I Forgot My Phone Password, How Do I Unlock a Phone?

forgot my phone password

by Alex Gustman

Updated: April 16, 2021

By setting a password on your phone, you increase security and reduce the risk of your data leakage. But what if you forgot your phone password, and now you can’t access your data or even make a call? Keep your peace of mind; even if you forgot your phone password, there are several ways to get around your password and access your device and personal data.

Here we will consider several ways to unlock your Android phone and also several ways to unlock your iPhone. 

We consider it necessary to warn you not to access someone else’s device if its owner hasn’t given you his permission. 

Way to unlock an Android phone

There are quite a few ways to unlock your Android phone when you’re not able to remember your password. A few of them are:

  • Android Device Manager (as long as it’s enabled)
  • Google’s Find My Device feature
  • Forgot Pattern feature

Way #1: Android Device Manager

 The Android Device Manager can be used to get past a forgotten password as long as it’s enabled, as mentioned above. Go to google.com/android/devicemanager and sign in. Select the device you’re trying to unlock, which is your phone. Click ‘lock,’ ‘enter temporary password,’ and then ‘lock’ again. This will allow you to enter the temporary password on your phone, and it’ll be unlocked.

Way #2: Find My Device

 If Android Device Manager happens to not be enabled, Google’s Find My Device can be used instead. Go to the Find My Device website and sign into your Google account. If you have a second Android device, there’s an app that you can install. Select your locked phone and click ‘erase’ to reset your phone to factory settings and erase the password from the lock screen. 

Way #3: Forgot Pattern feature

 Android phones include the option to swipe a pattern rather than enter a four-digit code. After five incorrect password attempts, your phone will lock for thirty seconds. The Forgot Pattern option will appear and take you to enter your Google account details. From there, you’ll enter a new pattern, which will be the new password.

Ways to unlock an iPhone

 For those of you who are iPhone users, here are some ways to get past a forgotten password.

  1. Reset the passcode with iTunes
  2. ICloud’s Find My iPhone
  3. Recovery Mode

Way #1: Reset with iTunes

 As long as you have previously synced your phone to a computer, you can get back into your phone with iTunes. Connect your phone to your computer and sync it to iTunes if it doesn’t do it automatically. Restore your iPhone and then restore the backup. You’ll be able to set a new passcode.

Way #2: Find My iPhone through iCloud

 As long as the feature is enabled, you can go to ICloud’s website and log into your Apple account. Find your phone under All Devices and erase it. You can now use the Setup Assistant to restore the most recent backup. 

Way #3: Recovery Mode

 If your phone has previously never been synced with iTunes and Find My iPhone isn’t enabled, you’ll have to go with recovery mode. This is typically a last resort solution. Turn your phone off, then hold down the home button while connecting your phone to iTunes. Your phone will enter recovery mode and be restored back to factory settings. 

Getting Back into Your Phone

These are a few of several methods of getting back into your locked phone. If you happen to forget the unlock code you set, don’t panic. You won’t be locked out of your phone forever (or until you suddenly remember the unlock code).

Whether your smartphone is an iPhone or Android, there are a handful of methods to getting back into your phone and setting a new unlock code. Should you lock yourself out of your phone again, it might be a good idea to write your password down somewhere safe. Keeping notes of whatever method you used above may also be a good idea.

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