What to Do With Old Phone Cases?

old phone cases.

by Alex Gustman

Updated: April 14, 2021

Did you know that we can wrap our planet around several times with thrown-away plastic phone cases? Humanity is doing so yearly, apart from the waste generated by old portable devices that are very hard to recycle. The situation is only getting worse with mobile accessories such as screen protectors and phone cases. When you change your phone, you will need another protective cover and guard. When you are bored with them, you buy more.

Typically, the old ones find their way into the trash bin and go directly into dumps where they lay forever due to slow decomposition time. Hopefully, there are some ways to diminish the amount of waste we contribute to. Let’s have a look at them.

How to recycle phone cases?

There are simple steps to take to make sure you decrease your environmental impact:

  1. Buy covers made with (or even from) recyclable materials. Some manufacturers do treat the problem responsibly and carefully pick what they make their goods from, including the packaging. Remember – if there are several materials mixed in your cover, it will be tough to recycle.
  2. Buy the covers only if you need them. Keep in mind that goods made of plastic or silicone can become less attractive-looking very fast.
  3. Never buy electronics merged into the covers, as recycling e-waste is a challenging task.
  4. Use protection made of materials that decompose entirely. Manufacturers are very easy to find on the Internet thanks to current care for environmental trends. Alternatively, there are products made of leather and wood. However, this way, you will contribute to deforestation, chemical pollution, and harm to innocent animals.

The major downside of buying eco-friendly products is that it takes more time and effort to make them. This means that they can cost dearer than the alternatives that will end up in the dump.

Some case manufacturers offer to recycle your old case free of charge if you buy a new one. This can solve the problem of purchasing the goods for new smartphones – if you plan to use only one cover. In this case, you will only need to use a prepaid envelope to send the case back. Have a look here to find out the details. Such companies also tend to donate some of their profit to charity.

Alternatively, there are non-profit companies that will recycle the covers for you. All you need to do is to send them to their address at your own expense. Alternatively, find a suitable location nearby and drop the covers off.

How to use old cases?

Better than to throw them away is to donate to thrift shops. This way, your covers can have a new life at their new owners’ houses. If you are in the United States, this can also help you to pay your taxes. If your case is expensive and still looks good, it might be worth trying to sell it online with minimum effort.

There are a million things to make from your old cases, such as:

  1. Soap tray. The camera hole is perfect for draining excessive liquid.
  2. Doorstopper. Glue or nail the case in the desired place instead of buying a specially designed product, which is (probably) made of plastic.
  3. These items can help to prevent hot mugs from spoiling your table.
  4. Jewelry holders. This way, you will always have your earrings in one place.

Here you are limited with imagination only, check more ways online, and be creative.

Mobile accessories do contribute sufficiently to the waste we already generate. Be careful and choose the covers made of recyclable materials or the ones that fully decompose. There are environmentally-friendly ways to recycle the phone cases that will take some of your efforts. However, it is worth doing for the environment’s sake.


Here we have showed what you can do with old phone case. You can use one of these tips or just throw away your old phone case. It is best not to clutter up your home with useless objects.

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