How to Restick a Screen Protector?

restick a glass screen protector

by Alex Gustman

Updated: April 29, 2021

Did you install the screen protector wrong? Perhaps you want to remove the screen protector glass to clean it? There are various reasons why you may need to restick a screen protector. Let's take a look at how to reinstall the screen protector without losing its protective properties.

How to Remove Tempered Glass Screen Protector

Before starting the procedure, prepare a workplace. Carry out a wet cleaning to remove dust in the air as much as possible. Prepare cleaning agents, adhesive tape, and wooden sticks for glass removal. If possible, use thin rubber gloves to avoid accidentally leaving prints on the clean surface of glass or film. Also, remove the case or bumper from the phone beforehand so that there is no interference with removing and reinstalling the safety glass.

Follow the instruction to get a screen protector to restick.

step 1

Lift the glass

Using a wooden stick or toothpick, pull the edge of the safety glass and lift it gently. Start at the wide edge, gradually pulling the glass over from the ends. If you start with the end faces, the glass may break.

removal of protective glass
gentle glass removal
step 2

Remove the glass

Carefully remove the tempered glass screen protector and place it in a clean place with the adhesive base facing upwards.

final removal of the tempered glass from the smartphone
step 3

Restick the glass

Now you can restick the screen protector. Put the screen protector back in place. Act in the same way as you did when you first installed the screen protector.

tempered glass installation.

When installing tempered glass, try to install it evenly and avoid air bubbles. If you notice that the screen protector is set to the wrong position, interrupt the installation, remove the glass and install it again. Read also How to make a screen protector sticky again.

To prevent glass breakage, hold the non-glued edge 1-3 cm above the screen.

Video instruction


The article describes in detail how to restick a glass screen protector. The instructions will be useful if the glass is glued unevenly or there is dust under the protective surface, and cleaning is required.

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Can I clean the screen protector with alcohol?

Yes. You should wet a lint-free cloth and wipe the glass. Then wipe with a dry cloth to remove alcohol and divorce residues.

How to get rid of dust or hair under screen protector?

It is necessary to remove the safety glass and remove the garbage. To remove dust or hair that has stuck to the silicone base of the glass, use office tape.

Can you reuse a tempered glass screen protector?

Yes, if the glass is not damaged and the silicone base is not broken.

How to remove broken tempered glass?

It is necessary to glue adhesive tape to the tempered glass, and then gradually remove the glass with a wooden toothpick.

What to do if it is not sticking from a corner?

There are specialized gels on sale, which allow to restore an adhesive layer of glass. It is also worth trying to better degrease the corner where the glass does not stick.

Can I clean the inside of my screen protector?

Yes. For example, with the help of duct tape.

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