How to Get Bubbles Out of a Liquid Phone Case?

liquid phone case.

by Alex Gustman

Updated: June 18, 2021

The liquid phone case looks nice. Heavy-bodied oil-like substance enclosed by two layers of solid plastic flows catching the light, attracting everyone’s attention. There is one problem with it, however – air bubbles. Similarly to tempered glass, they ruin the magic and can sometimes cause chemical burns.

A small hole is enough for some liquid to flow out. It will only smudge everything around if pH levels are low or also irritate the skin if the compound is acidic. Then it might seal itself, leaving an air bubble, and there is a very little you can do about it. Keep in mind that in case there is a bubble, the cover is damaged, meaning it is not safe to use it anymore. Let us have a look at the ways to fix the way it looks.

Submerging it into water

If there was enough room for the liquid to flow out, there must be enough space to let some back in. One can try and fix the bubble as follows:

  • take the smartphone out,
  • pour water into bathtub or basin,
  • immerse empty case into the water,
  • if it emits small bubbles, take it out and mark the exact spot,
  • put it back and leave it for an hour,
  • take it out and dry for several hours before putting the smartphone back.

The more water you use, the more pressure it will (theoretically) create. The liquid should at least cover the entire case to give it a chance to leak inside. When it happens, water from the bathtub replaces the air in the cover. It will then look as if you just bought it. If you managed to spot the exact place the air was leaking from – use some duct tape or superglue to seal the hole up.

Keep in mind that the liquid can still soak from the case should you fail to locate and remove the hole. This can cause further damage to your belongings and the device itself.

Freezing it up

One more way to get bubbles out of the liquid cover is to expose it to cold temperature. The simplest way to do it at home is to:

  • remove the phone,
  • put the cover into the freezer,
  • wait for 30 minutes,
  • take it out and dry before using it.

The bubble will sufficiently decrease its size or disappear. However, the case can restore its air reserves if the hole is not sealed properly. Keep in mind that cold can be potentially harmful to plastic.

Buying a new case

The wisest and most expensive way to solve the problem is to replace the old case. Considering the damage liquid can cause, it will be way less costly than to:

  • buy a new smartphone,
  • purchase new clothes,
  • visit the doctor.

You can also visit the place you bought it from – they might replace it for free due to the obvious defects. Respectable stores value their clients opinion and will most probably not argue.

Liquid cases do look excellent. Should the phone fall, however, one of the protective plastic layers can crack, letting the liquid outside. The air will then creep inside, forming a nasty-looking bubble there. There are two ways one can try to fix it. However, it will most probably be less expensive to buy a new – solid – cover instead.


What is a liquid silicone phone case?

The case is made of silicone polymer. The material is resistant to moisture, heat, cold and contact with certain aggressive liquids. It is also dielectric. The cover is soft and sufficiently durable.

Is silicone a good phone case?

A silicone cover does not provide strong protection against impact or dropping from great heights. However, it provides good protection in normal use and will prevent scratches on the phone body.

Is it possible to get burned by the liquid in a phone case?

The agents inside the fluid covers can cause allergic reactions or chemical burns.

What is in liquid phone cases?

The case is a container on the back filled with liquid and other materials, e.g. glitter. The combination of the different components gives an interesting visual effect.

Are liquid silicone cases good?

The case is not particularly hard-wearing and is suitable mainly for adding a dramatic appearance to the phone.

How much is liquid phone case?

You can buy it for 10$-20$.

Where to buy liquid phone case?

Online stores like Amazon or eBay.

What types of liquid phone cases are available?

For the time being, only the slipcovers are available. There may be more variations in the future.


Here we described how to get bubbles out of liquid phone case. However, we highly recommend replacing liquid phone case, if it has a damaged area. Air bubbles inside the liquid case mean that the phone case has been damaged.

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