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by Alex Gustman

Updated: December 9, 2021

You need to replace the connector or the plug micro USB and you want to know what pinout of the micro USB connector? In this article, you will find a pinout diagram to help you connect the necessary wires in the right order.

Micro USB connector pinout

The micro USB connector has five pins: Two are used for charging, two for data transfer, the last contact is used only for certain tasks, such as OTG.

board mount connector


To transmit power, it is sufficient to connect line 1 and line 5. Line 1 is responsible for power transfer, the wire color is red. Line 5 is ground with a black wire. A cable with this connection will only allow you to recharge your mobile device, which is fine when using a wireless charger, wall charger or UMB.

Data transfer

In addition to lines 1 and 5, lines 2 and 3 need to be connected for data transfer. The wire of line 2 is white, and the wire of line 3 is green. The connection of the four lines will allow charging the mobile device as well as transmitting data, e.g. when connecting to a computer.


USB stands On-The-Go. The purpose of the OTG function is to connect external devices to your phone: keyboard, printer, joystick, mouse, etc. To connect accessories to your smartphone via OTG, you must use all 5 lines. The order of connection does not change, except for line 4, which connects to line 5 – ground.

connector for otg

What do pink and white wires mean?

The pink and white wires are often responsible for data transmission. A combination of white and green is usually used. And the difference in colors is usually due to a lack of wire in a suitable color, or the wire in a different color is cheaper than the standard color.

How many pins does USB 2.0 have?

USB 2.0 Usually has 4 pins. 2 pins are used for data transfer and 2 pins for power. Some connector types contain additional fifth contact. The extra contact is rarely used, e.g. for video transmission or for device recovery and firmware.

What is the difference between 2 wire and 4 wire?

The more wires, the more possibilities such a cable offers. For example, more power phases or 2 power phases and earthing. In a USB cable, 2 wires only provide power. With four wires, such a cable allows you to transfer data and power the connected device.

Why does micro USB have 5 pins?

The USB connector was designed with five pins. Usually, only 2 or 4 pins are used. Some manufacturers use the 5th pin for video transmission or other tasks.


Which USB pin is power?

The power contact is the pin with the red wire connected.

How many pins does USB 3.0 have?

There are a total of 9 pins in USB-A, of which 4 are standard pins and 5 additional pins.

What is D+ and D in USB?

D+ and D- are used for data transmission.

Does neutral wire have power?

No, it does not. Such a wire is used to short-circuit a circuit. However, it must not be touched with unprotected hands to avoid electric shock.

What color is neutral wire?

Such wire is usually blue-insulated.

How do you wire a 4 wire light?

It is necessary to connect each wire of the light to the appropriate connector according to the color markings.

How do you rewire a USB plug?

You need to re-solder the wires or crimp them in the right order.

How do I wire a USB to power only?

It is enough to use 2 lines in the cable – plus and minus, red and black wire.

How do I connect two small electrical wires?

The best option is to crimp or solder together. Twisted cable is unreliable, and also short-lived.

What Color wire goes to L and N?

“L” line, usually brown or red. “N” line is zero, a blue or black wire.

Does red wire go to white or black?

The red wire is usually paired with the black wire.

Can black and red wires go together?

There is always a black wire and a red wire in the same cable. Both wires are connected to different connectors. Connecting the wires to each other is not allowed as it will result in a short circuit.

What wires are positive and negative on a micro USB?

The red wire is positive and the black wire is negative.


This article describes the pinout of the micro USB connector in detail. The presented diagrams will help you to connect the wires in the right order, which will allow you to rebuild or assemble a new cable, or make a quality OTG adapter.

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