What is the Bluetooth?

what is bluetooth

by Alex Gustman

Updated: January 14, 2022

Bluetooth wireless technology is actively used to connect smarthphones with portable accessories and wireless headsets. From this article you will learn more about what Bluetooth is, what its functions are and how it is activated.

Bluetooth specification 4.2, 5.0, 5.2

Bluetooth is a type of wireless connection for exchanging information between PCs, laptops, smartphones, tablets, wireless headphones and other accessories. The effective range is on average up to 15 meters without barriers and up to 10 meters with barriers indoors.

The data transfer rate and cover range depend on the Bluetooth specification. At the moment, the most relevant specification 5.0-5.2, it has the best energy efficiency, security and data transfer rate.

Protocol 4.2 is less effective, it is found mainly in inexpensive or outdated mobile devices. The wireless module has a high power efficiency. Compared to Wi-Fi, it consumes 10 times less energy. At the same time, the data transfer rate does not exceed 1 Mbit/s for specification 4.2 and up to 2 Mbit/s for 5.0. Therefore, there are protocols for combining Bluetooth with Wi-Fi to speed up file exchange, which can theoretically increase the speed by up to 10 times. Also you can read about the Bluetooth profiles here.

Bluetooth functions

  • Listening to music using wireless headphones
  • Communicating through the mobile phone using wireless headphones or a headset
  • Connection of a portable speakers for playing audio
  • File transfer between smartphones, tablets, and computers
  • Sending notifications from a smartphone to a fitness bracelet or smart watch
  • Sending user activity from wearable accessories to a mobile device
  • Providing Internet access for a computer
  • Pairing with smart home devices
wireless headphones
Bluetooth headphones Motorola VerveLoop 200.

Activation method

The Bluetooth module is activated in two ways: with a switch on the case or in the settings menu.

  • Laptops and wireless headphones/headsets are usually equipped with Bluetooth on/off button. In the case of a laptop, all you have to do to turn on the button or switch, and then connect to the device in the settings.
  • In smartphones, tablets, wrist accessories and some laptops, Bluetooth is activated from the settings menu. Once enabled from the menu, pairing with visible devices is provided.
  • Bluetooth switch on button on wireless headphones: a short press activates the device, a long press & hold will turn on find a new device mode and pair with it.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Bluetooth data transfer rate?

The data transfer rate depends on the version of bluetooth on the device: version 4.2 provides speeds up to 1 Mbit, version 5.0 – up to 2 Mbit. Excluding power consumption, theoretically, the data transfer speed can reach more than 25 Mbit.

What type of bluetooth adapter should I choose for my computer?

The best option is an adapter with a USB connection. A less practical choice is a board with a PCI port on the motherboard.

What is the frequency of Bluetooth?

Bluetooth operates at 2.4 GHz in the 2402-2480 Hz frequency range.

What is Bluetooth in a phone used for?

To connect to wireless accessories: headphones, smart watches and fitness bracelets, home appliances and smart home devices.

How to check if the computer has Bluetooth?

Check the motherboard specifications on the manufacturer’s official website.


The article describes in detail what Bluetooth is. This communication module is used for information exchange, data & file transfer, talk and communication, as well as to provide Internet access and listen to music.

The rapid growth of wireless accessories contributes to the active development of new protocols and specifications. Smartphones and tablets are being implemented accordingly. In particular, in the Android 9 and later versions, mobile devices have learned to connect to five devices simultaneously.

Do you use Bluetooth? Share in the comments what tasks are you using the Bluetooth connection for.

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