Types of Memory Cards

types of memory cards

by Alex Gustman

Updated: April 14, 2021

Memory cards are the most compact removable media that are used in various mobile and desktop electronics. This article will let you know about the existing types of memory cards, which will simplify the search and selection of current drives.


The most compact type of memory cards is 11×15 mm, so the use of microSD cards is widely used in mobile electronics: phones, smartphones, tablets, DVRs, IP cameras, photo and video cameras.

And the installation in SD and other adapters allows you to expand the scope of microSD cards.     

MicroSD card.


SD cards are the first removable storage devices. In comparison with microSD, the physical dimensions are 4 times higher, 24×32 mm. But there is a switch to block writing data to the drive.

SD card

Due to its large size, the use of SD cards is limited to some digital photo and video cameras. At the same time, the drives are actively produced, albeit on a smaller scale in comparison with microSD.

SD card in the form of an adapter for micro SD
SD card in the form of an adapter for micro SD.

Compact Flash

CompactFlash cards, or CF for short, are the largest type of removable storage, 42×36 mm. Due to the high bandwidth, the media is popular in professional photo and video cards. CompactFlash cards also have a long service life due to the use of MLC flash memory chips.

Compact Flash


Further development of CompactFlash. Cards are characterized by the highest throughput and price in comparison with other types, so they are actively used for serial shooting and recording 4K video, in photo and video technology. The base also uses MLC memory, which has a positive effect on the service life.

Which class of SD card is best?

The class of the card corresponds to the task to be performed. For video recording – VSC, for application startup – APC, for cyclic data overwriting – Endurance or High Endurance. The most optimal card for various tasks with speed class C10.

What class of SD card is best to use?

For normal applications, a card with speed class C10 is fine. Endurance or High Endurance class for video recorders or surveillance cameras where you need to regularly re-record data. VSC class is suitable for high resolution or quality video recording in video cameras or cameras. The APC class is suitable for installing and running applications.


What is SD mean?

This is Secure Digital. A non-volatile memory card developed by the SD Card Association (SDA) for use in portable devices and popular storage media.

What are the best memory cards for digital cameras?

CFast or MicroSD cards with a writing speed of 90 MB or faster.

Which type of memory card is best for mobile?

MicroSD cards.

Which is better SDHC or SDXC?

SDXC is better.

How many types of memory cards are there?

The seven most current and commercially available types: microSD, SD, CFast, CompactFlash, CFexpress Type A, CFexpress Type B, XQD.

Do all SD cards fit all phones?

If your smartphone supports MicroSDXC cards, any card is fine. If your phone supports MicroSDHC cards, any card up to 64GB is fine. If your phone does not support MicroSDHC, any card with a maximum capacity of 2GB is fine.

Are all SD cards the same?

SD cards have the same dimensions and pins for connecting to the device. Materials, memory type, data transfer rate, life span and other qualities are different.

Which is better SDHC or SDXC?

SDXC is better. The capacity of such cards can be up to 2 TB. Most smartphones and other electronics support the SDXC standard.

What is the fastest SDXC card?

The SanDisk Extreme Pro is one of the fastest cards, with a claimed data transfer rate of up to 170 MB.

What is the difference between SDXC and SDHC?

The difference is in the amount of supported memory. SDHC and MicroSDHC are 4-32 GB drives. SDXC, MicroSDXC are 64 GB to 2000 GB drives.

Is UHS 1 the same as Class 10?

No. For Class 10, the minimum write speed is 10 MB. UHS is a standard with an increased data transfer rate. The minimum write speed for class U1 is 10 MB, the actual speed in some cards reaches 15-25 MB.

How long do memory cards last?

10 years or more, provided the data is not overwritten often.

Why are SD cards so cheap?

High demand and distribution contribute to the affordable price. In addition, SD and MicroSD cards have been in production for more than 15 years.

Which memory card is the best SanDisk or Samsung?

Both manufacturers produce quality drives. SanDisk has been on the market longer and has more experience.

Are CF cards better than SD?

They are roughly the same. SD cards are a wide choice with different parameters, which allows you to choose a fast and wear-resistant drive, just like CF.

How many types of flash memory are there?

There are currently five types. SLC – one bit per cell, MLC – two bits per cell, TLC – three bits per cell, QLC – four bits per cell, PLC – five bits. The more bits that fit in one cell, the slower the memory and the lower the resource. At the same time, the more bits that fit in one cell, the cheaper the production of such memory.

What type of storage is flash memory?

Floating gate transistor cells are used to store data. Each cell stores 1-5 bits of information. Accordingly, one chip contains millions of cells.


The article contains current types of memory cards. Among the presented drives, the leading position is occupied by microSD. Due to its compact size, bandwidth comparable to CFast cards, as well as variations with MLC memory, microSD cards are considered the most promising and relevant. In addition, such cards win at price. And in combination with various adapters, they are suitable for use in any electronics.

What types of cards do you use? Leave feedback in the comments below the article.

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