How to Reset Phone Without Password?

how to reset mobile phone settings

by Alex Gustman

Updated: April 15, 2021

In this article we will look at different ways to reboot your phone without a password. Please note that in this case all settings will be reset and all your data on your phone – applications, records, files, etc. will be deleted. After you reset your phone, it will return to the factory default state.

A few statistics. According to open data sources, 78% of people tend to forget their digital passwords. Let’s find out how to gain access back when you find yourself locked out of your iPhone or Android device.

Methods for iPhone

Forgetting the pattern means you cannot enter settings – an easy way of going back to defaults is not available. Keep in mind that hard reset will wipe all the data out. To minimize information loss, it is vital to back up to secure storage regularly. Let us get familiar with the four most common fays to erase an Apple device without entering the settings.

Through iTunes

Keep in mind that it will only work if you have already synchronized at least once. If this is the case, one needs to:

  • use data cable to establish a connection with PC or laptop,
  • simultaneously press both volume and power,
  • let it off until the slider appears and give it a right swipe,
  • select Summary menu item in iTunes,
  • click Restore.

It is necessary to charge the battery before you start to make sure there is enough power to complete your request. This way will not be available if Find my Phone feature was activated.

With the help of iCloud

It is possible to reset your Apple device through this service under certain conditions:

  • Find my Phone feature is enabled,
  • you remember Apple ID login and password,
  • the device is connected to Internet.

To start the process, you need to enter iCloud account using Apple ID credentials. Find the phone in question, select it, and press Erase.

Recovery mode

The sequence of actions will vary depending on the device. Make sure you disconnect it from the computer before starting out. If your Apple device is iPhone 6s or older, turn it off using a slider. To activate Recovery mode, hold Home and establish a connection with the computer using data cable.

For iPhone 7 and 7+, the procedure is almost the same – you will need to hold volume down while connecting to the PC, though. For iPhone 8 and devices above iPhone X use volume plus and power off buttons to turn the device off. Before connecting to the PC hold the power button

Using third-party solutions

There are multiple applications offering to remove screen lock for the iPhone. It is not required to have any technical background to use them. However, you might be asked to pay in order to use it. Every particular tool has a different instruction set available on the developers’ home page. In some cases, it is possible to unlock without data loss.

Android ways

There are several ways to Hard Reset an Android device. However, the steps are different from the ones for the iPhone. Let’s get familiar with some of them.

Through recovery

One can enter the mode by pressing the buttons in a certain order. The way to do it depends on the device manufacturer, but the most wide-spread one is to simultaneously press the volume up and power button. For some phones, you need to use volume down instead or hold both of them in addition to the power button. Sometimes you need to add a home button to the combination. It is easy to find it out by typing the “Smartphone model + enter recovery” into Google search.

After you are in, navigate through the menus to find wipe data or factory reset items. The process will start after your confirmation and will erase all the data inside the device. Reboot afterward using the respective menu item.


In addition to Fastboot itself, one needs to install ADB as well as USB drivers. To learn more about the process, read the article How to unlock android pattern lock if forgotten. It might also be required to unlock the device bootloader first.

Enter Fastboot by simultaneously pressing the power button and volume up. This combination might differ depending on the device. Activate USB debugging mode and connect to the computer using data cable. Then type “ADB reboot bootloader” to the command line. Afterward, input “fastboot -w” and press enter. Then use the “fastboot reboot” command to finish the process.

TWRP Recovery

This option is primarily for tech guys – before using a custom recovery, one needs to install it. This will require:

  • gain root access,
  • unlock the bootloader,
  • install ADB and fastboot,
  • alternatively, you can use Rashr, Flashify or Official TWRP app,
  • install Fastboot using one of the apps above.

After entering TWRP choose Wipe and swipe the slider for factory reset. Afterward, press Reboot the system.

There are multiple ways to reset the phone made by any manufacturer without a screen lock password. Find the one to your taste and use it if you are not afraid of losing all the data.


Here we described how to reset the phone without a password. Keep in mind that you can’t unlock your phone without losing data if you forgot your password.

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