How To Remove Air Bubbles From The Screen Protector

how to remove bubbles from under the protective glass of a mobile device

by Alex Gustman

Updated: May 12, 2021

Air bubbles are the main problem when installing the screen protector. They occur when dust gets under the screen protector. In this article, you will learn how to remove air bubbles at home and avoid buying new safety glass.

To clean your screen protector, you will need stickers, which are included in most safety glasses. If there are no stickers, normal duct tape or paint tape will do. It is also recommended to wet clean and dust the room before the procedure; otherwise, there is a high probability of even more air bubbles forming.

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1. Carefully remove the screen protector, following the instructions in the article “How to remove the safety glass from the phone”. 

2. Turn the screen protector towards you by its inner part, which is in contact with the device screen.

Remove part of the protective film.

3. Then use the stickers provided with the glass or tape. Stick the adhesive tape/sticker to the place where the bubble was, then peel it off. The essence of the procedure is that the dust will stick to the sticker. You should treat the back of the screen protector; the surface of the mobile device is also recommended to wipe with a tissue.

Squeeze out air.

4. Afterwards, place the protective glass back. If all the dust has not been removed, repeat the procedure.

The screen protectors vary from tempered glass to plastic films, including liquid glass. With some screen protectors, air bubbles absorb themselves or do not form at all. On our website, you can read about different types of screen protectors.

How to prevent air bubbles from forming under the screen protector

Air bubbles are caused by dust between the screen protector and the front of the mobile device. The presence of dust interferes with the tight fit of the glass, causing an air bubble to form. The main reason for this phenomenon is high dustiness inside the room. Therefore, the best way to prevent the formation of bubbles is to reduce dust in the air by wet cleaning.

It is also important to wash hands thoroughly and dry before installing the screen protector. Since the installation process uses your hands, grease or moisture on your fingers can also cause air bubbles under the screen protector.

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Will air bubbles go away on a glass screen protector?

An air bubble can only be removed by squeezing the air out of the protective coating. The air bubble itself rarely resolves itself. If the air bubble is formed by dust or debris, the glass will have to be removed to clean the coating.

Can air bubbles damage screen?

Normal air bubbles do not damage the screen.

How do you put a screen protector on without bubbles or dust?

It is important to install the protective covering in a place where there is little dust. For this purpose, it is important to wet-clean and dust before installation. It is also better to use a hydrogel film instead of the usual film. This protective covering removes air bubbles after 2-3 days, if the bubble is caused by air accumulation and does not contain debris.

How do you get bubbles out of a tempered glass screen protector without taking it off?

If the bubbles are caused by accumulated air, it is sufficient to squeeze the air out to the edge of the screen, e.g. with a cloth. If the bubble contains debris, you will have to remove the protective coating and clean the coating.

Will dust under screen protector scratch?

Dust normally adheres firmly and does not scratch the screen. If a hard grain of sand gets under the protective cover, the screen may be scratched when the protective glass is pressed against it.

Can I take my screen protector off and put it back on?

Only tempered glass can be reinstalled. The film does not adhere well after removal due to its low thickness.

Can you clean sticky side of screen protector?

In most cases, it is not possible to clean the film. It is easier and better to install a new film.

Can you put two screen protectors on a phone?

Yes, you can. This may reduce the sensitivity of the screen. It is better to use tempered glass as a reliable screen protector.

Will the bubbles disappear in InvisibleShield?

No. The air must be forced out of the protective cover.

How long does it take for bubbles to come out of screen protector?

In ordinary film, the bubbles stay there forever. In hydrogel film, the bubbles resolve after a couple of days.

What causes bubbles in glass?

Air accumulation that was not removed during installation. Also dust or debris that has entered the screen due to insufficient cleaning of the coating. Sometimes bubbles cause bumps or cracks on the screen of the mobile device.

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This article describes in detail how to remove air bubbles from the screen protector. The procedure is easy to perform if you have a sticky surface – a sticker, office tape or paint tape. And to avoid the appearance of air bubbles, the installation of the protective glass should be done in the room after wet cleaning with clean hands.

And how do you get rid of air bubbles under glass? Share your experience in the comments below.

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