How to Make Your Battery Last Longer?

how to increase battery life

by Alex Gustman

Updated: April 14, 2021

It is hard to overestimate the importance of being online at all times. We always have power sources available at home or in the office to top up the battery as often as it is required. However, the problem will always arise when you are on the go or traveling. If the phone dies while you are in a foreign country, it will be tough to find out your current whereabouts – apart from not being able to post new pictures, of course.

People are asking how to preserve your phone battery life without realizing that their behavior impacts it directly. There are two related topics to consider – improving the power source life cycle and diminish energy consumption. Let’s find out how to achieve both goals.

How to use less phone battery?

Simple steps are available to gain more online time with one top-up. When there is no outlet around, try to:

  1. Use low power mode for iOS and the battery saver option for Android devices. Though it will sufficiently cut on some functions, you will still be able to use the smartphone, which will last longer.
  2. Activate Airplane Mode if you are not waiting for an urgent call. It will cut off cellular activity, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi – the last two can still be manually activated afterward. You can also turn unnecessary connections off manually. Keep in mind though that cutting on Bluetooth will disconnect your fitness tracker or smartwatch, you will not be able to browse the internet without Wi-Fi, apps will not see your current position without GPS.
  3. Lower display brightness as the screen is typically very power consuming. 
  4. Lower display refreshing rate should you have a smartphone supporting 120Hz since it eats an up tremendous amount of energy according to users’ feedback. It might slightly deteriorate your gaming experience, though. 
  5. Avoid energy-consuming tasks if you are saving. Games will make the remaining power go away in no time. 
  6. Cut on notifications as they make the screen go alive. 
  7. Change the network type to 2G if you can. This will not work if you plan to use cellular internet – the connection speed will be too low for seamless browsing.
  8. Disable data fetching if you use iOS. You will no longer automatically receive new email notifications but will save some power.
  9. Avoid using voice assistants until you top up the battery. If you have to find some information – only do it the old way.
  10. Cut on vibration effects and notification sounds. Most probably, you do not need confirmation when you press the buttons.

If you use an iOS device, check the article How to save battery on iPhone for detailed manuals on enabling or disabling certain features described above. This will, to a certain extent, explain how to conserve phone battery.

Does shutting down your phone save battery?

Turning the device off will prevent energy drain – no consumption, more power saved. However, there might be two scenarios here:

  • you know you will not need the device for a long time,
  • you shut it down and turn on again every five minutes to check on something.

Turning the phone on requires more battery than waking it up. Thus, this battery saving strategy will be efficient in the first case. It will not give any advantage in the second, though. On the contrary, it can eat up even more if you continue powering it on and off instead of merely keeping it on.

Will a new phone battery last longer?

Nowadays, the majority of manufacturers use lithium-ion batteries to power their portable devices. They have various competitive advantages, such as:

  • wide working temperature range,
  • low self-discharge rate,
  • no service required,
  • good life cycle and energy density.

However, power source tends to degrade as time goes. If you often discharge the smartphone until it powers off, you are shortening the battery capacity. If you are gaming and charging, you are warming the power source up, and it degrades faster. If the energy provided by your adapter is too high for the device, the degradation process will speed up drastically. 

This essentially means that it makes sense to change your old battery when it no longer works properly. You can do it yourself if the smartphone has a detachable rear panel. However, keep in mind that even if you store the power source without using it, it will get “older” and lose some capacity. This means that there is no point in buying them in advance.

Working ways to prolong battery life

How to save your cell phone battery so that it does not lose its capacity over time? Nothing is eternal – you will not be able to altogether remove the aging factor, for example. However, there are some actions to consider:

  1. Avoid being drained off completely. Start charging when the smartphone has some 20 percent left.
  2. Please don’t use the device while you top it up. Extensive heat is harmful not only to a power source but to electronics in general. The optimal level is a little below room temperature.
  3. Always use adapters approved by your manufacturer. If it gives as little as 4% more power than required by the device, you can lose up to 50% of battery capacity every time you charge it.
  4. Charge the battery to 40-50 percent when you store the device. The power source will then age slower. 
  5. Do not expose your smartphone to cold. The lower the temperature – the battery will give the less power out.
  6. There is a memory effect – capacity loss when you top up a battery that does not need it yet (for example, 60%). However, according to studies, lithium-ion power sources are almost not affected by it. 
  7. If you charge overnight, the battery level might be lower than 100 percent when you take it off. The thing is that it will set up to 100% in one-two hours and lay there losing some power. 

Different types of batteries require different measures to be taken to prolong their life cycles. Most manufacturers use lithium-ion power sources that require less attention than other types. However, it is worth making sure not to discharge the device completely, avoid fast chargers, and not expose your phones to low or high temperatures.


In this article, we showed how to make your phone battery last longer. We have provided a list of recommendations to help you save the battery and postpone replacement to a later date.

Battery life is mainly influenced by phone usage scenarios: if you save energy and use the battery correctly, you will achieve two goals – your phone will work longer from one charge and you will be able to postpone the battery replacement time.

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