How to Put a PopSocket on Your Phone Case?

how to put the holder on the case.

by Alex Gustman

Updated: July 13, 2021

Popsocket is becoming increasingly popular since 2012 – the year it was invented in. This button-looking stand has a number of practical applications and is making it possible to use the smartphone or any other portable device more useful. It expands if you need it and collapses when you don’t – almost perfect. One can choose from hundreds of different designs or create a custom look to stand out from the crowd. Feel free to use one or two of them simultaneously, attach and reposition multiple times.

Can you use a popsocket with a phone case?

The simplicity of the stand made it easy for copying, which has been done by various manufacturers around the globe. It is quite easy to check if you have bought a fake, although the low cost is the best indicator. They tend to use cheaper materials and thus release lower-quality products aiming to reduce the price, enabling themselves to survive on the market. For example, the sticky part of a popsocket can be made from bi-adhesive duct tape instead of gel, meaning you will be able to position them only once. After you detach it, it will do straight to the trash bin, unless you decide to replace the duct tape.

Once you remove them, you will (most probably) face a sticky goo, which is not easy to withdraw from the pristine smartphone finish. Thus, many people are asking the same question – do pop sockets work on phone cases? It might seem wiser to apply it to the cover since it is easily replaced should something go wrong.

The stand adheres to any flat, clean surface. It can have trouble sticking to particular materials, such as silicone, leather, or waterproof-protected surfaces. Heavy-textured covers can become trouble as well. This is especially true if you are buying cheap non-original products that subsequently have lower quality.

Can popsockets go on phone cases? The answer is both yes and no. Even if it sticks properly, make sure to use tight-enough cover. Otherwise, the device can fall face-down while you take a selfie. Be extra cautious if your phone is heavy (and dear) enough since gravity can win against whatever the manufacturer used for a sticky glue.

Attaching the popsocket

Assuming you decided to go with the original product, follow these steps to mount a stand:

1. Please think about what you want your popsocket for and choose the place to locate it at. If you’re going to prop the device against the table to watch films, choose the middle part of your phone, closer to one of the edges. It might be a good idea to face the volume buttons upwards, though. For a firmer selfie grip, it might be wise to use two stands, especially if your device is big enough.

popsocket as stand
2 standard popsockets

2. Clean the rear side of the cover with rubbing alcohol and a soft cloth. Alternatively, use wet wipes. Let it dry at home temperature for several minutes.

surface cleaning
surface degreasing

3. Carefully remove the protective film from the base of a stand. Be careful – if you rip too hard, you might damage the gel.

removing tape from popsocket.
a cheap option wheredouble sided foamed tape is used

4. Stick the popsocket to the desired spot and apply pressure for several minutes to make sure it adheres properly.

popsocket installation
fixing a popsocket.

Leave your device lay with a new stand for one hour so that it sticks well. Feel free to expand and collapse it at as many times as you need – according to the manufacturer; it survives around 12000 cycles before braking.

original popsocket

Changing the position

You can remount the stand if you need it. Follow these steps:

  • detach the sticky base from the case,
  • rinse it underwater,
  • let it dry for not more than 15 minutes,
  • choose a new spot on your phone and stick the popsocket.

For more details, check How to remove popsocket from phone case.

It might be a good idea to stick popsocket to a cover, especially if you have bought a cheap stand. Be extra careful though – sticky materials will never be as reliable as those used by the inventors. In case you went for an original one, apply it directly to the phone or case – make sure the cover is tight enough.

How to Add Grip to Phone Case

Popsocket won’t stick

If the popsocket does not adhere, first of all, the place where the popsocket is attached must be thoroughly cleaned. If the adhesive backing is still not sticking, replace the adhesive backing with double sided tape. You can also use glue, but it will be difficult to remove the popsocket in the future. Therefore, it is best to use glue only when installing the popsocket on the phone case.

How much do popsockets cost?

The price is influenced by the type of popsocket and the quality. Cheap popsockets of dubious origin can cost less than a dollar. Higher-quality ones cost several dollars, and the original popsocket is even more expensive. On sale there are a lot of counterparts from a variety of materials from low-quality to high-quality. Popsockets made of metal, plastic or rubber are less expensive, while popsockets made of genuine leather or substitute are more expensive.

How does popsocket work?

In most cases, the popsocket is an extra point of support for the phone. You can hold the phone by the popsocket only, or you can only lean partially on the popsocket. Some users prefer to install multiple popsockets of different designs for combined or alternating use depending on the situation.

How to remove popsocket?

Pick up the popsocket and peel off the adhesive backing. The best option is to use a plastic card. If the popsocket is glued with superglue, you may need a box cutter to remove the adhesive base. The main thing is not to hurry, so as not to damage the phone cover or case.

How do you remove and reuse PopSocket?

You need to gently pry the popsocket with a flat object and peel off the adhesive backing. A plastic card or a paper knife will work. The adhesive backing should be sealed with tape before reuse. Degrease the surface of the cover before installation. If the adhesive backing is worn, you must replace the adhesive layer or glue the popsocket with superglue.


How to use popsocket?

Use the popsocket as an extra point of support. Alternatively, use it as a mount or stand.

How many inches is a popsocket?

The normal popsocket has a diameter of almost 1.5 inches. Popsockets of 1″ or 2″ are available for sale.

How to make popsocket stick again?

You can replace the adhesive backing. You can use double-sided foam tape or scotch tape to repair smartphone screens. Also superglue, but in this case it is better to glue the popsocket to the case.

How many times can a popsocket be removed?

Usually 1-2 times. After that, the adhesive backing loses its strength and the popsocket falls off.

Will popsocket stick to a textured case?

Yes, if the surface is not very ribbed. Otherwise, the point of contact will be small, which will negatively affect the strength of the attachment. In such a case, it is better to use adhesive for attachment. The glue will fill the texture irregularities and allow the popsocket to be firmly fixed to the cover.

Where does popsocket go on the phone?

You can attach the popsocket anywhere on the back of the phone. Usually, a popsocket is installed in the center of the case. Also, use 2 popsockets at the top and bottom to hold the phone better. Popsocket in the form of tape is often glued to the edge or traditionally in the center.

Will popsocket stick to leather case?

Yes, it will stick. As a last resort, you can use glue. But then you will have trouble removing the popsocket. In addition, the glue can damage the cover.

Are popsockets still popular?

The media noise has subsided and popsockets have been replaced by other things. Therefore, on the shelves in the stores you find more relevant things more often. Some users continue to use, and some have long since stopped.

How long does popsocket last?

The popsocket is designed to last for several years of use. A popsocket can be unwrapped and rolled several thousand times. The life of an original popsocket is usually longer because of better materials, while fakes and copies are less durable.

Who invented popsocket?

He came up with the idea because the wired headphones had to be taken out and plugged back in every time. Popsocket made it possible to wind the headphones on the accessory and unwind as quickly. In addition, the popsocket allowed you to set the phone on its side for convenient video viewing.

Can popsockets stick to silicone cases?

You can attach the popsock to any flat surface. If the popsock does not stick, you can use superglue to ensure that the accessory attaches to the case.

Are popsockets worth it?

To answer this question, you’d better try the accessory in person. Some users consider the popsocket a useless thing, and some cannot do without the accessory and find different uses for it.

Do PopSockets ruin phone cases?

No, the popsocket can be removed without affecting the cover. Another thing is if superglue was used to attach it. In this case, the attachment point may be damaged after the popsocket has been removed.

What’s better than a PopSocket?

Comfortable and carefully designed case. Particularly with notches to reduce the slip of the phone in your hand. Also with anti-slip coating.

What is the best phone grip?

You can use OtterBox cases, which have good anti-slip properties. You can glue grip stripes on the case or the phone body, which will reduce the slip of the phone in your hand.


Here we’ve described how to put a popsocket on your phone case. Stick the popsocket well; otherwise, you risk dropping your phone.

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