How to make apps update automatically?

how to enable automatic updating of mobile apps

by Alex Gustman

Updated: July 21, 2021

Applications are quite useful little programs helping us in different ways. Sometimes people disable automatic updates and miss out using old builds when the new ones are already available. Let’s find out how to enable it back on Android and iOS devices and ensure that we need it.

Why even bother updating?

Applications that you can download in Play and App Stores are released and developed by the creators’ teams. Before releasing products, they always run multiple tests to make sure everything works fine. They often find out about the major problem after the product is online and thus need to make changes to the files hosted in the store. This is done not only to prevent future users from getting bugged versions but also to protect the existing ones.

program update description
detailed description of the program update

The same thing happens when they decide to introduce something new or optimize the program for new promising processors. This means that you can continue using old build if you are not afraid of missing out and do not need any new features being introduced. However, sometimes the application starts glitching or stops working. There might as well be stability or security issue that can be fixed in the new build only. Then there is no other choice but to update your version or (if you are not satisfied with it) to roll off to an older one.

New build does not often mean something good, though. A perfect example is Asphalt 8 game, which is updated regularly. Along with new features, multiple bugs are usually introduced, making it almost impossible for the majority of users to play via a network.

Setting up automatic updates for an Android device

If you do not feel like managing a hundred apps manually, you can use a handy automatic update feature built into the Play Store. To take advantage of it, simply:

1. Tap the Play Store icon located on your home screen or inside the app drawer.

smartphone application menu

2. Choose three horizontal lines icon on the left-hand side of the screen, tap Settings.

hidden panel with additional sections
setup section

3. Choose the type of network for downloading apps in the respective field, tap Automatic update and select the network type you wish to use.

application update menu
upgrade option

Every time you are connected to the chosen network type, you will automatically get updates if there are any. They will be downloaded and installed without you even noticing. For manual application management, choose Never in the last menu.

Tweaking settings for auto-updates on iOS

Similar steps are to be taken by Apple fans, though they do not have to head to the App Store. Instead, they need to:

  • enter Settings by pressing the gear icon on the home screen,
  • choose iTunes and App Store tab,
  • activate App Updates for Apps.

Now you will get all the updates when you are connected to the internet. After disabling this slider, you will have to do it on your own from the Store.

Automatic updates are quite handy if you wish to receive the very newest features of the chosen apps. However, sometimes the process might take a while, especially if you have a lot of programs installed. Unfortunately, not all updates are good for users – sometimes they can make it almost impossible to use the program.

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