folder where your apps were installed, open file manager, and look at the directory /android/data.

folder data
folder contents data.

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List of all apps in the Settings

There are phones doing great without an app drawer, even in the Android world. We are talking about Android-based systems such as MIUI, hosting most of the Xiaomi devices. If you delete and app from the home screen here, it will be gone completely. No matter how active you use the phone, there eventually will be several home screens stuffed with apps. It might be problematic to find the one you need at the moment when it happens.

Thankfully, there is another place to look at. To find it, do the following:

1.Find a cog icon on your home screen or access it by swiping the display from top to bottom.

main settings

2. In the list of menu items, find the one called Apps.

application section

3. To see all downloaded applications on this phone, choose All.

Be pressing each one individually; you will see the options letting you close or delete it. Each product page also displays detailed information about the program it hosts, which might be useful.

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Checking Google Play

One of the most obvious spots to look at in order to find the installed apps is the place where they all came from. To do that, follow these steps:

1. Press Play Market application located on the home screen or in the app drawer.

launching google play

2. Tap the very top icon to your left.

hidden panel

3. In the menu, choose the very first line called My Apps.

my games and applications

There are three tabs there:

1. Updates, where you can get the new applications versions once they are released,

update tab

2. Installed, where you can see, open, and delete the programs from your drive,

tab set

3. Library, featuring the list of all apps ever installed on the phone.

library tab

The last tab is the place to search for uninstalled applications that you wish to get back. If you remember the name, use the search field.

There are several ways to revise the programs installed on your device. Thankfully, Android is a very intuitive system. Menu items and options are easy to find and remember once you have gone through the search process for the first time. However, things can look slightly different depending on the smartphone manufacturer, Android version, or launcher installed.

How to find hidden apps on android?

There are several ways to hide apps. But in most cases, despite they are hidden, you can view them in the list of installed apps. Also, disable hidden apps in the launcher settings.

How to find secret apps on android?

If the app is deactivated, you need to activate the programme in the applications section of the system settings. If the programme is hidden in the launcher or third-party programme settings, the corresponding function must be deactivated.

How to find deleted apps on android?

If apps have been installed from Google Play, the app library stores the history of previously installed apps. Therefore, all you need to do is open the application library and view a list of all applications you have ever installed.


How to find hidden tracking of spy apps on android?

You should check your system with several anti-virus apps.

How to search for apps on android?

A search is available in the app’s menu. A full list of apps can be found in the applications section of the system settings. Open Settings, go to All apps, in the search bar enter the name of the app you want to find.

How to find corrupt apps on android?

You should check your system with several anti-virus applications.

How to find uninstalled apps on android?

Using the file manager. The download folders must be checked.

How to find third party apps on android?

They should be in the list of applications in the system settings section. Open Settings, go to All apps and look for them here.

How to find apps running in background android?

Using the Greenify or 3C System Tuner apps. Also using the developers’ menu.

How to find the most used apps on my android?

Use CCleaner or Google Files.

How to find sd card on android?

The SD card can be accessed in any file manager.


Here we’ve described in detail how to find apps on Android. You can see a list of all apps in the phone settings if you can’t find them at the home screen.

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