What Is The Best Phone Case?

what's the best phone case.

by Alex Gustman

Updated: July 7, 2021

One of the most common accessories for smartphones is covers. The very first products on the market could guard the device against scratches and dirt only. However, there are various types of protective cases available nowadays, and it is easy to get lost among a vast variety of options. Let’s have a closer look at them and try to understand the best choice for you.  

Case types

Smartphones have become an undetachable part of us really fast. Thus, the portable device accessories market has also been growing rapidly. Manufacturers all around the world release new products daily, trying to match the releases of new models. However, there are some conventional case types:

Rugged case – bulky-looking, heavy ones. They hide all the corners and edges – most dangerous spots on the phone’s body. So-called “lip” sticking out over the display provides certain assurance for face-down falls. Inner air pockets protect against impacts, sufficiently increasing the device size. The phone might become harder to use “thanks” to the buttons hidden below the cover surface.

durable protective case

Tough case – smaller, more stylish alternatives. The soft silicone layer is typically covered inside harder polycarbonate for the anti-shock effect.

hard case

Slim case – thin, transparent, or opaque case. They preserve the devices’ profiles and even allow showing their finish.

thin silicone case

Folio (or wallet) case – rich-looking covers made of leather or its artificial substitutes. They hide the display making it harder to scratch in a bag. It will also somewhat increase the phones’ size.

leather case bag

Battery case – heavy covers with additional power sources inside. These will increase the phone working time and, consequently, its weight. Such cases aren’t really meant protection enhancement.

Armband case – holders for workouts or running.

There are also waterproof bags meant to carry the device to the beaches and pools safely. However, these are not cases along with the belt holders.

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Choosing the best fit for you

In the world of mobile accessories, the dearer does not mean better for you. Decide the level of protection you are going for, depending on how you typically treat your device. It will be a good opportunity to save money if you do not need complete water protection or a built-in battery.

Price-wise, it is better to look at large marketplaces, such as Amazon or eBay. It is worth keeping an eye on special offers at the manufacturers’ websites. Consider the warranty question as well – though the products might be more expensive on the official page, the company producing the goods will cover you if it breaks.

If you are saving, consider reading independent users’ reviews in internet forums before committing to actual purchase. Be careful – you should be able to recognize promotional biased opinions and do not consider them.

Design is one of the most critical questions. It is hard to find a stylish, rugged case and impossible to buy a slim waterproof one. It would help if you decided what comes first in your case – look or protection level.

What are the most popular phone cases?

Unfortunately, there are no researches conducted to check the covers’ popularity for every particular smartphone brand. It will be next to impossible to do it, keeping in mind how many new products emerge every day. However, there is a popularity section on Amazon showing current best-sellers. Feel free to check the trendy models by following the link.

What is the best phone case brand?

There are so many articles available brand-wise that it is tough to tell genuine reviews from paid promotional materials. The general guideline here is to push aside overenthusiastic ones and consider diving into forums. However, the positive mentions are typically going to Spigen, OtterBox, Speck, Mophie, and many others.

This does not mean that there are no good cases among less promoted brands. Everyone should decide what is more important – the name on the cover or its price-value ratio.

Which phone case protects the best?

It is easy to guess that most-protected is the rugged bulky, heavy cases. However, they come with a number of downsides, such as size, weight, and look.

You might also find it more difficult to use the phone with the protection on. However, if there is no other option, go for it. Consider, though:

  • a dry bag might be a cheaper alternative for a rugged, waterproof case if you are a well-coordinated person and never drop your phone,
  • sturdy covers provide sufficient protection as well, eliminating most “rugged” downsides.
180 degree protection case

 You are the one to decide, though. If you went for a heavy, rugged product, carefully check:

  • if it was drop-tested,
  • its IP category,
  • its military-grade.

This will help to keep away from groundlessly overpriced products.

There are millions of cases available. Think of the features you need, check how much money you are ready to spend, read unbiased reviews, and don’t pay much attention to marketing materials. Perhaps, you do not need any cover at all? It is up to you to decide.

What brand of phone case is the best?

Otterbox Defender Series cases are excellent in terms of protective features. Otterbox Defender Series cases protect your phone from all sides. Vulnerable areas on the corners offer extra protection. And rimmed edges keep your screen intact when dropped on a flat surface. We could recommend them.


What is the most protective phone case material?

The most optimal is a composite that combines several types of materials: rubber, silicone, polyurethane, etc. The right manufacturing technology allows you to combine and get the benefits of several materials.

Who makes the toughest phone case?

There are many companies that make rugged cases. For example Otterbox, LifeProof NÜÜD, Urban Armor Gear, etc.

Which is better hard or soft phone case?

The choice of case and the preferred material from which the case is made depends on how you use your phone. For everyday use, it is better to use a soft cover. For travel and long journeys, a hard cover is better.

What is the most protective phone case in the world?

Metal cases with a circular protective, but such cases are available for several models of smartphones. Rugged enough and practical – Otterbox Defender Series cases.

Where can I buy good quality phone cases?

On various marketplaces like Amazon or in stores of well-known case manufacturers.

What cases are as good as Otterbox?

It’s worth considering gear4 and Griffin products.

Is otterbox better than other cases?

Other cases also have certain advantages. The gear4 products are visually appealing. At the same time, Otterbox cases take the leading position due to the optimal combination of protective properties and quality of materials.

Is Casetify or Otterbox better?

Otterbox cases are better if protection is important. If protective properties are not needed, and only the appearance is important, then Casetify is better.

Is Lifeproof case better than Otterbox?

The Lifeproof cases are interesting only with water protection. Otherwise the Otterbox looks better.

What phone cases do the military use?

For the needs of the army, cases for mobile devices are made to special order. For such covers, the aesthetic appearance is not important, only the protective properties are important. Military cases are not necessary for civilian use. Therefore, you can get by with Otterbox Defender Series cases.


Ever phone case has advantages and disadvantages. Which phone case is best? It depends on the more important phone case property for you: defense your phone, usability, or good looking.

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