How to Protect Phone Glass Back?

How to protect the back of your phone

by Alex Gustman

Updated: August 11, 2022

Recently, it has become popular to make the back of a phone body out of glass. The glass back of your phone has a nice and stylish look. However, glass is not as strong as plastic or metal, so the glass back can be scratched or broken. From this article, you’ll learn how to protect your phone back.


The best way to protect the glass back of your phone is to use a case. In the sale you can find many cases made of different materials: silicone, plastic, rubber, leather and synthetic leather. You can also find cases made from a combination of materials. The most popular type of case – the bumper. Many manufacturers produce impact resistant bumpers for use in extreme conditions: cycling, camping, sporting and more. Still on sale you can find a bumper case with a built-in battery to increase the battery life of the phone.

phone in a silicone case

The main advantages of the bumper case

  • Wide range of models.
  • Effective protection for your cell phone.
  • Long lifetime.
  • Low price.

The main disadvantages of the case

  • The size of the phone is larger with a case.
  • Good cases are made only for popular phone models.
  • The battery case is made only for the flagship phones.
  • The high price of shockproof cases.
  • The case does not show the glass cover of the phone.

Tempered Glass Protector

Tempered glass screen protectors are produced for many different phones. Protectors for the back of the phone is the same as the protective glass for the screen. The only difference is the holes for the rear camera. Tempered glass screen protector for the back of the phone prevents scratches. And if the phone falls on the ground, then the protector will absorb all the force of the impact.

The main advantages of a tempered glass protector

  • A glass protector does not change the weight or size of the phone.
  • Effective protection of the back glass of the phone from scratches.
  • You can find protective glass on sale with a different pattern and color.

The main disadvantages of a tempered glass protector

Protective film

The protective film is made of polymer with a thickness of 100-150 microns. You can not see the film, if you properly install the film on the phone cover. The protective film prevents scratches but if the phone falls on the ground, the glass cover may crack or shatter. It also has a low lifetime. You will have to replace the plastic protector once or twice a year.

The main advantages of protective film

  • The protective film is invisible if you properly install the film on your phone.
  • Low price.
  • The protective film does not change the size and weight of the phone.

The main disadvantages of the protective film

  • The protective film is produced only for popular flagships. Low protection. Difficult to install. Low lifetime.

Hydrogel film

Hydrogel film is an equivalent of the protective film. The only difference is in the polymer materials in the hydrogel film. As a result, the hydrogel film can be repaired. Small scratches are almost invisible after a few days, and deep scratches are slightly reduced. Therefore, the life of the hydrogel film is longer. But with active use of the phone hydrogel film will have to change 1 or 2 times a year.

The main advantages of hydrogel film

  • Easy installation.
  • Air bubbles under the film disappear in a few days. Longer lifetime than when using protective film.
  • Small scratches disappear in a couple of days. Low price.

The main disadvantages of the hydrogel film

  • Manufactured only for some phones. Low protective properties.

Magnetic tempered glass case

The case body consists of two parts connected by several magnets in a metal frame. And the front and back of the case is tempered glass. Therefore, the case provides all-round protection for the phone – and the screen and the rear window of the phone. Just as the case allows you to not spend money on a protective film or tempered glass.

magnetic tempered glass case

The main advantages of magnetic tempered glass case

  • Easy installation and cleaning of the magnetic case.
  • You do not need to buy a protective film or glass for the phone screen and rear glass.
  • All-round protection for your phone. Long lifetime. Low price.

The main disadvantages of magnetic tempered glass case

  • The case is made only for a few models of phones. If the phone falls on the ground, the case may break.

It feels like Apple deliberately set out to make our lives harder by giving every new iPhone a glass back. The company made the switch to glass with the iPhone 8 and never looked back. And as it turns out, if you never look at the back of your phone, you may have not even realized it’s just as breakable as the front screen.



How can I protect my glass with my phone?

It is better to use tempered glass to protect the glass on the screen. The most affordable and reliable way to protect the back glass is to use a phone case. For more protection for your phone, you can find a case with screen protection. With such a case, your phone is protected from all sides.

Can the back glass of a phone be fixed?

Scratched glass can be polished with diamond paste. Small crystals will remove the roughness. As a result, small scratches will disappear and deep scratches will become less visible. Glass with cracks or chips cannot be repaired. The only way is to replace your back glass.

What is the best way to protect your phone from cracking?

The best way to protect the entire device is to use a shockproof case. You can find shockproof cases on sale. These cases won’t break your phone if it hits the ground. For additional protection, you should also put tempered glass on the screen. You can also use a case with 360-degree protection, or a magnetic case made of tempered glass.

Is it safe to use the phone without back cover?

It is safe if you don’t drop your phone on the ground. Over time, however, the phone will get small scratches from contact with sand or objects such as keys and coins.

Is it OK to use phone without screen protector?

The screen is already protected by tempered glass, so you can avoid using a screen protector. However, the glass on top of the screen will eventually become covered with small scratches. Therefore, for extra protection, it is better to install a tempered glass screen protector. There are a lot of tempered glass screen protector brands that produce screen protectors in a wide price range. If the phone falls on the ground, the screen protector will absorb the impact, and the screen will remain intact without chips or scratches.

Which glass guard is best?

On sale you can find Hybrid Glass Screen Protector manufactured by ZAGG. The screen protector is made of a polymer resembling glass. Polymer protective coating is 20% stronger than conventional tempered glass. Therefore, such a glass can withstand falls and not collapse, and it can prevent the screen from cracking. As a bonus, you get anti-microbial protection and a Limited Lifetime Warranty.

Does tempered glass protect your phone?

Tempered glass is the best protective coating. Tempered glass can withstand the shocks of dropping your phone on the ground. As well as glass does not break when it comes into contact with sharp objects. Technology is not standing still. On sale you can find Hybrid Glass Screen Protector. The glass screen protectors is made of a polymer 20% stronger than tempered glass. Just have a hybrid screen protector cover a longer lifetime.

What happens if back of phone is cracked?

It is not safe to use a phone with a cracked back or a cracked screen. You can damage your hand if you don’t have the phone’s case. The phone will keep its functionality, but it is better to replace the back of the phone.

Why do cell phones have glass backs?

Glass is a better heat sink than plastic. Glass doesn’t have micro scratches like plastic. The glass also doesn’t interfere with the wireless charger.

What should I do if I cracked the back of my iPhone?

You can go to a service center to replace the back glass. Or you can replace the back glass yourself at home. If the crack is small, use a case and continue to use your phone until it is repaired.

Can you replace the back of your phone?

The back of your phone can be replaced at home if you have the right parts and tools. The glass back is firmly glued and it is very difficult to remove the glass. The service center uses a laser to remove the glue and safely replace the back glass.

Does broken back glass affect phone?

Broken back glass does not affect the phone. However, cracks can cause damage to your skin. Also, moisture can get in through the cracks that can break the phone. Therefore, it is better to replace the back glass when possible.

Do all new iPhones have glass backs?

Apple has been using a glass backs since the iPhone 8. Newer iPhones also have glass backs as Apple is aggressively marketing its wireless charging feature.

What Cell phones have glass backs?

Almost all manufacturers have 1-2 or more phones with glass backs. Manufacturers alternate their use of materials. Several generations come with a plastic back. The next generation has a glass back. Then again several generations of phones are made with a plastic or metal back.

Does the iPhone 13 have a glass back?

The back of the iPhone 13 is made of glass. Apple has used glass in six generations of the iPhone. The company is actively promoting wireless charging technology, so that is one of the reasons why the company uses glass.

Do cracks on phones spread?

Cracks increase with mechanical impact. Even if you use the phone carefully, the cracks will get bigger over time. That’s why it’s better to replace cracked screen or cracked glass back for safety reasons.


We have described main ways to protect the glass back of your phone. The best protection is offered by a regular case or a case made of tempered glass. Such protectors are made for different phone models. A film or glass protectors for the back of your phone is produced only for some popular flagships. Therefore, it is a rare and not very effective protector. And how do you protect the glass back of your phone? Write in the comments.

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