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by Alex Gustman

Updated: August 13, 2021

For a competent distribution of funds, it is necessary to form a monthly budget taking into account income and expenses. The apps collected in the article will help you automatically calculate all transactions and identify the most expended budget items. In this article you will find a review of the three best expense tracking apps for android.

Google Pay

The app is a service for paying for goods at retail outlets and on the Internet. The user also has access to information about recent purchases and a list of nearby stores.

System requirements

  • The Android version is 5.0+ without root.
  • It requires space of 41 MB on the internal memory.
  • To pay via the terminal, you must have a serviceable NFC module.

Google Pay is a common system for contactless payment via a terminal and on the Internet. For the service to work, you shall enter at least one credit or debit card of the bank. The app also allows you to store and use gift cards, loyalty cards and transport.

To account for costs, there is the Transactions section, where information about recent purchases and other costs is collected. At the same time, the app does not have the ability to set a reminder about the payment of services, as well as comprehensive information about total costs for a month or another period.

Google Pay

Main Advantages

  • Contactless payment at any point of sale via a terminal.
  • Support for payment on the Internet and in applications.
  • The history of recent expenses.
  • The ability to store various bonus cards and loyalty cards.
  • Display of the nearest retail outlets.

Main Disadvantages

  • For full-fledged operation, an NFC module is required in the phone. Without NFC, only payment on the Internet and in applications works.
  • Poor cost statistics

Final Score

Google Pay is primarily a system for convenient contactless payments, online payments and apps. The app allows you to reduce the use of cash, as well as cargo in the form of an abundance of bonus and savings cards. At the same time, the app does not allow you to monitor expenses in detail, remind you about payments for services and services, but only view recent expenses.

Download Google Pay from Google Play

TimelyBills Invoice Reminder, Budget Planner and Expense Counter

The app allows you to track income and expenses, receive reminders about upcoming bills, monitor the budget and manage family money.

System requirements

  • The Android version is 5.0+.
  • It requires space of 43 MB on the internal memory.

The app helps to systematize personal or family income and expenses. For each financial transaction, you can specify the amount, general category and clarifying subcategory, account, date and note and also the possibility of attaching a photo of a receipt or receipt. All operations are grouped into the appropriate categories for easy viewing of statistics for the selected period.

The invoices tab allows you to set an upcoming, overdue or recurring payment. For manual payment, a reminder is provided for several days or up to a month. All accounts are synchronized with Google or Outlook.

The budget tab allows you to create a budget for a certain period to control the money spent. The option of transferring the remaining money to the next month is also available.

There are almost no settings in the application. Of the useful things, it is worth noting the possibility of syncing the account with Google for the possibility of restoring the account on another device. For security reasons, access to the app is possible by entering a PIN code or unlocking it through a fingerprint scanner.


Main Advantages

  • Convenient tracking of personal or family expenses and income
  • Statistics and infographics based on the specified data
  • Reminder of upcoming or other payments
  • Create and manage a budget
  • Data synchronization
  • Protect the app with a password or a fingerprint scanner

Main Disadvantages

  • Some features are not available in the free version of the app.
  • To upgrade to the PRO version of the app, you need to sign up for a subscription that is updated every 6 or 12 months.

Final Score

The TimelyBills app is a powerful tool for systematization, tracking, as well as managing income and expenses. The app will remind you in advance about paying the bill, as well as allow you to find out significant expenses to improve your personal or family budget. However, some features of the apps are not available in the basic version and require a 6 or 12 month subscription.

Download TimelyBills from Google Play

EveryDollar: Budget Planner & Expense Tracker Tool

The EveryDollar app helps to form, as well as adjust the budget in accordance with incoming revenues and expenses.

System requirements

  • The Android version is 5.0+.
  • It requires space of 41 MB on the internal memory.

The EveryDollar app offers to create a budget based on planned and fixed costs. Before using the application, you need to set a budget from one or more accounts. Next, you shall set the planned costs for housing, car, communication, relationships and entertainment. The remaining budget for the current month will be displayed at the top of the application. If necessary, the planned costs are adjusted in accordance with the actual costs.

To adjust the budget, there is a button in the lower left corner for adding income or expenses, indicating the type of transaction. And in the lower right corner there is a button to view a list of all transactions for the current month.

There are no settings in the app, and the basic version of the app is available for free. When switching to the PRO version at a cost of $ 130 per year, access to automatic accounting of bank transactions opens. And there are also lessons available for dealing with financial issues. 


Main Advantages

  • Easy navigation in the application, nothing superfluous.
  • The ability to create a budget for each month with an indication of various expenses and income.
  • Quickly add, view income and expenses.

Main Disadvantages

  • Some of the features are not available in the basic version of the application.
  • High cost of an annual subscription.
  • There is no trial period to get acquainted with all the features of the application.

Final Score

EveryDollar is a convenient and functional app for forming a budget. It is enough to set the planned costs, and then make changes in accordance with the current costs or revenues. There is no aggressive advertising in the application, and for automatic transactions through a bank account, you will need to subscribe for $130 per year.

Download EveryDollar from Google Play


In the article you will find the best app for accounting expenses on Android. The collected apps will help you create a personal or family budget, control expenses and income, as well as find out the most expensive budget items. The apps will help you form useful financial habits and learn how to save money.

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