How to Save Battery on iPhone?

how to save your iPhone battery

by Alex Gustman

Updated: April 14, 2021

The comfort of our lives depends (to some degree) on our smartphones. This is why portable devices become more and more efficient – battery-wise as well. Though manufacturers are trying to make less power-socket-dependent solutions, they have to address portability as well. The fact remains that if the power source drains out until we reach the place to top it up, some of us will barely be able to find a taxi conveniently.

If you don’t have a power bank at your disposal or a socket nearby, there are several steps to make the most of the remaining battery. The actions displayed here will help to stay online as much as it is possible. Let’s have a look at them.

How to conserve iPhone battery by closing unnecessary apps

It goes without saying that you should avoid gaming since it will drain the battery really fast. Other apps installed can also consume the lion’s share of remaining power. The good news is that we can:

  • check the consumption level of each one by going to Battery menu,
  • remember most power-draining ones at the top (they are typically connected to internet usage),
  • swipe from the bottom of your home screen to see all the active apps,
  • select the ones you wish to close and give them an up-swipe.

This will let you save power from the unnecessary applications and use it for something you need more at the moment. Make sure you disable Facebook in the first place as it seems to eat battery very fast according to the users’ feedback.

According to a different opinion, the consumption only increases when you constantly load and unload the applications in and out of memory. This means that we need to stop only the ones we are not going to launch again in the short run.

Keep in mind that the list of apps opens after you hit the home button twice on older iPhones. It should also be possible to close up to three apps at once – swipe them up simultaneously.

Prevent apps from refreshing

Some applications need to connect to the Internet regularly to function effectively. Messengers or email clients need to fetch new data to keep you informed at all times, and they will continue doing so even after you manually close the program.

If you wish to save some power, instead of closing them, try to disable Background Refresh located in the respective menu temporarily. Make sure the top item is set to off. If you wish to restrict particular apps only, leave it on and disable every program manually by tweaking the sliders located in the bottom menu.

By the way, you should also visit the Fetch New Data menu and tweak some settings there. Disable Push slider to stop the device from purging new data every time it becomes available. Below you will be able to set up a schedule according to your needs instead.

Use airplane mode

If you are reading and not currently interested in receiving calls or surfing the web – learn how to increase iPhone battery life by reducing connections. The simplest way to do so is to activate airplane mode. This will disable:

  • cellular activity, meaning you will not be able to receive (or start) any voice calls or send text messages,
  • GPS (in some cases), making it impossible for the apps to locate your whereabouts,
  • Bluetooth, meaning all the connections to external speakers and smartwatches will be terminated,
  • Wi-Fi, making you go offline.

Take advantage of this mode, swipe down from your top right corner, or up from the bottom (depending on the model you have). Then press the airplane icon on the menu you have just opened. Keep in mind that you will still be able to connect to Wi-Fi and Bluetooth in the Settings manually. 

How to reduce battery usage by turning off GPS

Oftentimes, though, it is vital to maintain the Internet or (and) cellular connection. In this case, it is possible to temporarily disable GPS only, which will postpone your power socket appointment time a little. To do that, navigate to location services under Privacy in the main menu.

Use power-saving mode

Instead of manually disabling various features available, feel free to activate the Low Power slider in the Battery menu. This will optimize online time by reducing some features you can deactivate yourself, such as:

  • visual effects,
  • active listening and Siri,
  • data fetching,
  • apps refreshing and updates.

One slider can grant you several more hours of battery life. Don’t wait for your device to prompt Low Power when it reaches 20%, do it yourself if you know there will be no way to charge in the nearest future. Keep in mind – the phone will automatically turn the mode off it; you charge it up to 80%.

How to preserve iPhone battery by tweaking brightness

A large, bright, and colorful screen is a must for a contemporary portable device. While it sufficiently enhances media experience, it also drastically diminishes battery life. Thankfully, there are two ways to influence this. We can:

  • activate auto-brightness in the Display menu,
  • adjust the level manually every time we need it.

The auto feature uses a sensor on the front panel of the device to continually check the light intensity. Display brightness is then automatically adjusted by the phone itself. As a result, the screen will maintain suitable levels according to your current environment.

Since we need to enhance battery performance, it is better to decrease the brightness manually. You can access this from Control Panel by swiping from the top or bottom of the screen, as discussed previously. This can also be done through the display settings.

Also, keep in mind that Dark Mode (if available) uses less energy. Activate it if you are not standing under direct sunlight – maybe it will be enough to see the content. Don’t forget to set up an auto-lock feature that will automatically diminish screen-on time when you forget to lock it up manually.

How to keep the iPhone battery healthy?

If you have an optimized battery charging option in your settings – turn it on. It will postpone the power source degradation process by smartly regulating the charging time. As a result, you will be able to stay online longer, even without turning anything off. By the way, you can check the health level in the respective menu anytime.

To make the battery last longer, make sure not to expose it to high or low temperatures. Avoid humid environments as well. Heat is especially harmful to electronics, make sure not to:

  • leave your device under direct sunlight,
  • use the phone while it is charging,
  • remove thick covers when you top up the battery.

Apple also offers to avoid fully charging or discharging the power source.

Multiple functions can also be disabled, such as AirDrop, iCloud, notifications, Siri, vibration, and 4G. Feel free to turn off the features you do not need or use power-saving mode. It also might be useful to have an external battery at your disposal to charge without power sockets whenever necessary.


Use our tips to make sure the battery lasts longer: closing unnecessary apps, reduce the brightness of the screen as much as possible, turn off the GPS, Bluetooth, if you do not use them, turn on the plane mode, and energy-saving mode. Keep in mind, active use of the phone is the reason why the battery is quickly discharged. So, the best way to conserve the iPhone battery is to reduce the usage of the phone unnecessarily (games, video, Internet), etc.

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