How to Set a Wallpaper on Lock Screen?

how to set wallpaper on the screen

by Alex Gustman

Updated: April 27, 2022

Android OS allows you to install your own image, both on the desktop screen and on the lock screen. This article contains instructions that will help you figure out how to set a wallpaper on the phone lock screen.

Method 1: Standard method

Most models have a standard function for setting images on the lock screen.

Instruction 1:

On the desktop, tap and hold your finger for 2 to 3 seconds in a free area until the desktop control menu appears.

Select the Wallpaper option.

In the next section, select an image, and then tap the Set as Wallpaper.

Select the installation option – Lock Screen.

Instruction 2:

Open the system settings of your mobile device.

Go to the Screen section.

settings screen

Next, select the Wallpaper.

image customization

In the next menu, select the application that will be used to install the image.

picture picker app

Select your preferred image.

category pictures
select pictures

Tap the Set as Wallpaper.

setting the background image
install picture on home screen

Select the installation option – Lock Screen.

Method 2: via a third-party application

Some applications made by various developers also allow you to set an image on the unlock screen. This method is useful if the standard method does not work. And as a bonus, the program will allow you to choose an interesting picture from the catalog. At the same time, there is an excess of advertising in applications of this type, as an example of ZEDGE.


  • Launch the app. Select the image you like.
  • On the preview screen, tap the Install button.
  • Select the Set Lock Screen option.
  • The first time you install it, you may be prompted to grant permissions.
  • Tap the Allow.
  • After granting permission, the picture will automatically be installed on the lock screen.


How to put a live wallpaper on your lock screen?

If you downloaded a live wallpaper from Google Play just click “open” on the download page. If you downloaded an APK file from any other place, open your file manager, find the APK and run it. Make sure before you start installation that you have enabled “Installation unknown apps” options in Settings.

How to change the wallpaper on your lock screen?

Simply open any picture and pick “Put on lock screen or home screen”.

How do I make my wallpaper fit my screen Android?

You need to choose a picture that is the same size as your phone screen. Or, try making the image proportional to the size of the phone screen.

How do I remove lock screen wallpaper?

Just put on another image.

What is the difference between home screen and wallpaper?

The home screen is a part of the application, that is responsible for presenting information in the form of widgets, apps shortcuts, background image, etc. The wallpaper is the background image.

How do I customize my android lock screen?

For default lock screen settings are in the Settings, in the Screen section. For third-party application look for settings in their settings.

How do I put a shortcut on my lock screen?

Such functions are usually available in third-party launchers and screen lock applications.

How do I change my lock screen wallpaper automatically?

Look in the screen settings Screensaver or similar option with the ability to automatically change the image.

How do I remove MI glance from my lock screen?

Open the Settings, then Lock Screen, then Carousel of Images (or something like this), in the next menu disable this functions in the first item.

What is dynamic lock screen?

This feature allows you to change the wallpaper on the lock screen every time before unlocking.

How do i save my lock screen wallpaper on android?

It’s enough to save the image on your phone, and then select it as the wallpaper.

How to put a video as your lock screen wallpaper?

Such feature is available in some lock screen applications.

Can’t change lock screen wallpaper android

Try restarting the phone or clearing the phone cache.

How do I add widgets to my lock screen Android?

This feature is available on some phones. Open “Settings”, then “Security”, and then “Lock Screen”. If your device supports this feature, you will find it here.


This article describes in detail how to set wallpapers on the lock screen. The best installation method is the standard one. In this case, you do not need to download an additional application. If the standard method does not work, you will have to use a third-party application. As a bonus, there are a lot of interesting pictures in the program. At the same time, you will have to endure the persistent advertising that is hidden behind every action.

How do you set the image on the lock screen? Leave messages in the comments below the article.

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