How to fix a loose USB port to charge a device?

how to repair charging port

by Alex Gustman

Updated: February 15, 2022

Excessive force when connecting and disconnecting the power cable leads to gradual wear and tear of the USB connector on your smartphone. After a while, the port becomes unusable. As a result, charging and data transfer become impossible. In this article, you will learn how to fix a loose power connector, so you can charge your phone again.

How to fix a USB port?

If the USB connector is not worn out, it is sufficient to solder the broken power lines or the port’s attachment to make it work properly. Otherwise, the connector will have to be replaced. Repairs should preferably be performed by an experienced technician at a service center or a regular repair shop. Without the necessary equipment and repair skills, it is easy to damage the device, and its repair will become impossible in the future.

Users who have disassembly and soldering equipment and some repair skills should follow this procedure:

1. Find a video and/or disassembly scheme for your mobile device. Manuals can often be found on specialized forums.

2. Purchase a USB connector in case it needs to be replaced.

3. If possible, copy valuable data from the internal memory.

4. Remove the SIM card and/or flashcard. Remove the battery if the device is constructed in a way that allows it.

removing the sim tray

5. Disassemble the smartphone case to access the power connector on the board. Unscrew the mounting screws one by one. If your smartphone has a non-removable cover, remove it first. Usually, the back cover is attached to the case with adhesive.

cover removal
disconnecting the loop
loosening screws

6. Ensure free access to the USB port. For this purpose, remove the strapping that blocks access or remove the board, if the design allows.

dismantling the battery basket
phone motherboard

7. Inspect the damaged area. Use special equipment to solder the connector or replace it with a new one. 

8. Before reassembling, check the connector for proper operation. Connect the power. If it charges, reassemble the device.

In this article, there are instructions on how to fix a loose USB port to charge a device. The functionality of your device can be restored at home with the right equipment and skills. Otherwise, it is better to entrust the repair to the workers of the service center or repair shop. Unskilled intervention often leads to irreversible consequences when even an experienced technician is not able to fix the breakdown.

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Why do USB connectors wear out?

Here are the most common causes of power connector failure. We also provide you with recommendations for preventing future malfunctions.

Mechanical failure.

It is caused by excessive force when plugging or unplugging the charging or data cable. When connecting the cable to the USB port, use less force and do not insert the cable into the connector. When disconnecting the cable, it is important not to pull the cable out, but to hold the smartphone with one hand and pull it out smoothly.

Impacts from dropping.

Dropping mobile devices on a hard surface often leads to the breakage of soldered elements. It is preferable not to drop the device. If possible, use hard cases or bumpers for mobile devices that cushion the impact of a fall.

Kinks and strain on the connector.

During the charging and exchanging of data, the phone must be in a level position. Do not leave the phone hanging from the cord. Also, do not place your smartphone in a position that puts stress on the connector, as this accelerates the wear and tear on the connector.


What to do if charging port is loose?

It is advisable to disassemble the charger and repair the fault. It may be necessary to solder the port and fix it. If left as it is, the port will break completely and it will take longer to repair.

Why is my phone charging port loose?

The port may have become loose due to excessive force when connecting and disconnecting the cable. This problem may occur after a certain period of use.

How do I tighten my USB C port?

The connector pins must be soldered to the mounting plate.

Why is my charging hole loose?

After some time of use, the connector wears out due to regular connection and disconnection of the cable.

Can a charging port be fixed?

Yes. The charger needs to be disassembled and the port replaced or the connector needs to be soldered in for fixing.

How can I make my charger tighter?

You can use connectors and plugs with additional locking.

How do you fix a loose USB-C charging port?

The charger needs to be disassembled and the port needs to be soldered. Or replace the connector if the port is worn out.

How do you fix a loose USB-C charger?

By soldering the connector pins to the contact pad.

Is USB-C supposed to wiggle?

A slight wiggle may be due to the applied force. The connector must not wiggle. If this is the case, the connector must be soldered and secured.

How do you fix a bent charger port?

The best option is to unsolder the port and fit a new one. If no spare part is available, bend the deformed part back in and fix it in place.

How do you charge something with a broken port?

You can use an alternative charging option, such as wireless charging.

Why does my USB-C keep disconnecting?

There may be a broken contact or damaged soldering. The connector must be disassembled and checked.

How do you clean a USB-C port?

You can clean with an anti-static brush or extract the debris with a hoover.

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