How to Remove Pop Socket from a Phone Case?

smartphone without PopSocket.

by Alex Gustman

Updated: February 21, 2022

Pop socket is one of the interesting novelties that allows us to firmly grip the smartphone with one hand. This is especially handy when you take a selfie. It resembles a big button and can also be used to prop a device against a horizontal surface. This enables you to watch videos or read books without holding the phone. It can also be applied to virtually any surface in the car or your apartment. Additionally, instead of fighting with the tangled wires of your headphones, wrap them around the stand.

If you need to slide the device into the pocket, all you have to do is to collapse the popsocket. This will make the phone’s rear surface almost as flat as without it. However, if you plan to replace the cover, smartphone, or change the location of a popsocket, feel free to do it multiple times, according to the manufacturer. Let’s find out how to do that.

Will popsockets ruin your phone case?

Before we start, let’s check if it’s safe to stick such things to the covers. According to the users’ feedback, the base can sometimes leave a sticky residue on the surface it was attached to. This often happens in case you decide to use cheaper alternatives instead of an original product. However, the sticky goo is easily removed by one of the methods described in our article How to get sticky residue off phone case.

Other than that, there should be no damage to your phone or case at all. Keep in mind that the grip of a popsocket can decrease depending on the surface type. For example, the glue typically sticks worse to the leather and silicone surfaces. It can also adhere worse to some finishes, such as waterproof covers. Use it carefully and test in a safe environment first to avoid damage to your phone.

Removing process

If you decided to remove it, you would need dental floss, flat razor blade, plastic knife, or a card. Once you come across one of the items in your house, you should:

1. Find a suitable place with a flat soft surface. The best example is bed – even if you drop your device, it will stay intact.

2. Collapse the popsocket by pressing with your finger. Never try to remove it before you do that.

original popsocket

3. Get underneath the base using the nails on your fingers or any of the items listed above. This way, you create a lever to push away from the phone softly until the base disconnects.

popsoketa removal

4. Continue pushing from one side until the stand comes off ultimately.

extracting a standard popsocket
popsocket removed from case

5. Clean any remaining sticky residue.

surface degreasing

Be careful not to cut yourself or scratch the device if you decided to use a razor blade. If you plan to use the popsocket again, place it sticky side upwards on the table. Avoid contact with linen or other surfaces. Keep in mind that you have around fifteen minutes to apply it again. Otherwise, the sticky substance might dry up or partially lose the ability to stick well.

If you don’t plan to use it again, just throw it away. The manufacturer does not provide any guidelines concerning the recycling of their products.

Reattaching again

Typically, you can change the location of your popsocket multiple times without losing stickiness. To do that, follow these steps:

  • detach it from the surface,
  • rinse under cold water for three seconds to clean and activate the gel,
  • let it dry for several minutes, do not place it under the direct sunlight, don’t use hair dryer or radiator,
  • attach it to the new place – dry flat ones are the best choice,
  • let it adhere properly for approximately one hour without trying to expand it.

If it does not stick well, try to rinse the sticky side underwater again. If it does not help, you have probably reached the reapplication limit.

Popsocket is a mush-have tool for any portable device owner. It is easy to use and can be reapplied multiple times without damaging the device. It can, however, leave a sticky residue that usually is not that hard to remove.

Video How to Remove a PopSocket from the Phone?


Here we described step-by-step how to remove popsocket from a phone case. Follow the instructions below, and you will not damage your case.

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