How to Get Rid of Rainbow Effect Under the Screen Protector

how to remove rainbow stains

by Alex Gustman

Updated: July 12, 2021

Often, after installing the protective glass or after a while, iridescent effect appear, also called “gasoline spot”. This article will let you know how to get rid of rainbow effect, as well as the reason for the appearance of such stains under glass.

How to remove the iridescent effect under glass

In most cases, the iridescent effect is formed in places of weak contact between the glass and the screen. Therefore, it is enough to squeeze out the rainbow effect with a napkin outside the protective coating. If you can not remove the rainbow effect, you will have to remove the glass to clean the coating.     


Assemble the glass removal tool. You will need dry and wet wipes. Alcohol wipes from a set of protective glasses and a screen care cleaner are also suitable. A wooden toothpick or a sharpened match, a plastic card or a suction cup. Guide Sticker stickers or stationery tape.

Prepare a place for restoration work. It is advisable to carry out a wet cleaning to minimize the dust content in the air.

Take a comfortable position.

Follow the instructions given in the article “How to remove the screen protector from the phone” to remove the tempered glass.

glass removal

Place the glass with the sticky side facing up.

removed glass

Treat the area with iridescent effect on the glass with detergent or an alcohol napkin.

cleaning the removed glass

Wipe your smartphone screen thoroughly to remove dirt and debris. Collect the remaining moisture with a dry cloth.

cleaning smartphone screen
dust removal

Install the protective glass back on the smartphone, following the instructions given in the article “How to apply tempered glass screen protector”.

glass installation

Why does the rainbow effect appear under glass?

The appearance of the rainbow effect usually contributes to insufficient cleaning of the screen before installing the protective glass. For example, a greasy fingerprint left by poorly fat-free hands. Such an effect also appears due to the liquid for removing air layers and more often with excessive application of the product.

The effect is sometimes formed on the deformed glass due to mechanical damage or factory defects, and even in case of damage to the adhesive base of the glass.


How to prevent the rainbow effect on a screen protector?

Before installing the screen protector, carefully degrease the phone screen with an alcohol wipe. A detergent for monitor screen care is also suitable.

What causes the rainbow effect on a screen protector?

Usually, this is grease or dirt trapped under the film.

How do I get rid of the rainbow effect on tempered glass?

If the rainbow is on the glass surface, you need to clean the glass with an alcohol wipe or cleaning fluid. If the rainbow is under the glass, you must remove the glass and thoroughly clean the screen.

Does the rainbow effect go away?

Over time, the rainbow effect may disappear altogether, or it may become more noticeable. You should wait a little while. If the rainbow effect does not go away in a couple of days, you will have to clean the tempered glass or the protective film.

How do I get rid of the halo effect on my screen protector?

Clean the surface of the screen protector with an alcohol wipe or cleaning fluid. If the halo is under the screen protector, you will have to lift part of the film and clean the screen, then reinstall the screen protector. Alternatively, replace the screen protector completely.


The article describes in detail how to remove rainbow effect under the protective glass. It is usually enough to smooth out the effect with a napkin outside the glass. If there is no result, you will have to remove the glass for cleaning or completely replace the protective coating.

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