How to Lock Phone?

how to block a mobile phone

Updated: October 19, 2023

Locking your phone is not all about keeping it away from making self-dialed calls when inside your pocket. Phones have a lot of confidential information and need to be kept privy to other people. Leaving it open with no password can cost you many losses. 

People use phones to store vital information like bank pins, security details, and academic information. So, it is crucial to maximize the lock options on your phone and avoid uncertainties. One of the significant advantages is that when you misplace your phone or get stolen, no one can unlock it. 

Different phones have various types of phone locks, and one phone model can have many lock options. Here are ways which you can lock your iPhone and Android phones within seconds.

Ways to Lock an Android Phone

Password Protected

Using a password to secure your Android phone is among the more robust methods. Passwords are hard to guess, and once you set it, you are sure that no one else can access your phone. However, always pick a password that is hard to crack by another person but easy for you to remember. 

There are various categories under the password option, which include pin, pattern, and swipe. You can choose any to lock your phone. Even if you use the trusted sensor-based methods like Bluetooth and NFC, you will still end up with the password option three to four times a day. Here are the steps to lock your phone using a password. 

Open system settings.

system settings
Open the phone settings.

Go to security settings. Depending on the phone model under the security tab, click on “My device” or “Personal Header” If you don’t trace it, you will need to check out for the lock screen option.

security settings
Open the security menu.

Tap on the lock screen button. You will see it under the Device Security header.

 security tab
Open the screen lock menu.

Choose your preferred lock method. Under this menu, you will have various ways to set the lock. 

preferred lock method
Select the screen lock method – password.
enter password
Enter your password.

For instance:

  • The swipe lock option allows you to unlock your screen by swiping it once. It is, however, not a secure form of locking your phone.
  • Pattern: You can lock your screen with a unique design by following a grid connection of dots. Patterns can be a bit confusing, so you will need to master it for easy unlocking. 
  • Pin: You have the option to choose A4 to 17 digit PIN. Anyone can guess a PIN, so you need to create a mix up of numbers for complexity. 
  • Password: You can create a password with digits, letters, symbols, or words to lock your phone. It is likely the best option to use. 


Just as the government would ask you for fingerprints, you can also lock your Android phone with it. Someone cannot crack this type of phone lock, which requires a lot of intelligence and effort. Securing your phone with a password can be a more reliable and safer method, but it can’t beat fingerprints. Some phones have fingerprints sensors, too, creating even a higher layer of protection. Here is the procedure to set up on your phone. 

  • Go to settings and tap the security option, get down to the lock screen tab and click it.
  • Click on the screen lock type and chose fingerprints.
  • Create a fingerprint – You don’t have a limitation on what kind of finger to use. Follow through the prompts and let the phone get your finger as you lift and move on the screen. It will be automatically added and authorized on your device.

Read also how to lock screen on android.

If you don’t have a passcode enabled on your phone, you’re missing out on a virtually impenetrable way to prevent strangers from accessing your phone if it gets lost or stolen. And it keeps your phone safe from run-of-the-mill prying eyes as well.


Ways to Lock Your iPhone

Passcode Option

It is a safer way of locking the phone, a more reliable method to protect strangers from accessing your information, and it is hard to crack. When setting it, the iPhone gives you the option to create an auto-lock duration between 30 seconds and 5 minutes. Below is the procedure. 

  1. Go to settings and tap the Face ID/Touch ID and Passcode option depending on the phone model.
  2. Turn on the Passcode and chose the numbers you would like to use. There are options for a 6-digit default, 4-digit, alphanumeric, and customer number.
  3. Re-enter to confirm it.
  4. Enter your Apple ID for authentication
  5. Your phone is now on lock and safe.

Lost Mode Phone Lock

One of the significant advantages of using an iPhone is that the Lost Mode helps to lock and recover your phone if you misplace it. It automatically closes your phone even without a passcode. Here is the setup procedure. 

  1. Go to Find my iPhone menu on the web page.
  2. Log into your account with your Apple ID.
  3. Click on the menu located at the top of your screen and chose Lost Mode.
  4. Choose a phone number that you want to appear on the lock screen for easy identification when you lose your phone. Click next.
  5. Accept the default message on the screen and click “Done.”
  6. Your phone is now on lock and secure.

Lock Your Phone Today

Let your phone stay on lock even when it looks inconveniencing every time you want to use it. Remember to keep the lock details safe and, if possible, memorize them. Writing down the details would be risky when the paper gets misplaced.

Since your phone holds all your important information, make sure to protect it and keep things private. A great way to increase the security on your phone is setting up a screen lock. You can use a few different screen lock types, such as fingerprint identification, face recognition, or a pattern password. This way, no one else will be able to access your device. 



How to lock phone for kid use?

You can use the parental control function. The function allows you to block the downloading of certain apps from Google Play, track your child’s location if the device is with your child, view which apps your child is using and how often. You can also set a time limit for using the device.

How to lock phone on YouTube for child?

You can use the parental control feature built into the Android system. The settings can be used to specify preferred restrictions for the child. You can also activate the ‘Safe Browsing’ function in Youtube settings. This will prevent most inappropriate content from being displayed.

How to lock phone screen iPhone?

You need to open the phone settings. Depending on the generation, select “Face ID and passcode” or “Touch ID and passcode” or “Passcode”. Then select “Activate passcode”. Then specify unlock type and password. Finally, confirm the password.

How to lock phone after call?

You need to press the lock button or put your finger on the fingerprint scanner, which will lock the phone immediately.

How to lock phone when lost?

To lock your iPhone, you need to open iCloud. Then select “Find Phone”, then select the function to lock the phone. For Android, open the “Find My Device” application or the relevant section in your account, select the device and activate the phone lock function.

How to lock Samsung phone remotely?

You can use Android’s built-in Find My Device lock feature. To lock your device, you need to open an app on the other device or a section in your account where the remote lock button is available. You can also use the Find My Mobile lock function, which works in a similar way.

How to lock phone while on call?

You must press the lock button after answering a call. The screen will go out, but the connection will not be terminated. The “End call with lock button” function must be deactivated in the phone settings.

How to change auto lock on iPhone 6?

Open the phone settings, then select “Basic”. From the new menu, select “Auto lock screen” and then set the desired auto lock time.

How to lock mobile data on android?

It is possible to disable Internet access via the SIM card menu.

How to lock phone without hanging up?

Press the screen lock button. The “End call with lock button” function must be deactivated in the phone settings.

How to lock screen on iPhone 6s?

All you have to do is press the screen lock button on the smartphone.

How to lock my iPhone 6, 7 or 8?

Open the phone settings. Select “Touch ID and passcode” . Then select “Activate passcode”. Then enter your unlock type and password. Finish by confirming your password.

How to lock your phone on an app?

A locking application must be installed. Open the program settings and set the lockout parameters.

How to lock phone number?

Open the app to make calls. Go to settings, select the number blocking section. Enter the number.

How to lock my phone while watching YouTube?

Any application with a touch lock function in the software, e.g. Touch Lock, will do. To lock the screen while browsing, slide the status bar and press Touch Lock.


Here we’ve given you step-by-step instructions on how to lock your iPhone or Android phone. We showed in detail a few simple ways for both the iPhone and the Android.

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