How to Turn On Battery Percentage?

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Updated: January 4, 2023

It is very convenient to see the current status of your phone battery. Though there is always a visual representation in your top right corner, the icon is too small to be sure. Even though the indicator itself is not always working correctly, the numeric value still gives a certain reference as to when you need to plug your device in. This is especially critical nowadays since we depend on our portable devices so much.

If you are continually asking yourself, “What percent is my battery on?”, you have found the right place to answer this question. Let’s have a look at the ways to activate the feature for both Android and iOS devices.

How to turn on battery percentage for the iPhone 8 or lower?

Every Apple user knows how to fetch numeric battery value since it never changed from the 3GS model up to eight. If you have one of those, visit the Battery menu item in the main settings to make it available. The very top line (called Battery Percentage) stands for the indicator you are looking for. Activate the slider to see the number, deactivate to see the icon only.

What is my battery percentage on later iPhones?

New iPhones are different in many respects. If you own an up-to-date device with a Face ID feature, you probably don’t know how to change the battery percentage since there is no slider in the Battery menu any longer.

The reason behind it is the Face ID camera located on top of your display. New iPhones feature deep cutouts right where the status bar used to be. There is not enough space to display the numbers anymore. Bad news – you will never be able to put them back into the right top corner until the cutout disappears. Good news – there are four ways to check current battery status:

  1. The current battery percentage is still displayed on the lock screen during the charging process. Connect the phone to a power source using a cable to see it.
  2. Swipe from the top-right display corner while on the home screen. This will open the control center where you can do multiple things to your device. You will also see the numeric indicator right where it belongs.
  3. Give your display a right swipe from the lock or home screen to see the widgets panel. If you don’t have battery information there, scroll down the page and hit the edit button. Then drag battery from the bottom menu to the top one. Once the screen refreshes, you will see the current device battery status. If you are iOS14 user, feel free to add a battery widget to your home screen.
  4. If your hands are busy – Siri will answer this question for you.

Though these solutions are not as convenient as the old ones, there are no other options. Unless Apple decides to change the state of things in the upcoming updates (or devices in the worst case), we will have to get used to it. For now, you can only see it in the Control Panel or status bar, as it says in Apple support.

If you have an iPhone with Face ID, swipe down from the top-right corner of the screen to open the Control Center. You will see the battery percentage at the top-right of the screen.


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How do you turn on battery percentage on iPhone 13?

To display the battery as a percentage, follow these steps:

  1. Open the phone’s system settings.
  2. Select the “Battery” section in the menu.
  3. In the next menu, activate the “Battery Percentage” item.

Once activated, the status bar will show your current percentage of charge. This method is suitable for all iPhone models on iOS 16.

How to get your Android phone to show battery percentage?

Android devices do have a Battery menu in the settings, as well as old iPhones do.

  • Scroll down a bit until you see Battery Percentage.
  • Press to see the list of options you have – typically, you can opt for in-icon or next-to-icon representation, depending on your preferences.

As for Android-based systems, let’s have a look at MIUI since it is one of the most wide-spread ones. The battery indicator is (surprisingly) hiding under Notifications. Choose Percentage, and it will show up inside the icon.

It is crucial always to know the current status of your portable device battery. Unexpected power off can result badly – it will not be possible to call, text, go online, check financial notifications, emails, and so on. A visual icon is not as informative as a numeric value. This is why it might be useful to turn battery percentage on and keep an eye on it.

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If you’ve got an older iPhone, the battery percentage can actually be displayed by default, but with newer models, there simply isn’t enough room in the status bar. Thankfully, no matter whether your iPhone is years old or you just purchased it yesterday, we have all the tips and tricks you need to make displaying that percentage permanently a piece of cake. 



Does iPhone 11 have battery percentage?

Unfortunately, iPhone 11 doesn’t display it permanently in the upper right corner. The good news is that you can see this in Control Center. To see it just swipe from the upper right corner down. You can also enable the built-in battery widget that will be displayed if you swipe from the left side to the right.

What is my battery percentage right now?

If your android phone doesn’t display it in the upper right corner you must enable it as we have described above. Follow the same steps if you own an iPhone 8 or earlier. If you have an iPhone X or higher, just swipe down from the top.

Why is my battery percentage not showing?

There are two main reasons: you didn’t turn it on or your phone (iPhone 9 or higher) doesn’t display it like it did on older models.

Why does the iPhone 11 not show battery percentage?

That’s what the developers decided. Maybe because there’s not enough space there because of the cutout.

How do I check my battery level?

In addition to the methods described above, it is possible to install a battery widget that will always show the battery percentage.

Can you change the battery icon on iPhone 11?

No, you can’t.

How do you show battery percentage on IOS 14?

Follow the steps above if you have an iPhone 8 or lower. But you will not be able to do this if you have an iPhone X or later.

How do you add a battery widget to iOS 14?

Press and hold anywhere on your phone’s touchscreen. When the app icons start shaking and a “plus” button appears in the upper left corner – click on it. Then find the “Battery” and click on it. And finally choose battery widget what you like.

Why is my phone not showing battery usage?

There may be an error in the operating system. Usually it helps to reboot the system. You should also charge the battery to 100%. After charging the battery charge is usually displayed correctly. If these solutions do not help, contact the phone manufacturer. You can also contact a service center to solve the problem if your phone is under warranty.

How do I change the battery display on my iPhone?

In order to turn on or off the display of battery percentage next to the battery you must open the system settings of your phone. Then select the “Battery” menu. Then enable or disable the battery percentage display option in the status bar.

Did iOS remove battery percentage?

With the release of the iPhone X, the option to display battery percentage disappeared because there wasn’t enough space in the status bar. In iOS 16, battery percentage is available again. The percentage charge display option is available in the Battery menu. The menu is located in the system settings section of your phone.

How do I get my phone to display the battery percentage?

Turning on the display of battery percentage on iOS and Android is available in the “Battery” section. To do this, you need to open the system settings and then activate the “Battery percentage” function. In Android, there are also a lot of widgets that allow you to show “Battery percentage” on the desktop screen.

Why doesn’t iPhone 11 show battery percentage iOS 16?

With the announcement of iPhone X, the “Battery percentage” option disappeared from iOS. In the beta versions of iOS 16, the “Battery Percentage” option is back. You may need to wait for a firmware update for the “Battery Percentage” option to appear. You also need to open the “Battery” menu in the settings and manually activate the “Battery percentage” function.

How do you make battery show percentage on iPhone 12?

You need to open the “Battery” menu in the settings. Then enable the “Battery percentage” option. The option may not be available in iOS 14-15 versions. Therefore, you need to update to iOS 16 to ensure that the “Battery Percentage” option is enabled.

Why does iPhone 13 Pro not show battery percentage?

Battery percentage function is disabled by default in settings. To activate it, you must open the battery settings and then toggle the switch to the active state.

Does iPhone 13 have battery percentage?

In iPhone 13, the battery percentage is displayed in the Control Center. You can also activate the battery percentage display on iOS 16. To do this, you need to open the settings and select the “Battery” menu. Then activate the “Battery percentage” option.

How do you show battery percentage on iPhone 11?

The option to show battery percentage is available on iOS 16. Therefore, you may need to update the firmware first. To activate the feature, you need to open the “Battery” menu in the settings. And then enable the “Charge Percentage” option.

Why doesn’t the iPhone 13 show the battery percentage?

At release, iPhone 13 was running iOS 15, where the “Charge Percentage” option was excluded from the firmware. In iOS 16, the “Charge Percentage” feature is available again. You need to open the phone’s settings. Then open the “Battery” menu. And then activate the “Charge Percentage” option.

Why is my iPhone not showing battery usage?

A system failure is a common cause of battery consumption not being displayed correctly. Usually rebooting the system will fix the problem. If the problem persists, then check for a system update. A new update may fix the problem. If the phone’s battery has been in use for a long time, the battery may be depleted, so the battery needs to be replaced. If the battery has been recently replaced, a defective or faulty battery may have been installed. Contact the phone manufacturer’s customer service department.

Why is my battery not showing percentage?

The “Percentage charge” option may be disabled in your phone settings. You will need to open the battery settings and turn on the percentage charge display. Prior to iOS 16, the “Charge Percentage” option was removed from the firmware. Therefore, on some Apple smartphones, you must first update the firmware. Then open the “Battery” menu and enable “Charge Percentage”. On Android, the “Charge Percentage” option is also in the battery settings. On Android, you can also use widgets to display the current battery charge.


Here we’ve described how to turn on battery percentage on iPhone and Android phones. It’s very easy on iPhones up to model eight and on any Android phone – all you need to do is open the settings and select “Numeric” from the battery indicator display methods.

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