How to Replace a Tempered Glass Screen Protector

how to reinstall tempered glass

by Alex Gustman

Updated: August 13, 2021

Prepare a new glass for replacement, wet and dry cloth to remove traces of the previous glass. Usually, the necessary wipes come complete with a new protective coating. If there are no napkins, use a regular alcohol napkin or a cotton swab soaked in alcohol.

You will also need a wooden toothpick or a wooden match sharpened at one end to pry and remove the old glass. You will also need a dry cloth to squeeze out the air, stickers to remove dust particles or tape with office scissors. Before replacing the glass, wash your hands for degreasing or use rubber gloves.

Tempered Glass Replacement

Place your mobile device on a flat surface. It is advisable to put on a towel or other non-slip fabric.

preparation for dismantling glass

Use a toothpick or a match to pry the tempered glass. The most successful place is in the corner or in the place of peeling glass. Then, with light movements to the left and right, move along the protective glass to gradually separate the silicone base, which is used for fixing the tempered glass.

lifting glass

To prevent the glass from accidentally sticking back, put a plastic card in the place where it was possible to separate the glass. Do not apply excessive force if the glass is held tightly, otherwise the glass may break or crack.

As soon as the silicone mount loosens sufficiently, remove the tempered glass.

removing old glass

Wipe the screen module with a wet cloth No. 1 to remove the previous silicone coating and dust. With a dry cloth No. 2, remove the remaining moisture and the remaining stains.

dirt removal
moisture removal

Before installation, attach the tempered glass to the screen module for fitting.

Remove the transport film No. 1 from the new glass.

removal of shipping film

Attach the edge of the new glass to the screen module, and then gradually release the glass, simultaneously squeezing out the air with a dry cloth.

installation of new glass
installing a new glass on a smartphone

If there is air left under the tempered glass or dust particles get caught, remove the glass with a wooden toothpick or a match. Smooth the glass again to remove air. To remove dust particles, use Guide Sticker or stationery tape.

glass cleaning

After successful installation, remove the transport film No. 2.

How to replace the protective film

The principle of replacing the protective film is similar to glass. It is advisable to prepare 2 films, since due to the difficulties in installation, it is not always possible to glue the film the first time. You also need a dry cloth to squeeze out air, stickers or tape with office scissors to remove dust particles, a wooden toothpick or a sharpened match.


Use a wooden toothpick or a match to pry it off, and then remove the film.

removal of old film
removing old film from smartphone

Wipe the coating with a wet cloth No. 1 to remove the remnants of the previous silicone coating and dust. Wipe off the remaining moisture and the remaining stains with dry cloth No. 2.

cleaning dirt from the screen
cleaning dust from the screen

Try on the film, then remove the transport coating No. 1.

dismantling of the transport film number 1

Attach the edge of the protective film to the screen of the mobile device.

installing a film on a smartphone

Use a dry cloth to squeeze out the air trapped under the film and gradually continue further installation of the protective coating.

In case of air residues or dust particles, remove the film to remove air or dust particles.

In case of successful installation, remove the transport coating No. 2 from the film.

removal of shipping tape number 2

When it is necessary to change the protective glass and film

Replacement of the tempered glass and film is recommended in the case of:

  • Dust has clogged under the film/glass, some of the coating has fallen behind and/or is being touched.
  • The protective coating is covered with small and / or deep scratches, which interferes with navigation or viewing information.
  • The presence of sharp chips or cracks on the glass, which can injure the owner.


Can you reuse a tempered glass screen protector?

You can use tempered glass several times before the adhesive coating wears off.

Is it safe to remove the screen protector?

Removing the protective cover is safe. However, do not use the phone without the screen protector, as the smartphone screen can easily be damaged by careless use.

Are tempered glass screen protectors hard to remove?

No, it is not difficult. It is easy to break the glass if removed carelessly. Used for several months, the glass sticks firmly to the screen and you need to take your time and not make significant efforts to remove it.

Do glass screen protectors break easily?

In general, no, tempered glass screen protectors do not break easily. With a strong impact, the glass cannot withstand and breaks. This happens when it comes into contact with a hard surface – stone or concrete.

How do you remove a stubborn screen protector?

It is necessary to pry the edge of the screen protector. Then pull a thin plastic card along the tempered glass to separate the adhesive surface. Then remove the glass and clean the screen with an alcohol wipe.

Does removing the screen protector damage the screen?

No, the screen remains intact. But if you use a sharp, hard metal object to pry off the screen protector, you could scratch the phone’s screen. Therefore, do not use a sharp metal object to remove the screen protector.

When should the tempered glass be removed?

When the glass is worn out. For example, if the glass has deep scratches or minor scratches that impair visibility, or if the glass is peeling, chipped or cracked.

How do you get a broken screen protector off your phone?

To remove the protective film, pull the edge of the film. To remove the glass, you need to put a few strips of adhesive tape on top (e.g., duct tape). Then pry the glass from either side and gradually pull the glass apart until it is completely removed

How do you stick tempered glass again?

It is necessary to clean the screen, wipe off dirt and dust. The adhesive side of the glass must also be clean. Then the glass should be aligned and applied. The weight of the glass will push out the air and stick to the screen.

How do you fix a screen protector that won’t stick?

It is best to replace the protective film immediately. Because the thin film deforms easily and gets dirty quickly.

How do you fix a glass screen protector?

If it is cracked, it should be replaced. If the tempered glass does not stick, then it is worth applying some UV gel to fix the glass. Then install the glass and wait a couple of minutes until the gel fills the entire space. Collect the rest of the gel with a napkin. Then use a UV lamp to warm up the gel. Warm the glass evenly for 10 seconds until the gel hardens.


The article describes in detail how to replace the tempered glass screen protector. The procedure for replacing both types of the protective coating does not differ significantly. At the same time, it is easier to remove the film before replacing it, but it is more difficult to install it. In the case of glass, the situation is reversed, it is often not easy to remove the coating, and installation is easier.

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