How to Use SuperSU App?

how to use superuser

by Alex Gustman

Updated: December 24, 2021

Obtaining root access is only half the battle, it is important to know how to properly use superuser privileges. Because there are many questionable applications, including viruses and trojans, which will use open root access without your permission or knowledge. Therefore, to control and manage root access, you should use the SuperSU app. Below you will learn how to use SuperSU.

Why do I need SuperSU?

The SuperSU app is designed to control apps that use root access; for this purpose the utility has a tab “Logs”, which displays statistics on the use of root access, by different apps on your phone. The SuperSU app allows you to grant or deny root access to any app on your phone, either permanently or temporarily.

SuperSU also has an additional protection built-in. It automatically rejects requests for root access from apps when the system starts up. In addition, the dialog window requesting root access will not appear if another application is running on top of it and intercepts the request. Both functions work if activated in the settings by the owner of the device.

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How does SuperSU work?

After installing SuperSU on your smartphone, tablet or other Android device, the application analyzes and intercepts requests made by different applications on your phone to grant them superuser privileges.

The moment any application makes a request for root access, the corresponding dialog box appears on the screen, informing the user about the request for root access.

If SuperSU is not installed on your device, root access is given automatically to every application that requests it, but with SuperSU, the user decides for himself whether to allow or deny root access to this or that application, and only this time or permanently.

After going to SuperSU, the APPS tab displays a window granting root access. By default, a 15-second delay is enabled.

This is usually enough time for you to decide whether or not to grant root access. If you choose the “only this time” option, then the application will only be granted root access once, and the next time it is run, it will no longer be available.

For permanent root access, select the appropriate option. This way you will not be asked to give root each time you start the app. The action can be canceled at any time by selecting the program and denying permanent root access.

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How do I install SuperSU?

There are two installation options:

  • Install it like a normal application.
  • Flash it in recovery.

In the first option, you will need to download the app to your device, and then install according to the instruction “How to install the app on android”. Or simply download it from the Google Play store.

In the second option, you will need to reboot to recovery mode, and then flash via TWRP or CWM.

The first option is simpler, which is suitable for beginners or inexperienced users. The second option provides better integration into the system. Because the installer will automatically detect the OS version and the preferred folder.

Where can I download SuperSU?

We recommend that you download SuperSU from our resource. Because the available version was created by the developer Chainfire, which deserves respect and trust among users. If necessary, read the article on how to install the app on android.

The SuperSU app available on Google Play, with version 2.82, is owned by the unknown company Coding Code Mobile Technology LLC, which bought the rights to use SuperSU, presumably in 2017.

Although the company is registered under an American address, the origin of Coding Code is Chinese. The company’s location, owners, and purpose are not known.

And since the source code of SuperSU is not known to the public, experienced users are in no hurry to install the program, starting with version 2.80. In addition, the application is paid on Google Play.


We strongly recommend that you install the SuperSU app if your phone is rooted.

Because with the uncontrolled granting of superuser privileges, the owner risks losing personal data or money.

It is also recommended to use verified builds of SuperSU up to version 2.80.

If you have used SuperSU, tell us about your experiences in the comments. If you prefer to use an alternative program, which one?

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