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Updated: March 11, 2022

Many users prefer вести дневники or journals describing emotional experiences, significant moments in life, or events from dreams. This article will help you choose the best Android diary app.

Daybook – Diary, Journal, Note

  • Main features: grouping records by day, speech-to-text conversion, synchronization of records, desktop or web version support.
  • Pricing: free with limited functionality.
  • Android version required: 5.0.
  • Installation space required: 28 Mb.
  • RAM usage: 171 Mb.
  • Application version: 5.57.0.
  • Latest update: December 23, 2021.

Daybook allows you to enter a text-based personal diary, journal, or notes. The app is multi-purpose. It is suitable for recording various ideas and reminding you of the events you have lived through.

Previously added entries are located on the home page. All records are sorted by date and are easily found in the “calendar” tab for easy retrieval. The calendar also allows you to select a specific day to add an entry retrospectively.

The date and time of creation are automatically assigned to each created record. If necessary, the date and time and the text of the recording can be changed. For typing the text, the keyboard or voice input is available. When voice input is activated, the application recognizes the user’s spoken speech and converts it to text with punctuation marks. And users who bought the app or subscribed to it can use stylus handwriting. You can also add images, assign labels, and print your recording.

Daybook supports syncing records to work on other devices. There is an ability to work on a desktop or online as well as a connection to Google and Amazon voice assistants.

The settings are a reminder function to add an entry, select font type, and size, change the layout and set a password for the application.

The application is free and does not contain ads. Some features are not available in the basic version and require a subscription or purchase of the application. Daybook costs 94 USD. An annual subscription is 25 USD, a monthly subscription is 3.5 USD.

Daybook - Diary, Journal, Note

Key benefits:

  • Keyboard note typing, handwriting, and speech-to-text conversion.
  • Grouping notes by date, ability to add labels.
  • Synchronization between multiple devices.
  • Setting a password for login.
  • Ability to work in desktop or web version.

Main disadvantages:

  • Some features require account registration to access.
  • Some features are not available without a subscription or purchase of the app.
  • Not available to add voice memo files.
  • Only English localization is available.


Daybook is a handy app for taking notes, journals, or a diary. Typing and speech-to-text are available for note-taking. Searching and sorting by day in the calendar will help you find the necessary note. The basic version does not contain ads and provides sufficient functionality. To expand the features, you will need to register an account or buy a paid version of the application.

Download Daybook – Diary, Journal, Note from Google Play

Daylio – Journal, Diary, and Mood Tracker

  • Main features: grouping records by day, usage statistics, visualization of mood and achieved goals, backing up records to the cloud, exporting records to a file.
  • Pricing: free with ads and limited functionality. Subscription costs 2.82 USD per month or 21.14 USD per year. Free on Google Play Pass.
  • Android version required: 5.0.
  • Installation space required: 45 Mb.
  • RAM usage: 258 Mb.
  • Application version: 1.44.1.
  • Latest update: January 11, 2022.

Daylio allows you to capture and track the user’s mood. Each added event is assigned a mood score on a 5-point scale. The app also notes activities completed and goals achieved. You can also add a text note and attach photos or other images.

Completed activities and goals are selected from a basic set of groups and categories. If desired, the user can change the group and classes or create new classes and select the appropriate icon.

All user activity is accounted for and displayed on the “statistics” tab: mood graph, achieved achievements, accomplished goals, and activity counter for a specific period – day, week, month, or year.

On the calendar tab, you can view your mood changes, activities completed or goals set for a particular month, and you can also view your record history for a day.

Settings and options for the application are available in the “more” tab. The user can use the setting of reminders, view the received achievements, set a password to log in, select a color palette of icons and regional settings. There is also an export of records to a PDF file with the possibility of printing and backing up records to the cloud storage Google Drive.

Settings and options for the application are available in the “more” tab. USD per month or 21.14 USD per year. A subscription gives you access to export records, automatic backups, unlimited moods, and goals. The app is free on Google Play Pass.

Daylio - Journal, Diary, and Mood Tracker

Key benefits:

  • Fixing and tracking moods.
  • Visualization of events.
  • Detailed statistics for a certain period.
  • Backup to the cloud.
  • Exporting records to a file.

Main disadvantages:

  • Some features do not work without a paid subscription.


In Daylio, you can store various thoughts and notes and visualize changes in your mood and the achievement of your goals. You can also track your results and view detailed statistics. At the same time, the basic version contains various functional limitations that require a subscription for full use.

Download Daylio – Journal, Diary, and Mood Tracker from Google Play

Diaro – Diary, Journal, Mood Tracker with Lock

  • Main features: sorting and grouping notes, converting voice to text, printing recordings, synchronization, export to file, working with recordings on PC.
  • Pricing: free with ads and limited functionality. Subscription: 3 USD for a month, 6 USD for a quarter and 10.57 USD for a year. Free on Google Play Pass.
  • Android version required: 5.0.
  • Installation space required: 58 Mb.
  • RAM usage: 307 Mb.
  • Application version: 3.91.2.
  • Latest update: December 30, 2021.

Diaro is designed to keep text diaries, store ideas and notes. The user can type with the keyboard and convert speech to text. Printing the record via a printer, indicating the weather at the moment of record creation, adding images, photos, and collages, working with notes via PC after creating an account is supported.

For each recording, you can link to the current location, select a folder, set a label, and set the current mood. All of the above allows you to better sort your recordings and makes them easier to find. In addition, each geo-tag is automatically marked on the “map” tab, and all added images are grouped on the “album” tab. A report on the number of entries added per day, the words typed in the entries, and the overall mood is displayed in the “stats” tab.

The settings allow you to set your preferred color scheme, activate the application lock and specify regional settings. Settings are available to synchronize and export notes to a file.

The basic version contains ads and some limitations in functionality. To access all features, you need to pay for a subscription: 3 USD for a month, 6 USD for a quarter, and 10.57 USD for a year. Free on Google Play Pass.

Diaro - Diary, Journal, Mood Tracker with Lock

Main advantages:

  • Sorting records by tag, location, mood, and date.
  • Availability of statistics.
  • Ability to work with the application via PC.
  • Setting the color scheme.
  • Synchronization and export of records.
  • Login lock.
  • Conversion of speech into text.
  • Mood recording and tracking.
  • Ergonomic interface.

Main disadvantages:

  • Presence of ads in the basic version.
  • Some features are not available.
  • High consumption of RAM.


Diaro is an optimal option for users who add dozens of records every day, thanks to different ways of sorting and grouping records. The application has an ergonomic and visually pleasing interface with custom color schemes. At the same time, some of the features are not available in the basic version without a subscription, in particular, exporting records to a file and synchronization with the cloud. Diaro also has the highest memory consumption among similar applications in this selection.

Download Diaro – Diary, Journal, Mood Tracker with Lock from Google Play


In this article, you will find the best diary app for Android. The presented applications are suitable for short notes and ideas and for accommodating a detailed description of the events experienced during the day. If you search for apps only for short notes, pay attention to the specialized apps from the article “Best apps for notes on Android.” Usually, note-taking apps work best for adding short notes and support attaching audio and video files.

Do you use diary apps? Write in the comments which apps you prefer.

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