How to Make Your Phone Charge Faster?

how to charge the phone faster

by Alex Gustman

Updated: July 10, 2021

No matter what your battery capacity is, it will eventually discharge – precisely when staying in touch is critical. When you have to run, the amount of time to refill the power source is limited. Hopefully, there are simple tricks to make the most of it. Let’s learn how to charge the phone faster.

How to charge your phone faster?

If there are only a few minutes, have a closer look at what you use to top up the battery. This is exactly what makes your phone charge faster. USB ports and hubs cannot provide strong enough current for a speedy refueling. The same applies to wireless devices – oftentimes, they are not as effective as the charger that came with the smartphone. Use a wall adapter only when you are in a hurry. Make sure to take the one meant specifically for your device.

If your phone supports a quick charge, make sure your adapter has it as well. Generally, you will have to pay additionally to have one of them. Some manufacturers will stop putting any adapter at all, considering you already have it from one of your previous devices. This is rather to have you pay more to have the quickest charge speed possible. However, if you are always on the go, consider having one of those handy.

fast charging motorola

Does your phone charge faster on airplane mode?

It is wise to suggest that charging efficiency depends on the amount of energy consumed at that very moment. The answer on how to make your iPhone charge faster is simple – cut one the energy flowing out as much as possible. One of the possibilities of doing so is to enter airplane mode. This is how you do it:

  1. If you are using a new iPhone, give your display a down-swipe from the screen’s top. For models, eight or lower swipe from the bottom to the top while on the home screen.
  2. If you are an Android user, you have to swipe down.
  3. Find an airplane icon and press it.
airplane mode

Keep in mind that this will deactivate all the network connections. You will not be able to call, text, or browse the Internet until the mode is lifted. However, if there is an urgent need for a Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connection, feel free to activate them through settings. Keep in mind that this will reduce the charging speed, though.

Does low power mode charge your phone faster?

If you want a fast answer – yes, it does! The mode reduces energy consumption, similarly to the previous example. There is a major difference though – instead of cutting on the connections, it temporarily optimizes non-critical features, such as:

  • email fetching,
  • display brightness,
  • applications refreshing,
  • system animations.

However, it will not grant you a sufficient advantage. According to various tests conducted by Internet users, you can gain up to ten minutes if you charge up to 100%. If you only have a few minutes, why not win one or two percent, though?

low power mode

How do I make my phone charge faster?

If you are interested in more efficient ways, keep in mind that:

1. Charge speed depends on the battery temperature. Avoid charging the smartphone under direct sunlight. It might be a good idea to take off the cover to cool the things down.

phone without a case

2. Using the phone reduces the refueling speed. Avoid taking the device while you top up the battery. Gaming can consume almost all the energy given by the adapter. Besides, it will make the battery hot and reduce its ability to soak up the energy.

play while charging

3. Turning the phone off will reduce power consumption to zero. This means that the phone will charge way faster.

Alternatively, you can invest in a power bank and keep it in your bag at all times to make sure there is always an energy source at your disposal. Do not forget to charge it regularly, though.

How to make your phone charge faster while using it?

It is necessary to use a power supply with fast charging if the phone supports fast charging technology. It is important to ensure that excessive heat is dissipated, for example, by an air-cooled station. It is also better to perform non-consumptive tasks while charging.

How to make your phone battery life last longer?

It is advisable not to allow the battery to be fully charged to 100% and not to allow the battery to be completely discharged. It is desirable to keep the charge in the 30-85% range. Do not charge the battery at high or low temperatures. It is best to charge and operate the battery at room temperature. It is also important not to use fast charging. It is better to use power adapters with a capacity of 5-10 W.

Is it bad to leave your phone charging overnight?

Unless otherwise specified in the operating instructions, putting the phone on overnight charging should not damage the phone, especially when using a 5W adapter. However, it is not advisable to leave the phone plugged in for a long time, as this has a negative effect on battery life. Leaving the phone to charge overnight may not be safe due to the fact that you won’t be able to do anything in case of a short circuit or fire. In other words, if you stick to the recommendation to turn off electrical appliances at night and not leave them on unattended, then you shouldn’t put your phone on overnight charging.


How to make your phone charge faster when it’s dead?

Use a suitable power source with fast charging, provided that the phone supports this mode.

How to make your iPad charge faster in 10 seconds?

You should use a more powerful charger. At the same time, the charger must be supported by the tablet. For example, if the tablet supports 10W charging, then if you connect a 50W adapter, the tablet will not use more than 10W of power.

How to make your phone charge faster in the car?

You should use an AC adapter with increased power if your phone supports fast charging technology. Check with your phone manufacturer for support and fast charging technology.

How to make your phone charge faster while on facetime?

Use a power adapter that supports fast charging. It is important that this adapter supports the same fast charging technology as the phone.

How can I charge my phone instantly?

Unfortunately, you can’t. Except for one case when the phone supports quick battery replacement. In this case, it is enough to remove the phone cover, take out the discharged battery, install the charged battery and close the cover.

How can I charge my phone with nothing?

By replacing the battery. Some establishments and public places contain places to charge your phone. You can use a wireless or wired charger.

Does wrapping your phone in aluminum foil make it charge faster?

No, on the contrary, it can worsen due to the disruption of excessive heat dissipation. It is better to charge the phone in a room with good air circulation.

Does aluminum foil extend battery life?

No, it doesn’t. Also, there is no need to wrap the phone in foil. It can only harm the phone.

Can I charge my iPhone whenever I want?

Yes. The more often you charge the battery and keep it at 85%, the longer the battery will last. It is preferable to connect the phone to the charger at 30-50%.

At what percent should I charge my iPhone?

The minimum battery level should not fall below 15-20%. It is desirable to charge the phone when it reaches 30-50%, so the battery lasts longer.

Why is my phone charging very slow?

Your phone may be charging from a low-powered power source or may not support fast charging technology. Your phone may be performing a task that requires a significant amount of power. If this is the case, you should reset the phone.

Does your phone charge faster when low power mode is off?

No, the phone charges at about the same rate. The charging time is more influenced by the temperature, the power of the power adapter and the tasks performed on the phone.

Does power-saving mode affect charging?

If the power-saving mode limits the power of the device and disables the network modules, then yes. However, the effect is negligible and in many cases, it is difficult to notice the difference without testing.

Should low power mode be on or off?

This decision is up to each user individually. If the power-saving mode helps to extend the battery life, then it is worth it. If there is no significant increase, then there is no point in turning on the mode.

Should I switch off the phone when charging?

No, this is not required. It is up to you to decide whether or not to turn off the phone during charging, it’s a matter of your convenience. For example, by turning off the phone you can miss an important call or message. When the phone is off, it charges a little faster because there are no power consumers. But is it so important to speed up the charging process by a few percent and compromise your convenience?

Why is my phone suddenly charging so slowly?

It is possible that the fast charging mode is not working. In this case, you should reconnect the power cable. Or there is a resource-intensive task running on your device. Then you should reboot your phone. It is also desirable to check the phone with antivirus programs.


There is a number of ways to speed up the battery powering process. Some of them are less effective than others. Find the one working for the situation you are in – it will undoubtedly give you a few additional minutes. This might be enough to reach the nearest power source in time.

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