What is UV Tempered Glass?

what is uv glass

by Alex Gustman

Updated: July 14, 2021

In smartphones with a waterfall screen, flat glass does not provide adequate protection, and glass with curved edges is difficult to install. UV glass allows solving the problem of screen protection and the complexity of installation. The article will let you know what is UV glass and what are the features of the protective coating.

What is UV glass?

UV glass is a common name for protective coatings with an ultraviolet hardener. This method of fixing is used mainly with glass curved at the edges. The adhesive base under the action of an ultraviolet lamp hardens and forms a strong connection of the protective glass with the smartphone.

mount for glass installation

Features of UV glass

The protective coating is usually made of heat-or chemical-treated tempered glass. To enhance the strength characteristics, polymers are used as a base or additives, for example, as in Nillkin AP+ glass. The thickness of the protective coating is usually 0.33 mm, since 0.5 mm often does not provide a noticeable increase in strength. There is also an oleophobic coating to reduce the contamination of the coating. Glass of a transparent type and with a frame around the circumference are produced.

To fix the glass on the smartphone, a UV lamp is included. Most manufacturers put an ordinary lamp, which you need to hold with your hand over the screen. Just as often there is no USB cable in the kit, which is why you need to use the cable and charger that comes with the smartphone.

A thoughtful approach is used by Whitestone Dome company. In addition to the cable and lamp, the kit includes a matrix for installing and fixing the phone. And the presence of legs eliminates the need to hold the lamp in your hands and simplifies the process of installing glass. At the same time, Whitestone Dome products are more expensive than competitors.

application of glass fixing liquid

How to install UV glass


  1. Prepare a place to install the glass. Installation should preferably be carried out in a room with a minimum dust content in the air. Therefore, it is advisable to carry out a wet cleaning before installation.
  2. Take a comfortable sitting position. The installation process takes up to 20 minutes, in particular for an unprepared user.
  3. Clean the screen, remove dirt and dust.
  4. Install and secure the smartphone in the matrix, if available in the kit. Otherwise, place the device on a flat surface.
  5. Seal the speaker mesh with the supplied tape.
  6. Open the container with the gel and pour it on the screen.
  7. Remove the transport film from the glass.
  8. Next, attach the glass to the smartphone, wait for the uniform distribution of the adhesive liquid under the glass.
  9. Turn on the UV lamp, powered through an outlet or UMB.
  10. Perform the main stage of gluing. Set the lamp for 10-15 seconds at the top of the smartphone, and then also for 10-15 seconds at the bottom of the screen.
  11. Then remove the lamp to the side. Take an alcohol napkin and collect the remnants of the gel around the edges of the smartphone.
  12. Next, mark the smartphone on a flat surface and perform the final gel hardening process. To do this, alternately position the lamp evenly over the screen for 60 seconds – top, bottom, center.
  13. This completes the installation stage.

How do you remove UV glue from tempered glass?

To remove any glue residue, you need to pry a thin card of paper or plastic under the glass. Once you have peeled off the glass from the edge, gently continue to peel it further by pushing the plastic card between the glass and the screen. If the glass does not come off well, you should warm the glass with a hair dryer for 5-10 seconds. Remove the glass slowly, gently and carefully so as not to break it. After you have removed the glass, soak a cloth in isopropyl alcohol or use an alcohol wipe to wipe off any glue residue.


What is the best screen protector for note 10 plus?

Any of these: IQ Shield Screen Protector, Whitestone Dome Glass, amFilm Ultra Glass Screen Protector, Spigen NeoFlex TPU Film, IVSO TPU Film Screen Protector или UniqueMe TPU Film Screen Protector.

How to remove UV glue tempered glass?

You need to pick up a thin flat object and gradually slide it under the glass.

Is UV tempered glass good?

Yes, it is good. The protective glass is strong, and thanks to the UV gel the glass is firmly attached to the phone screen.

How to put UV tempered glass?

It is necessary to clean the screen, apply the gel and install the glass. To fix the glass, you need to shine an ultraviolet lamp to cure the gel. Expensive glass often comes with a frame for fixation and accurate installation of the glass.

Is UV glue screen protector safe?

The glass is completely safe and does not harm the smartphone screen.

What is the use of UV tempered glass?

The tempered glass helps to effectively protect the screen. And the use of UV gel allows you to firmly fix the glass and eliminates loose attachment to the edges of the screen.

What are the disadvantages of UV tempered glass?

Only a very high price. And because of the strong attachment, such glass is more difficult to remove for replacement.

What are the benefits of UV tempered glass?

High light penetration, good protective properties, strong attachment and durability of use.

What’s the price of the UV glass?

The price ranges from $30 to $60.

Is Tempered glass UV resistant?

Certain patterns may be resistant, but in most cases, they are not.

What is the purpose of UV tempered glass?

For installation on 3D screens. Flat glass does not cover the entire screen, and curved glass is not secure enough. Using UV gel allows you to firmly fix the glass on the curved screen.

Can UV tempered glass damage your screen?

No, UV glass will not harm the screen. However, the tempered glass must be removed with caution.

Can I remove tempered glass and reapply?

Yes, in the presence of UV gel. In this case, it is important to thoroughly clean the screen and then reinstall the glass.

Do UV glasses actually work?

The glass holds up well to the screen and does a great job of protecting it.

Are UV glasses bad for your eyes?

UV glass is completely safe for the eyes.


The article describes in detail what UV glass is. A protective coating with an ultraviolet hardener ensures a strong uniform connection of the glass with the smartphone screen. And the installation process is easier than when installing flat glass. At the same time, the cost of the protective coating varies in the aisles of 35-55 USD, which is explained by the configuration and the lack of analogues for protecting the waterfall screen.

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