How to Take Off a Phone Case?

by Alex Gustman

Updated: April 16, 2021

Smartphone cover is (typically) a plastic product designed to protect the device from scratches and impacts. It hides its finish entirely but for the display, making it difficult to take off. Fortunately, several tips will help you get rid of a case without breaking both phone and cover. Let’s get familiar with them.

How to get a hard phone case off iPhone with bare hands?

To open the phone case, you need to locate any bottom corner first. Don’t start with the top ones since the power and volume buttons will be on the way, creating additional tension. Turn the device off, take it into your left hand, display facing away. Then take the cover edge by index and middle fingers of the right hand.

Firmly hold the smartphone’s top part with your left hand. Create a lever with the fingerprint on your thumb and start tugging. Increase the pressure if required. Help with your ring and pinky to set the first corner free. Then move to the next bottom corner and, once you succeed, take the cover away. If you are afraid to break the phone, do the entire process on your bed. This way, the device will be alright even if it falls off face-down.

How to remove phone case without breaking it with plastic objects?

Some covers don’t come off easily and require special tools to be used. Flat plastic is ideal since it is flexible. Besides, smartphones’ finishes are (generally) harder, meaning that there is a minimal chance to scratch the device. You can use:

  • credit or discount cards,
  • guitar picks,
  • plastic knives.

After powering the device off, place it face-up on a hard surface. Insert the tool you have found between the case and the phone near a bottom corner. Holding the device with your left hand, press the card in the table direction. When the first corner if off, you will see more room that you can use. Continue working similarly until the cover is off. 

How to take off a really tight phone case with pry tools?

One can also buy specifically designed plastic levers available on the market. They (generally) resemble guitar picks, meaning that you can use an actual pick if you happen to have one. Alternatively, it is possible to cut the desired shape from any flat plastic card with the scissors. This will take not more than five minutes and save a few coins.

How to remove the snap-on phone case?

Some covers consist of two different parts snapping together and holding the smartphone in a tight grip. The objective is to detach the two parts, which might be a little tricky. You will need to:

  • turn the device off,
  • find plastic discount (or credit) card,
  • locate a specifically designed slot where two parts are not connected,
  • insert the card there and twist it to start detaching one part from another,
  • hold the slot with finger and slide the card through to open the side up,
  • use the same technique further to set your phone free.

Do not apply excessive pressure to avoid damaging both your device and the case.

Some covers are really hard to take off. Using soft flat plastic objects or even bare hands only, you will be able to make it without breaking anything. Never use any solid materials such as metals, though, to avoid the scratches.

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Here we described different ways how to remove the phone case. Use a method that is suitable for your phone case.

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