How to Record the iPhone Screen Video

how to record the iphone screen video

by Alex Gustman

Updated: July 13, 2021

In the version of iOS 11, the developers added the function of capturing images from the screen of a smartphone or tablet. In this article, you will find detailed instructions on how to record video from the iPhone screen without using jailbreak.

How to make an image capture

This method works on iPhone and iPad if you have iOS 11 or higher.


Go to the basic settings section.

Open the Control Point item.

control centre

Next, select the Configure Controls setting.

Configure Controls setting

Activate the function by tapping on the red icon next to the Screen Recording.

Changing the icon from green to red means that the function is active.

Leave the settings section.

Open the Control Point item.

To do this, swipe your finger up from the bottom edge of the screen.

Screen Recording icon.

Tap the Record Screen button.

function is active

If you want to record your voice, activate the microphone button.

Next, tap Start Recording to activate video capture from the screen.

To end the recording, just tap the timer button in the upper-left corner.


What is screen video recorded for?

Here are some scenarios for using the function:

  • Record the progress of mobile games.
  • Creating screencasts.
  • Record video instructions.


How do I record a video on my iPhone without touching the screen?

You can use the volume buttons to take pictures. Bluetooth remote controls for remote activation of photos or videos are also suitable.

Can I record a video on my iPhone with the screen off?

Most likely you can’t do that. As soon as the screen is locked, the recording is automatically interrupted.

Can your iPhone record you without you knowing?

Normally, this is not possible. The camera cannot turn on automatically without first activating the application.

How do you record your screen without it showing?

You need to add a function button to “Control Center”. On your smartphone, open “Settings” -> “Control Center” -> “Customize controls”, then tap the green plus button next to “Screen recording”.


Now you know how to record video from the iPhone screen.

The method is available for all devices that are running iOS version 11 or higher.

Moreover, the function is available by default and does not need a jailbreak to work.

Do you use video recording from the screen?

Share with us in the comments in which scenarios this function is useful.

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