How to Protect Your Phone Without a Case?

how to protect a smartphone without a case

by Alex Gustman

Updated: April 14, 2021

Take a look around – one of the first objects you will see is your smartphone. We take it everywhere we go and use to take pictures and videos daily. Let’s face it – the first thing we look at in internet reviews is the quality of the pictures taken. Most people prefer to spend extra money on flagship phones with better cameras, new processors, and extended gaming potential.

Consequently, it will be dearer to repair. Manufacturers surround natural finishes with coatings to repel dirt and water, making them slicker. Gorilla Glass protects the screen to a certain extent, but it can also be scratched or broken. Qi charging is convenient but requires a fragile glass or plastic rear panel to work. Let’s find out if there is a way to protect your phone without a case, and is it perilous to use your device as it is.

Are phone cases necessary?

This question is quite hard to answer since it solely depends on your personality. Anti-shock or waterproof case might be necessary if you are:

  • uncoordinated person,
  • extreme videos fan,
  • working somewhere near water or dirt.

However, if you spend most of the time in the office or apartment, the odds of breaking your device are minimal. It is worth wearing extra protection when you are coming on vacation, though.

Keep in mind that soft silicone case will only protect from scratches. When the device falls on its corner, camera module, or face-down, the damage from the impact will often be critical. Read our research on whether the case works for your phone.

Erased coating for several years.
Erased coating for several years.

Where is the danger coming from?

There are multiple ways to damage the phone. For example:

  • the glass parts can break as a result of fall,
  • screen or finish can be scratched in the course of everyday use,
  • electronic components can deteriorate or stop operating when liquids creep inside,
  • overheating can critically damage the device,
  • USB, Lightning, and mini-jack ports can creak if you mix up the cables.

As a result, the phone might lose some functionality or stop working. Hopefully, there are simple precautions to be taken to extend the smartphones’ lives. Let’s have a look at them.

Tips to keep your phone safe

There are several simple ways to prevent damage from falls. One should:

  1. Leave the smartphone away from the surfaces it can fall from – such as table edges.
  2. Protect the corners with a bumper. Though it will make your device larger, it will have more odds to survive after impact.
  3. Increase the grip if you lack it – you can learn how to do it by reading the article How to add grip to a phone case.
  4. Mount tempered glass screen protector. Keep in mind that it will wipe the screen off the oleophobic layer – meaning you will have to use the guard at all times.

To prevent scratches, avoid carrying your device together with metal objects in a pocket or bag. Never use abrasives to clean the phone – keep in mind that soft cotton cloth or microfiber is always best. Remember to keep the device away from chemicals, solvents, or bleach. Use rubbing alcohol or damp cloth instead.

Frayed corners from regular use.
Frayed corners from regular use.

Pocket the smartphone when you drink since liquids can go directly inside through the speakers and ports. Also, don’t forget to take it off if you plan to swim in the ocean or take a jacuzzi.

Don’t leave the phone under direct sunlight. Charging and heavy gaming can overheat the device – don’t combine them. Top up the battery when you sleep instead and use original chargers. Carefully look at the connectors before attempting to plug them in. Sometimes they might seem very similar but be in fact quite different.

Refusing a phone case means you will have to look after your device more carefully. If you are constantly dropping everything or enjoy activities, it might be worth paying some extra dollars to protect your phone. This is especially true considering the flagship price tags.

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Here we have described how to protect your phone without a case. Follow the tips above and be careful. But even if you are a prudent and careful person, your phone is not insured against falling or hitting, causing scratches and damage to your phone. A tough case for your phone can save your device from scratches and damage when you fall. So if you don’t use a phone case, we recommended use it.

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