How to use AirPods?


by Alex Gustman

Updated: July 28, 2022

AirPods allow you to listen to music, answer calls, call the voice assistant, and more. This article shows you how to set up and use your AirPods on your smartphone or tablet.

How do I connect my AirPods?

Pairing is required before you can use the headphones. See our separate article on how to connect the AirPods to Android.


  • On your iPhone or iPod, navigate to the Home screen.
  • Position the headphones in the line of sight of the mobile device. It is important that both headphones are in the case and the case is closed before pairing begins.
  • Open the case with the headphones.
  • Wait until your AirPods are displayed on the screen offering to connect.
  • Press the Connect button to confirm.

If the “Hello Siri” function is set on your phone, then the function will also work when you connect the headphones. Otherwise, follow the instructions on the screen. In case of iCloud authorization, AirPods will configure and connect to all devices linked to the Apple ID without user intervention.

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How do I use the headphones?

Listening to music

Once the AirPods are paired with your smartphone, music plays automatically as soon as both earbuds are placed in your ears. If one earphone is removed, the music is paused. However, returning the earpiece to its original position within 15 seconds automatically resumes playback. Otherwise, the music is paused. Playback stops when you remove both earphones from your ears. If necessary, the automatic in-ear headphone detection feature is disabled in the AirPods Bluetooth settings.
The control is implemented by a sensor built into the headphones that responds to a double touch. And for the left and right earpiece is available to assign one of the following actions:

  1. Using the voice assistant.
  2. Playing and pausing playback.
  3. Switching to the next track.
  4. Goes back to the previous track.

To configure the actions, do the following steps:

  • Open the phone settings.
  • Go to Bluetooth.
  • Select AirPods headphones.
  • In the next menu, select the left and then the right earphone alternately and set the available action.

Microphone operation

Each Airpods earpiece contains a microphone, so you can take calls and activate Siri. he default setting is to automatically detect an active microphone. Therefore, all you need to do is put any earpiece in your ear to respond. If you prefer, the earpiece settings allow you to set the default microphone to work only on the left or only on the right earpiece.


To call the voice assistant, you have to say “Hello Siri” and the phone must be online. The assistant will allow you to perform certain actions with a voice command. For example, increase the playback volume, switch to another track, pause playback, or play a favourite playlist.

Answering the call

To answer an incoming call, just double-tap the earpiece in your ear. The same action will end the call.


To charge the headphones, use the case from the kit. You need to put the headphones in the case, close it and leave it for a while. Inside the case, the headphones are turned off while charging. Due to the built-in battery the case will recharge the headphones. At the same time the case also needs to be recharged periodically using a proprietary cable or wireless charging Qi. The green glow of the foular indicator indicates that there is at least 80% charge.

One charge of the case is enough for about 5-6 full charges of the headphones. And one charge of the headphones is enough for 3-5 hours of use. If you use the headphones for several hours a day, the case will need to be charged about once a week.

The case will fully charge in about 2 hours, and the headphones will fully charge in about 15 minutes.

Checking the charge

To find out the remaining charge of the Airpods and the case on your iPhone smartphone, simply bring the case to your mobile device and open the lid. After a few seconds, the screen will display the remaining battery capacity. In addition you can see the battery capacity via the “Battery” widget. This method works only if you have one or both headphones in the case.

If the battery capacity is low, the smartphone will display notification of 20, 10, and 5% of the remaining capacity. If the headphones are placed in your ears, you will hear a single beep at 10% and a double beep at 5%.

On Android smartphones and tablets, you can only check the remaining capacity by using third-party apps such as AirBattery or AndroPods.

On the MAC computer, to view the remaining charge, you need to open the headphone case. Then open the Bluetooth section in the menu bar, and then highlight AirPods.

You can pair AirPods with your phone by opening the case, holding it close to the phone, and following the connection instructions.

If the connection message doesn’t appear, press and hold the button on the back of the case for five seconds.

To find the customization options, tap the “i” icon to the right of the AirPods in Bluetooth settings.



This article describes in detail how to use the AirPods headphones. Apple developed AirPods primarily for use with iPhone and other Apple products, so most of the features with other devices are not available. In particular, when connected to Android it is not possible to check the charge or switch tracks. To do this, you will need to use third-party apps for android.

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