How to Remove Screen Lock PIN on Android?

remove screen lock on smartphone.

by Alex Gustman

Updated: April 14, 2021

Screen Lock is a security layer that can be modified or disabled, depending on the user’s preferences. In the last case, personal data will be visible to anyone who takes the device. It might be useful to try using a fingerprint or Smart lock first before deleting the password. This way, the information inside the smartphone is less vulnerable.

Set of actions required to erase PIN can vary depending on the smartphone model. Some of them run on Android-based systems that can look a little different. Let’s find out how to remove screen lock pin on devices made by most popular manufacturers.

Modifying settings

In order to disable the lock screen password, one needs to know it. If you are using an old smartphone with Android 4.4 or lower, you will be able to enter connected Google account credentials instead. In this case, type the incorrect password five times to see the Forgot option.

If you remember it, here is how to remove the lock PIN:

Enter the main settings by pressing the cog icon. You can find it in the top right corner of the notification shade, in the applications menu, or on the home screen.

smartphone settings

Choose Security by scrolling down or entering this word into the search.

screen lock.

Tap Screen lock – the top menu item on the list. Right below its name, you will instantly see the currently active locking method.

disable screen lock

Enter an active PIN, pattern, or password to access the settings.

To disable the screen lock, completely press “None.” To only remove the password, choose “Swipe.” You may not see a menu item saying “None”, but only swipe, pattern, PIN, password. In this case, you should choose “swipe” as this option disables any PIN or password.

remove smartphone protection

The device will ask to confirm the decision. The PIN will then be deleted along with the recorded fingerprint images if there were any.

Patterns and passwords are removed similarly for all Android devices, including new Samsung smartphones.

If you do not remember the PIN, you will have to Factory reset the device, which will erase all the personal data inside it. To do it, power the device off and enter the Recovery menu by simultaneously pressing the power button and volume up key. If it does not work on your smartphone, contact the manufacturer or Google “Enter recovery” for your smartphone model. 

Overriding admin block

Some smartphones won’t let you remove the PIN even though you know it. To override it, one has to:

1. Enter settings.

2. Find Security menu.

smartphone settings

3. Tap Phone administrators to see list of applications that might restrict you from modifying the settings.

administrators to see list of applications.

4. Choose Android device manager.

5. Press disable on the bottom of the page.

Device manager is a useful feature that will help erase all the information if the smartphone is stolen. If it does not let us change your password, you can turn it back on once you are done. You might also see other applications in the list – try disabling them as well one by one in case the problem persists.

Tweaking the settings in MIUI

MIUI is a popular Android-based system that most Xiaomi smartphones run on. The manufacturer customizes its look and menu item names according to their needs. As a result, the process of removing a screen lock PIN is different. To do it, follow these steps:

  • find cog Settings icon on your home screen and tap it,
  • find Lock screen & password option or type it into the search,
  • choose Screen lock and confirm existing password (if there is any),
  • select “Turn off lock” and confirm.

Similarly to Android, this will erase both PIN and fingerprints from memory.

Smart lock PIN is an important security feature designed to protect your sensitive data. This includes the contact list, pictures, social media profiles, financial applications. All the information collected from an unprotected device can be used in multiple ways – from money stealing to identity theft. Remove the PIN only when you are sure there is no much harm that can be done.


How do I unlock my lock screen without resetting it?

If you have forgotten your password, you can’t unlock your phone without a factory reset. However, if your device has Android 4.4 or lower, you can do this.

How do you unlock a phone without the PIN?

You need to do a hard reset of your phone. In this case, all your photos, music, and personal data will be deleted from the phone. The phone will return to its factory state, i.e., as if you just took it out of the box.

What is Android default password?

By default, there is no password, only if you set one yourself.

How do I remove the pin from my Samsung lock screen?

If you know your pin, the method is the one we gave above. If you forget your password, you will have to do a factory reset. In this case, you’ll lose all your data on the phone.


Here we have explained how to remove screen lock PIN on an android device. Unfortunately, you can’t bypass the screen lock PIN without a factory reset if you forgot your code. In this case, all data on the phone will be erased.

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    • Enter the main settings by pressing the cog icon. Then go to Security->Screen Lock and press None (You need to enter your active PIN if you have one). Now the phone will not ask you to enter the password.

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