How to Get Sticky Residue Off Phone Case?

by Alex Gustman

Updated: July 12, 2021

Price tags and stickers applied directly to the products can become a serious issue. Some of them come off easily, whereas others leave nasty sticky stuff that is often hard to remove. Phone covers are made of various materials such as metal, plastic, leather, rubber, silicone, or even wood. The method you choose to fight with residue depends on both type of adhesive and the surface.

While it is next to impossible to identify the glue that left the sticky goo, it is easy to tell the cover material. Let’s learn in several ways to get rid of the residue without damaging the cover.

How to get the sticky stuff off phone case made of metal?

Metal is one of the most durable surfaces. However, this does not mean that it is impossible to leave scratches that will not make the case better-looking. Here are the steps to get ready:

  1. Find a soft cloth or paper towels.
  2. Peel off as many sticker parts as you can and act fast. Catch the label edges and carefully pull them. Try rolling the residue into small balls and take them off.
  3. Protect the table you are working on with paper or plastic.
  4. Place the cover on top.

You can start by applying some cooking oil on top of the sticker with cloth or paper towel. Let it absorb for five minutes or so. Gently rub the surface with the rug until the sticker comes off. Repeat the process should you need to, then rinse the cover under water and let it dry.

Alternatively, you can use rubbing alcohol instead of oil. It should dissolve the adhesive and let the sticker come off easier. Use your nails or soft plastic objects to remove the remaining glue. Try solvents as last resort only since they can damage the surface. Always test any solution you are planning to utilize on an invisible part of the cover.

Treating natural and synthetic leather covers

Leather is a very soft and easy-to-damage material. The only way here is to impact the goo mechanically:

  • try to get most of it with your fingers first,
  • then gently rub until the sticky residue comes off,
  • be patient and careful – if you scratch the surface, there will be no way to fix it.

Don’t use any chemicals; even water can damage leather products with no protective layer. You can slightly dampen the cloth, though, as if you normally do to clean the case.

How to remove sticky residue from the phone case made of rubber?

In addition to the rubbing alcohol and cooking oil methods, you can wipe the goo off rubber surfaces with essential oils. Apply several drops onto the sticker and rub it with the soft cloth. Alternatively, take a paper towel or napkins. Repeat in case the sticker is not coming off.

In case the sticker trace is fresh:

  • wrap duct tape around your finger sticky side out,
  • press it firmly to the glue on the rubber surface,
  • take it away fast.

Theoretically, the glue can stick to the duct tape harder than to the cover and come off. Be careful not to leave additional goo during the process. Keep in mind that the “rubber” methods will work on metal, silicone, and plastic surfaces.

How to get stickers off phone case made of silicone?

Silicone is easily scratched and damaged. Never use any sharp metal objects or abrasive surfaces as well as chemicals such as bleach. Feel free to:

  • soak the case in a soapy (shampoo) water,
  • mix soda with water and apply the paste for several minutes,
  • use toothpaste,
  • rub the surface with an eraser,
  • wipe the glue off with rubbing alcohol.

Use a soft dry cloth or paper towels to impact the glue mechanically. Be careful as silicone can absorb liquids and dyes. After you are done, remove liquid with paper towels or cotton pads. Leave the cover for one hour or more to dry at home temperature.

How to get adhesive off phone case made of plastic and thermoplastic polyurethane?

The major problem here is that the same solvents that usually dissolve the glue will most probably do the same to the cover surface. It is worth trying the mechanical method first – remove as many of the stickers or glue as possible with your hands and plastic objects. Be careful; do not scratch the plastic.

Applying heat can help to soften the adhesive, while cold can make it more brittle. In the first case, don’t overheat it as plastic can easily change its shape. It is worth trying to cook the oil or duct tape method first, though, to avoid the damage. Should you decide to use solvents, keep in mind that plastic can dull and change its color and/or shape. It is always worth testing the solution on an inconspicuous area.

How to get popsocket residue off phone case?

Popsocket can be extremely convenient. However, you might eventually decide to remove it. Every method stated above will work – make sure you use the one that suits your cover surface type. Don’t use popsocket with expensive leather cases, though, as it might be impossible to remove the glue.

There are many methods to get rid of sticky stuff on phone cases. You can find even more on the internet, such as using a hairdryer, vinegar, kerosene, nail removers, melamine sponge, solvents. Keep in mind though that some of them can potentially destroy the cover.

What is a good adhesive remover?

The best remedy for removing glue is an appropriate solvent. There are universal solvents like alcohol or acetone that are designed for different types of glue. There are also specialized solvents for certain types of glue. Therefore, you should choose the solvent that is designed to remove the glue you are using. If you do not know the composition of the adhesive, then you should use universal solvents.

Will lemon juice Remove sticky residue?

Yes, in some cases lemon juice will erase sticky residue from various surfaces. The advantage of lemon juice is that it doesn’t smell as pungent as vinegar, for example. Also, lemon juice is not harmful as most solvents.

Does WD-40 remove sticker residue?

WD-40 is an all-purpose product that allows you to cope with sticky sticker residue. It is enough to apply a little product and then wipe off the residue with a cloth. If oil residue is left after removal, use an alcohol wipe to remove it.


How to remove superglue without acetone?

You can try different cleaners. If the glue sticks to a hard surface, you can cut off the dried glue with a box cutter or abrasive tape.

How to get sticky stuff from popsocket off phone case?

A variety of cleaners, such as a screen cleaner, will work. Or you can use alcohol wipes. You can also moisten a cloth with alcohol and wipe the surface. However, it is better not to use alcohol on rubber-coated or alcohol-sensitive surfaces.

How to remove super glue from hands without acetone?

Solvents or cleaners should be used. If your hands are sensitive, it’s a good idea to rinse them under warm water. Salt is a good way to remove the glue.

How to get super glue off a phone case without nail polish remover?

You can use alcohol wipes. Alternatively, wash the cover under running water with detergent.

How to remove sticky residue from rubber phone case?

A variety of cleaners, such as screen cleaners, will work. Or you can use alcohol wipes.

How to remove super glue from phone case without acetone?

Using alcohol or various solvents. If the cover is sensitive to aggressive agents, then it is worth thoroughly rinsing the accessory under running water using detergents.

How do I remove sticky residue from plastic?

You should use alcohol wipes. A detergent for screen care is also suitable.

Does vinegar remove adhesive?

Some types of glue can be removed with vinegar, by a long treatment – 20-30 minutes.

How do you remove adhesive naturally?

You can long rub the area of the dried glue with a damp cloth. Or use baking soda or table salt.

How do you remove dried on sticky residue?

With a wet or alcohol wipe. You can also use a handy remedy: lemon juice, vinegar, baking soda, or table salt. As a last resort, various solvents can be used.

How do you fix a greasy phone case?

You can wash the cover under warm running water using a detergent. You can also wipe the cover with a damp cloth or a cloth soaked in alcohol.

How do I keep my phone screen smudge free?

It is necessary to wipe the screen regularly. For example with a monitor screen care detergent. Alcohol wipes with 70% isopropyl alcohol will also work.


Here we described in detail how to get sticky residue off a phone case. Depending on what material your phone case is made of, choose the appropriate way to remove sticky residue.

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