How to Turn Off Low Power Mode?

low power mode

by Alex Gustman

Updated: April 14, 2021

The longer our battery lasts, the more we can stay in touch with our friends and colleagues. However, a smartphone is more than just calling and looking for information. Portable devices are the perfect fit for any task, starting from entertainment and finishing off with business.

However, manufacturers have to find a perfect balance between portability and working time. No one is willing to carry around a large, heavy brick of a smartphone even if it can last for two months without a power socket. How to increase battery life without touching its physical size? Let’s have a look at the main software solution invented by Apple engineers.

What is low power mode, and why we need it?

Easy to guess by its name – power-saving mode is meant to enhance battery performance without a sufficiently deteriorating user experience. There are some features that we can live without for a while, such as smooth and shiny system animations or apps refreshing. The algorithm helps to suspend them all with just one slider temporarily. This lowers energy consumption and makes it possible to stay in touch for longer.

It can also enhance the charging process a little. If you are in a hurry, activate low power to top up the battery faster. For other (less and more efficient) ways, have a look through How to make your phone charge faster.

How to turn on low power mode?

When your device reaches 20%, the smartphone will offer to enter it by pressing the respective button in the pop-up menu. If you don’t wish to wait, do the following:

  • enter main settings,
  • find Battery menu item,
  • move the respective slider to the right.

Once you do that, the icon turns yellow, and you start saving energy. Keep in mind that some features, such as automatic email fetching, will be unavailable.

Different ways to turn low power mode off

If there is no need to save anymore, disable the mode. There are several options available to do that, such as:

  1. Charge the battery. Once you reach 80%, the phone will lift all the restrictions off automatically.
  2. Ask the voice assistant. Siri is not a genius but can handle simple tasks reasonably well.
  3. Deactivate the same slider under the Battery menu we talked about earlier.

If you don’t wish to rummage through settings, add a shortcut to the control center and use it every time you need to turn the mode on and off. To do that:

  • find control center in the main Settings,
  • hit Customize Controls to see all the options that can be displayed,
  • find the one you need and add it by pressing plus located on the left side of the low power mode name.

Here you can also change the order of the icons according to your preferences. After you are done, swipe down (or up – depending on the iPhone model) to see the control center. The neat battery icon stands for the options you’ve just added.

Low power mode can be used when you need to have a little extra from your power source. However, it will cut on some features – diminish brightness, make animations weaker, and so on. If you are good with that – use it to have some extra time online at your disposal.

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