How to Remove a Tempered Glass Screen Protector?

remove a tempered glass screen protector

by Alex Gustman

Updated: April 16, 2021

The tempered glass screen protector is designed to prevent damage to the smartphone screen. If you accidentally strike your phone, the tempered glass will take the most of the damage. Therefore, the screen protectors eventually become unusable or crash when the phone falls on the asphalt or concrete. In this case, the screen protector will need to be replaced. Here you will learn how to remove the tempered glass screen protector to install a new one.

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How to take off a glass screen protector

This method is suitable if the tempered glass is not broken and does not contain cracks.

Here’s what you need to do:

Use a rubber suction cup to get caught on the edge of the safety glass and lift it (for example, you can use a suction cup from the hook for a towel). If you don’t have something like this, use a wooden toothpick. Stick the pointed end of the toothpick between the screen and the safety glass.

removal of protective glass

Once the angle of the screen protector has been removed from the screen, hold the raised angle with a toothpick or plastic card so that the glass does not stick to the touch screen surface again.

gentle glass removal

Gradually wade to the center of the safety glass and then to the other edge. Start to remove the tempered glass screen protector from the narrow side of the device, that is, from the bottom or top, but not from the sides of the phone. At the same time, remove the protective glass evenly from the screen surface.

final removal of the tempered glass from the smartphone

After you have managed to remove the safety glass from the screen from one edge, you should push a plastic card or other thin plastic object under the safety glass.

Detach the protective glass gradually and evenly from the bottom to the top or from top to bottom. Do not apply too much force to avoid damaging the safety glass or the screen of the mobile device. The main task is not to bend the safety glass; otherwise, it may break.

It is not recommended to use metal tools during the disassembly process; otherwise, the touch screen of the mobile phone is easy to scratch.

If you had to remove the screen protector temporarily, for example, to clean the screen, install the screen protector again after the cleaning procedure.

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How to remove a broken tempered glass

This method is suitable when the safety glass is broken or cracked

Here’s what you need to do:

Glue adhesive tape over the protective glass to pick up any splinters.

installation of the first adhesive tape.

Start to remove the glass from the safe side or the least damaged area. Then gradually peel off the largest areas. Plastic or wooden devices, such as a credit card or pencil, should also be used for removal, which should be inserted between the screen and the raised safety glass and pushed inwards.

removing broken glass from smartphone

If the duct tape glued on top does not hold small fragments of broken safety glass, do not focus on them; continue to remove the largest residues.

silicon based residues on the protective glass

After removing large fragments, proceed to remove small parts. Start removing the remaining pieces of the damaged screen protector.

wet wipe cleaning


The article describes step by step how to remove tempered glass screen protector from your phone. The removal process is easier when the glass is not damaged. If the glass is broken, you will have to remove it in parts, starting with the largest and most accessible fragments.

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