How to Unlock Android Phone Pattern Lock if Forgotten?

how to unlock your smartphone if you forgot the key

by Alex Gustman

Updated: July 12, 2021

A smartphone is a device we are using to store all kinds of personal information. While most financial apps are typically protected by password, social media profiles, contact lists, travel applications, and maps can be accessed right from the home screen. This information can become the first step to lose identity.

To prevent this from happening, Google offers a password or PIN protected screen lock feature. While most users will never have to face identity thieves, most of them tend to forget their digital passwords. Sadly, when it comes to smartphones, users will most probably have to do a factory reset and wipe all the data to continue using the phone. In some cases, however, is it possible to gain access to less damage. Let’s look into some of them in more detail.

Using ADB and Fastboot

This method will only work in case the USB debugging mode is activated before the password was forgotten. Note that some manufacturers deliberately block it for security reasons. To use ADB, one needs to:

  1. Visit the web page to download Command-line tools – programs to manipulate smartphones using laptops or personal computers. Scroll down until the right package is found. 
  2. Unzip its content to the operational disc root – “C” in the majority of cases.
  3. Download x86 or x64 Java Development Kit. Choose the correct version that will work for your PC (link: 
  4. Find Tools folder under Android SDK and double click file named “android.”
  5. Choose “Platform tools” and “USB driver” (the second option is required for Google devices only). Every particular smartphone manufacturer offers USB drivers included in certain utility. It is necessary to install it as well in order to use the method.
  6. The installer will make “sdk-tools-windows” folder located at the disk you extracted to. 
  7. Run command line as administrator and show program the way to SDK folder by typing cd C:\” path to the platform-tools folder.” Plug your phone using USB and input six commands into the console window, separating them with entering: 
ADB commands

Reboot the device.

Two modes of Dr.fone Unlock

It is also possible to use third-party programs that allow removing lock pins. Keep in mind that the payment might be required to utilize the features you need. Here are the steps to follow using Dr.fone Unlock:

  • download and install the program,
  • open it and select Screen to unlock,
  • connect the device via USB to your computer or laptop,
  • choose “Unlock Android,”
  • input device model and hit Next,
  • use on-screen instructions to enter the device into Download mode.

Then you will have to wait until the program downloads the recovery package. Press Remove now button to enter the home screen without passwords. 

If you cannot find your device model in the manufacturers’ list, try using the second mode. Keep in mind that it might require to wipe all the data off.

Aroma file manager

It is possible to launch certain applications without starting Android itself. You can try to use Aroma if your phone supports Recovery mode and has got an SD-card slot. To unlock your phone, you will need to:

  • find and download the file manager, 
  • copy downloaded .ZIP file to the SD card root,
  • enter recovery mode and choose Install update from ZIP,
  • show the path to Aroma,
  • choose Automount all devices on start option.

Exit the manager and show it the path to the ZIP archive again. Now you can manipulate the files inside the phone. Find and delete gesture.key or password.key files – they should be inside System folder under the Data folder. 

Out of lockdown with Samsung

The company owns around half of the market, meaning the chance you have one of their devices is high. There is a special multifunctional service offered by the manufacturer that is called Find my Mobile. It can be used to unlock devices remotely in case:

  • the smartphone is on and connected to the Internet,
  • it was initially connected to a Samsung account,
  • you remember log-in credentials,
  • remote unlock option was enabled in the phone settings before you lost control.

If all four requirements are met, then you can:

  • enter your Samsung account,
  • choose your device,
  • unlock it by confirming the account password.

There is also a Smart Lock feature that will allow the device to remain unlocked:

  • in trusted locations,
  • close to the trusted device,
  • close to the owner’s body.

However, if you do not touch the device in a trusted location for as long as four hours or power it off, you will still see the lock screen. Keep in mind that the body detection feature cannot recognize the owner, and the phone will basically be unlocked for anyone who takes it.

Factory Reset

In most cases, if you forgot your password, you cannot unlock the phone without losing your data. If you are ready to do it, read the easiest way to do it is the factory reset.

Unlocking with Google Account

If you have a phone with an android version lower than 4.4, you can unlock it using your Google Account. We have already written about it.

Reset to factory settings to delete all data on the phone?

To reset the settings, go to settings, then select the system item. In this menu there will be an item to reset the settings. To delete the data, you need to confirm the reset, then the phone will reboot and format the memory. After the reset, the system will start with the initial settings offer.


How do you remove a pattern lock if you forgot the combination?

If you have root access, you can pre-run a file manager and erase the lock files. Some PC programs designed for password resetting also help.

Can you unlock an android without a factory reset?

Only if you have root rights or with the help of special software for the PS.

What is pattern lock android?

Unlocks the screen by entering a specific combination of patterns. The picture is set based on a 3×3 or 5×5 grid.

How to hide pattern lock android?

You can disable it in the security settings.

How to get a pattern lock on android?

You need to open the security settings, select screen unlock and set the preferred unlock pattern.

How to set up pattern lock on android?

You need to open the security settings, select screen unlock and set the preferred unlock pattern. In this case, if a password or pattern lock has already been set, you will need to enter it.

Can’t remember lock pattern android

Use other methods to unlock the screen. If you have root rights, you can delete unlock files in the file manager before booting the system.

How many pattern lock combinations are there?

Up to 389,000 combinations. The number of combinations is affected by the size of the grid. The larger the grid, the more unlock options.

How do I change the pattern lock on my Samsung?

In the security settings of your phone, as we wrote above.

Where is the pin on my phone?

The pin code can be set in the screen lock menu of the phone. The backup pin code is also set in the Android developers menu.

What is a factory reset?

This is a factory reset of all phone settings, i.e. the state the phone is in immediately after being sold. All data is erased from the phone’s memory and the system returns to its original state as it was when the phone was first turned on.

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