What causes ink on phone screen?

What causes ink on phone screen

Updated: September 17, 2023

Some owners experience the unpleasant effect of ink on the screen after damaging their phone. The problem appears in the form of black circles similar to ink spots or flashing pixels on the screen. From the article you will learn what causes the appearance of ink on the phone screen and how to remove ink from the phone screen.

Why does ink appear on the phone screen?

The ink effect is caused by damage to the phone screen or the components responsible for the screen. Such damage falls into two categories:

  • External damage to the screen or phone.
  • Internal damage to the screen or phone.

External damage includes external breakages on the phone screen or part of the case adjacent to the screen. This could be a crack on the screen or a chip on the end of the case. The result of such damage is breakage of the screen matrix. A black spot, different coloured stripes or flashing pixels may appear near the damage. In some cases, only the screen matrix fails without visible external damage.

Internal damage only affects the components that are responsible for the screen. These components include: connectors connecting the screen to the phone motherboard, the phone motherboard, the screen cable, transistors and microchips inside the screen or on the motherboard. A characteristic sign of internal damage is flashing pixels on the screen. To identify the exact cause, you need to diagnose all the components of the phone. Since the problem may not be in the screen module, but in the power driver.

Based on personal experience, it can be noted that in most cases, the ink effect occurs due to a strong impact on the screen or due to the phone falling to the ground. For example, if the user accidentally sat on the phone, dropped the phone from his pocket or dropped something heavy on the phone. In this case, the case deformation and physical damage to the screen matrix occurs. Strong vibration can also cause breakage. Vibration leads to soldering damage of SMD components, cracks in microchips and fracture of conductive lines of printed circuit boards (PCB). In rare cases, the ink effect can occur due to a short circuit after the phone has come into contact with water or if a poor quality charger is used for a long time.

Black spots are commonly found on phones with amoled screens.
Black spots are commonly found on phones with amoled screens.

How to remove ink from inside phone screen?

Only phone repair will help to remove ink from the screen. It is necessary to carry out diagnostics and identify the cause of the problem. And since it is more expedient to repair the phone by replacing the damaged module, in most cases you will have to replace the entire screen module, if the cause of the problem in the screen. Complex replacement of the damaged module will allow to exclude additional malfunctions, which have arisen together with the effect of ink on the screen.

However, 100% replacement of the screen module will only be required for visible defects. Such defects include:

  • Black circles on the screen.
  • Cracked or damaged areas of the screen matrix.
  • Severe pixel flickering.
  • Coloured stripes across the screen.
  • Spots of different colours.

In some cases, the presence of only flashing pixels and coloured stripes on the whole screen may indicate a failure of another component. I have personally encountered this problem on different devices. The problem was solved by replacing the screen connection connector. Sometimes the problem occurs in a broken cable. It is not possible to repair or replace a broken cable at home. In most cases, the loop is an integral part of the screen module, so the repair can only be performed by the manufacturer or a service centre with suitable equipment.


The ink effect is caused by damage to the screen or internal components of the phone. The damage may involve elements of the screen module or the motherboard. If black circles appear on the screen, the screen matrix is cracked or part of the matrix is broken, then the screen module will need to be replaced completely. Flashing pixels or stripes of different colours often indicate damage at the connection point or a broken cable. In any case, to accurately identify the cause you will need to contact a specialist, because it is impossible to diagnose and repair such a problem at home.


How to stop ink from spreading in phone screen?

The only way to stop ink from spreading in phone screen is to repair the phone. You will need to contact a specialist due to the complexity of diagnosing and repairing such a problem, as replacing an intact screen module may not solve the problem.

Why is my phone screen showing ink?

The ink on the screen is showing due to damage to the phone. A hard blow to the screen, dropping the phone from a great height or strong vibration can cause some damage and lead to the ink effect.

How do I fix the purple ink on my phone screen?

It is necessary to perform diagnostics and identify the cause of the purple ink. The problem may be caused by a broken screen module or motherboard. In any case, you will have to contact the specialists of the service centre.

How much does it cost to fix a bleeding phone screen?

The cost of repair is influenced by the type and number of faults. If the problem is in the screen, then the service centre specialists will offer to replace the entire screen module. The cost of repair in this case will include the price of the screen module, the master’s work and possibly shipping costs. If the problem is caused by a broken driver, chip, connector, then the cost of repair will cost less.

Is screen bleeding bad?

The presence of artefacts on the screen is a clear sign of a broken phone. Ignoring the breakage can lead to deterioration of the technical condition of the phone. So it’s worth getting your phone repaired before more faults occur.

How do I know if my phone LCD is broken?

Typical damage to the phone screen is cracks and physical damage to part of the screen matrix. A cracked screen matrix does not show the image completely or partially. Black circles and spots on the screen are also a sign of screen damage.

Can water cause screen bleeding?

Water does not cause screen bleeding. However, water can cause short circuits and oxides on the motherboard where power flows. This can damage microchips and cause screen bleeding.

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