How to Increase Internal Storage of Android Phone?

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by Alex Gustman

Updated: May 6, 2021

Even if you bought a phone with 128 or 256 Gb of memory, you may soon find that the free space is gone. And if your phone’s internal storage is 32 Gb, you’re probably already running out of space. In this article, I will show you how to increase the internal memory of your phone using a microSD card.

Where is the phone memory?

In smartphones and tablets, the physical memory is in the form of a chip on the motherboard. In each model of the phone chip of internal memory has a certain size and capacity. Therefore, replacing the base drive with a higher capacity drive is a complex and costly process, and in some cases impossible or impractical. But if your phone support microSD you can increase your phone internal storage in the way described below.

Increasing Internal Storage

Internal storage is increased by the Accepted Storage feature, which integrates the phone’s internal memory and microSD storage. For example, if the base memory is 32 GB, then merging with a microSD of the same size will increase the storage capacity by two times, and with a 64 GB card – 3 times.

To merge the memory, you must change the MicroSD card’s operating mode from “Removable Storage” to “Internal Storage“. 

You should save all the data on the memory card beforehand because formatting during merging will erase all the information. The data in the phone memory will not be affected.

How to Merge Device Memory and Micro SD Memory

To merge the storages, open the system settings. 

Select Memory or Storage.

system settings

Next, select the inserted memory card.

subsection phone memory

Click the three-dots button in the built-in file manager window.

three-dots button

Select “Memory” or ” Storage Settings“.

settings memory

Next, select “Format as internal storage“.

format to internal storage

A warning will appear to inform you that you need to format the card. Save important information if you haven’t done so before.

confirm format card

Wait until the card formatting is complete.

wait format card

After formatting is complete, the program will prompt you to move the files to external storage. 

data movement

If you select the “transfer now” option, all data except for apps will be moved to the external partition and the memory card will become the default storage. In this case, the internal memory will only allow you to store applications.

select move data

If you select the “migrate later” option, the default storage remains the internal drive. In this case, the memory card will be a local drive to install new applications or move previously installed applications from the internal memory.  

completion formatting

At the end of the installation, if there are no problems with the memory card, click on the “Done” button. In case of notification of problems, noticeable performance degradation and other malfunctions – replace the card or take a higher data rate one.


You need Android 6, a MicroSD card slot, and a card speed class of 10 to increase the amount of internal storage.

An SD memory card with a speed class of 10 or higher. Otherwise, the overall performance of the device will be degraded.

A good solution to start with would be a card with class A1 support.

These drives have a high-speed output and input, so you can run applications installed on the memory card.

If you do not plan to run applications from the memory card, you can use Endurance or High Endurance cards. These cards have an extended lifespan.

Main Disadvantages

Let’s look at the main disadvantages of combining the phone’s internal memory with the microSD card.

The main drawback is the risk of losing your data. If the card or the phone breaks, you will not be able to recover your data.

Also, you will not be able to retrieve data from the memory card after a reset, and sometimes after a system update. Therefore, back up important information on your memory card in time.

How do I get the internal memory back to its original state?

If you want to separate the phone’s internal memory from the external storage, follow these steps:

1. Save your data from the microSD card

2. Open the system Settings on your phone

3. Select Memory or Storage

system settings

4. Next, open the microSD card

memory card

5. In the built-in file manager window, click the three-dot button.

hidden menu

6. On the drop-down menu, click Drive Settings.

7. Next, click “Format as a portable drive“.

format to portable drive

8. Confirm the action by clicking the “Format” button.

format drive

9. Wait until the card formatting is complete.

wait format card

After formatting, the system prompts you to move your image and video files to free up internal memory. Select “move now” or “move later” to decide later. Press “Continue” to leave the menu.

Video guide – How to increase internal storage android phone


How to save internal phone storage?

Copy all data to the memory card. Or connect your smartphone to your computer via USB, and then copy all files from internal memory to the PC drive.

How to delete internal storage on android?

You have to do a factory reset (hard reset).

How to scan internal memory of an android phone?

Using tools in file managers or the DiskUsage program.

How to access internal storage on android?

Use any file manager you like.


Here I’ve described in details how to increase your phone internal storage with a microSD card. To avoid losing important data, be sure to back up your phone and save important information from the memory card before you begin to increase the memory.

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