How to remove dust from screen protector?

How to remove dust from screen protector

Updated: September 12, 2023

Everyday use of your phone causes the case and screen to become dirty. Debris and dust appears on the screen protector, and sometimes the dust gets under the screen protector. Here I will show you how to clean your phone screen and remove dust from the screen protector.

What is the best thing to clean a screen protector with?

Special phone screen cleaners are suitable for cleaning any screen protector:

  • Cleaning kit for the care of screens of various electronics.
  • Cleaning wipes for office equipment.
  • Wipes with 70% alcohol content.
  • Wipes for cleaning glasses and optics.

Screen cleaning kit – a universal cleaner for cleaning the screen of any electronics and screen protectors. The composition usually does not include alcohol, so the product is suitable for tempered glass, PET film and liquid film. On sale you can find a cleaning agent with a capacity of 50-150 ml. Therefore, it is better to use such a cleaner in a quiet environment: at home, in the office or in a private car.

Screen cleaning kit
Screen cleaning kit.

Cleaning cloths for office equipment are suitable for cleaning various surfaces and are suitable for all types of screen protectors. The wipes are available in small packs of 10-20 and economy packs of 50-100 in a jar. This makes it easy to clean the screen and body of your phone anywhere.

Alcohol wipes are good for removing stubborn dirt. At the same time, the presence of alcohol in the composition is not suitable for cleaning the screen with a liquid film.

Alcohol wipes
Alcohol wipes.

Wipes for cleaning glasses and optics are suitable for cleaning various screen and case protectors. Some wipes may contain alcohol, so such wipes are not suitable for cleaning the screen with a liquid film.

Based on personal experience, we can recommend alternative means of cleaning screen protectors:

  • Wet wipes for cleaning hands.
  • Antibacterial hand wipes.
  • Concentrated isopropyl alcohol.

Wet hand cleaning wipes can be used to clean any surface. The presence of fragrances and essential oils leave a sticky effect after drying.

Use of wet hand wipes.
Use of wet hand wipes.

Antibacterial hand wipes contain alcohol to remove bacteria and some viruses. These wipes can be used to clean various liquid screen protectors, with the exception of liquid films. They also contain essential oils, which may leave a slight sticky effect.

Concentrated isopropyl alcohol can only be used to clean glass and some PET films.

What happens if there is dust under screen protector?

Dust under the screen protector has the following unpleasant effects:

  • Deteriorates the visibility of the image.
  • Deteriorates screen sensitivity at the dirty area.
  • Makes the screen protector peel off more quickly.
  • May cause a ghost touch effect.

Dust in the centre of the screen usually forms air bubbles. Air bubbles block information, which makes the screen harder to see, making it hard to see when watching videos or reading books. Air bubbles can also impair sensitivity and interfere with the use of the phone, for example when playing games. It is therefore best to remove air bubbles. Learn more about how to remove air bubbles in How To Remove Air Bubbles From The Screen Protector?

Dust around the edges of the screen causes the protective coating to gradually peel off. The screen protector will not work as well, the screen sensitivity in the peeled area will be worse, and a ghost touch effect may appear. In some cases, the problem is not caused by dust, but by a manufacturing defect in the protective coating. Learn more about why the screen protector comes off from the article Why Does the Screen Protector on the Phone Come Off?

How do you get dust out of the inside of a screen protector?

To remove dust from the inside of a screen protector, you must first remove the screen protector. Then use adhesive tape to collect the dust from the inside of the screen protector and clean the screen of the phone. Based on personal experience, such action can be done only when using tempered glass. PET film after removal from the phone becomes unsuitable for reuse. Besides PET film can be damaged and get micro holes. In the places where PET film is damaged, air accumulates, so cleaning of such film becomes impossible.

Learn more about how to clean the back side of tempered glass from the article How do I Clean the Sticky Side of a Screen Protector.

Is it OK to clean phone screen protector with alcohol?

Most screen protectors can be cleaned with alcohol. We have done dozens of tests cleaning screen protectors with concentrated isopropyl alcohol.

Alcohol is suitable for cleaning the following screen protectors:

  • Tempered glass.
  • Tempered glass combined with plastic
  • Most PET films.

Alcohol does not damage the above screen protectors. However, it is recommended to read the description of the screen protector used before using alcohol. The outer layer may contain an alcohol-sensitive antibacterial or oleophobic coating. Alcohol may therefore partially damage the screen protector.

Alcohol is not recommended for the following screen protectors:

  • Liquid film.
  • Some PET films.
  • Most hydrogel films.

Concentrated alcohol should not be used to clean a screen with a liquid film, as the alcohol will completely erase the coating from the screen. It is also not recommended to use alcohol to clean thin polymer films. Concentrated alcohol can disrupt the structure of such a film and accelerate wear and tear.

Why does my screen protector attract so much dust?

The problem arises from the amount of dust in the air: at home, at work, in the car, on the street, etc. Wearing synthetic clothing causes static electricity and can also attract dust. Anti-static cleaning wipes can be recommended as a solution. These wipes help to effectively clean any surface from dust, grease, dirt and other debris, as well as help to eliminate static electricity.

It’s also a good idea to damp clean your home more often to remove dust. At home or at work, you can install an air purifier. This device can help reduce the concentration of dust in the air.

How do you get dust off the side of a screen protector?

There are two ways to remove dust from the side of a screen protector:

  • Brush the dust off with a brush.
  • Re-install the screen protector.

The brush method can help remove dust without having to remove the screen protector. This option is mainly suitable for PET films that are not suitable for reinstallation. After cleaning, it may be necessary to apply a liquid such as glycerin to restore the adhesive backing to the cleaning area.

The method with screen protector reinstallation requires the screen protector to be removed. Then clean the contaminated areas and reinstall the screen protector. This method is only suitable for tempered glass and provides quality dust cleaning.


Dust underneath or on the side of the screen protector leads to a deterioration of the appearance and reduces the protective properties of any screen protector. It is therefore important to clean the screen protector regularly. Screen cleaners, office equipment wipes and anti-static wipes can be used to remove dust from the screen protector. Wipes with 70% alcohol can be used to remove stubborn dirt. However, alcohol-containing products are not suitable for screens with liquid film. Concentrated alcohol can be used to clean tempered glass and some PET films. Before using it, it is worth asking the manufacturer of the screen protector whether it is allowed to use concentrated alcohol.


Can dust under tempered glass damage screen?

In most cases, dust cannot damage your phone screen. More often dust causes unwanted air bubbles or the screen protector to peel off at the edges. It is therefore worth removing dust and cleaning the screen protector regularly to prolong the life of the screen protector.

Can you clean and reuse tempered glass screen protector?

Tempered glass can be cleaned and reused. In most cases, the adhesive layer needs to be restored. You can use glycerine liquid or UV adhesive to fix the tempered glass.

Is it OK to have dust under screen protector?

It is not OK to have dust under screen protector. Dust impairs the visual and tactile experience when using the screen protector. It is therefore important to remove dust under the screen protector.

Can you remove dust from tempered glass screen protector?

Dust can be easily removed with a damp cloth. It is preferable to use wipes for office equipment. It is also best to use an anti-static wipe to remove static electricity.

What do I clean my screen protector with?

Alcohol-free screen cleaners and office wipes can be used to clean the screen protector. Wipes with 70% alcohol can be used to remove stubborn dirt.

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