Hydrogel screen protector

In addition to conventional protective films and tempered glass, hydrogel films have also appeared on the market. The hydrogel screen protector has some new properties. In this article, you will learn what a hydrogel film is, its protective characteristics compared to conventional protective films and tempered glass.

What is a hydrogel film?

A hydrogel screen protector is made of a polymer capable of absorbing moisture. In appearance and haptic sensations, the hydrogel film resembles a glossy PET film. The hydrogel film transmits light well, so the image remains bright, saturated, and wide viewing angles. But the glossy surface reflects well the bright light from the sun and the lamps, resulting in glare.

The hydrogel film contains an oleophobic coating so that fingerprints and fat stains on the screen are less visible and easier to remove with a dry rag. The quality of the oleophobic coating depends on the manufacturer of the screen protector. For example, cheap protect glasses have low quality oleophobic coating, so you have to buy additional oleophobic liquid and apply it over protective glass.

Hydrogel film does not interfere with the ultrasonic fingerprint scanner due to the small thickness of the hydrogel film in a few tens of microns.

Features of Hydrogel Screen Protector

It is worth highlighting two key features:

  • Self-recovery.
  • Automatic removal of air bubbles.

If several air bubbles appear under the hydrogel film during installation, after a while, the air bubbles will be removed by themselves, and the film will lie tightly against the screen module glass. This may take up to three days. When installing a normal protective film, you may have a question about how to get rid of air bubbles.

The polymer base in the composition gives the protective material the property to tighten small scratches after a certain time, usually 1-2 days. Deep scratches are also tightened but are not 100% repaired.

Protective properties of the hydrogel film

The wear resistance of hydrogel film is not much better than that of ordinary glossy films. Hardness on the Mohs scale is no more than 3-4 units, and cheap variants have even less, about 1-2 units.

The strength of the hydrogel film does not reach the hardened glass level. Therefore, when the phone strikes or falls, the film does not dampen the mechanical energy of the impact and all it passes to the screen module glass.


The hydrogel film does not provide much protection for your smartphone, so if squeezed or hit, the touch screen of your smartphone may crack. But the hydrogel film is not useless, as it protects the screen from scratches. The self-recovery property of the hydrogel film will extend its life, and removing air bubbles without your involvement eliminates the fear of improper installation. Also, the hydrogel film is suitable for smartphones with a built-in fingerprint scanner.