What is The Best Weather Radar App for Android?

best weather radar

by Alex Gustman

Updated: March 7, 2022

Weather apps help you know the temperature beforehand and check the possibility of precipitation and other weather conditions. At the same time, most of such applications do not contain weather radar to track dangerous weather phenomena: heavy snowfall, storm, ice, hail, etc. This article will help you choose the best weather radar for Android with the ability to track weather conditions and notify of impending cataclysms.

Rainy Days Rain Radar

  • Main features: rain tracking.
  • Pricing: free with advertising. A paid plan without ads costs 3.5 USD.
  • Android version required: 5.0.
  • Installation space required: 62 Mb.
  • RAM usage: 405 Mb.
  • Application version: 3.1.5 (31107)
  • Latest update: April 24, 2020.

Rainy Days Rain Radar allows you to track the movement of rain clouds over the past two hours in 10-minute intervals. Therefore, the app comes in handy for predicting possible precipitation based on cloud movement.

Doppler radar and satellite data are used to display weather conditions. By default, Doppler observations are used and satellite data only for areas without radar. By combining both sources, the coverage area is expanded, and the high accuracy of the data display is achieved.

There are almost no settings in the application. Available is a choice of map type, animation speed, and display of physical buttons to zoom in.

The app is free, but includes unobtrusive ads. To disable ads, you must buy a paid plan for 3.5 USD.

Rainy Days Rain Radar

Main advantages:

– Interval rain tracking.

– Two sources for predicting weather conditions.

Main disadvantages:

– No useful settings.

– High RAM consumption.

– Low information value.

– No warnings about impending cataclysms.


Rainy Days Rain Radar does not have extensive functionality. Therefore, the application can be used as a supplement to a regular weather tracker without radar.

Download Rainy Days Rain Radar from Google Play

The Weather Channel

  • Main features: weather radar, weather forecast, air pollution analysis, seasonal portal, weather alerts.
  • Pricing: free with limited functionality and advertising. Premium features costs 28 USD per year and 4.7 USD per month.
  • Android version required: 5.0.
  • Installation space required: 124 Mb.
  • RAM usage: 414 Mb.
  • Application version: 10.43.0.
  • Latest update: April 24, 2020.

The Weather Channel contains an interactive map showing various weather conditions and precipitation. A radar report for the past two hours and a forecast for 24 hours are available to the user.

The map settings allow you to select a specific indicator for detailed viewing: clouds, temperature, lightning and radar, wind speed, snowfall forecast, driving difficulty index, etc. With the app, you can monitor tropical cyclones, thunderstorm hotspots, and air currents, as well as severe hurricanes on the map, floods, and water weather conditions.

Alerts notify you about changes in weather conditions. Besides, you will get daily rain and snow forecasts and a 48-hour weather forecast. With the News feature, you will know the weather in the region and receive a seasonal overview of the country and entertainment messages.

The application is downloaded for free but contains ads and restrictions on functionality. For example, the 24-hour radar does not work without a subscription. Also, the free version of The Weather Channel does not have lightning detection forecasts and airflow views. A one-year or one-month subscription at 28 or 4.7 USD is required to disable ads and restrictions, respectively.

The Weather Channel

Main advantages:

– Interactive weather radar with layer selection.

– Forecast with changing weather conditions for 24-48 hours.

– Alerts to changing weather and approaching cataclysms.

– View air temperature and pollution levels.

Main disadvantages:

– Ads.

– Some features are not available without a subscription.

– High consumption of RAM.


The Weather Channel is a helpful radar and weather app. An interactive map allows you to view the location of current and future precipitation, temperature changes, and weather conditions. And the emergency alert function will help you take measures in advance in case of weather deterioration and approaching cataclysms. However, the free version of the application doesn’t have some useful features. That is why you need to pay for a regular subscription.

Download The Weather Channel from Google Play


  • Main features: interactive radar, weather forecast
  • Pricing: free with advertising.
  • Android version required: 4.1.
  • Installation space required: 14 Mb.
  • RAM usage: 343 Mb.
  • Application version: 2.0.031.
  • Latest update: December 28, 2020.

WeatherRadarUSA is a US weather radar. That is why it is not suitable for users in other countries. The application uses NOAA NEXRAD data and updates a map automatically when new data is available.

The application enables you to know the hourly forecast of precipitation, temperature, humidity, and wind direction. Conveniently, the information can be displayed as a graph or table.

There are no settings. Among useful ones is the radar update interval: 5, 10, or 15 minutes.

The application is downloaded for free and contains unobtrusive advertising with no possibility to turn it off.


Main advantages:

– Interactive radar.

– Weather forecast.

– Ability to display information in the form of a graph and table.

Main disadvantages:

– Uncomfortable operation.

– No settings.

– Presence of ads.

– Radar only for the United States.

– No alerts on impending disasters.

WeatherRadarUSA is not user-friendly and displays weather conditions only in the United States. Therefore, the app is only suitable for US residents or guests intending to visit the country shortly.

Download WeatherRadarUSA from Google Play

Windy.com — Weather Radar, Satellite and Forecast

  • Main features: interactive radar with a wide range of types of displayed data, weather forecast, points of interest.
  • Pricing: free of charge.
  • Android version required: 7.0.
  • Installation space required: 42 Mb.
  • RAM usage: 245 Mb.
  • Application version: 33.0.5.
  • Latest update: October 18, 2021.

Windy is an interactive weather radar that displays 46 fully customizable weather maps: temperature, rain, wind direction, precipitation probability, current and tide, airborne pollutants and dust, pressure, etc. The developers of the application use data from the world and local weather agencies to obtain data on weather changes.

Selecting any point on the map displays a 6-day forecast with hourly analysis of temperature and precipitation. You can change the forecast model and compare data to other forecast models. You can also view the terrain from the nearest public cameras.

In the app, you can select points of interest and quickly find places for outdoor activities: hang gliding and kiting. The app displays the altitude or strength of the wind direction when selecting the intended recreational spot.

From the settings, a choice of units is available.

Windy is free to download and has no significant performance limitations. Switching to the premium service disables targeted ads in the app and provides increased accuracy of the displayed data. More forecast update time is reduced from three hours to one. The cost of premium usage is 29 USD per year for a one-time payment. If you sign up for an annual subscription, it’s 16.6 USD per year.

Weather Radar, Satellite and Forecast

Main advantages:

– Detailed interactive radar.

– 46 weather maps.

– Availability of points of interest.

– Use of world and local forecast models.

Main disadvantages:

– High subscription price.

– The presence of targeted advertising in the free version.

– No alerts on impending cataclysm.


Windy offers the most meaningful information about weather conditions. In the app, you can select and compare different forecast models to each other. Therefore, the app will appeal to travelers and outdoor enthusiasts. Moreover, Windy has no obtrusive ads.  Besides, the paid subscription is not obligatory because it mainly aims to shorten the update time of the weather conditions.

Download Windy.com – Weather Radar, Satellite and Forecast from Google Play


This article will help you choose the best weather radar for Android. The leader of the roundup is Windy due to providing meaningful information about weather conditions. The Weather Channel doesn’t even display half of the weather conditions available in Windy. Also, it has some limitations in the free version. At the same time, The Weather Channel provides notification of impending cataclysms. Other weather radars are not very informative. They can only work as a supplement to the main weather application.

Do you use the weather radar? Write the name of the application you use in the comments.

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