Why are SD Cards so Cheap?

why memory cards are so cheap

by Alex Gustman

Updated: April 28, 2021

SD memory cards are considered the most affordable among other types of storage devices. This article will let you know why SD cards are cheap and what the difference between cheap and expensive cards is.

Why is the price of SD cards so low?

The low price of SD cards relative to other types is due to three reasons:

  1. Mass distribution.
  2. Proven production technology.
  3. Wide range of characteristics.

SD cards are used in all portable devices. The most common variation is McroSD, which can be easily transformed into SD due to the adapter.

memory card with adapter

The SD and microSD standard was adopted in 1999. For 20 years, the form factor has remained unchanged; the production technology has been mastered in detail, which has a positive effect on the cost of production.

The wide range allows you to choose a memory card with any characteristics for typical or specialized tasks. For example, a card with a high recording speed for a camera, with a high I/O speed for running applications, or with MLC memory for overwriting the data.

How to distinguish a fake SD card?

Fake cards do not meet the specifications specified by the manufacturer. Sometimes it gives out a fake mismatch on the packaging in the form of inscriptions and colors or materials of the card.

You should be wary of cards with a significant difference in price. If the cost of the drive in most retail stores is more than 25-30%, the card is probably fake or defective.

In some cases, the serial code helps to distinguish a fake. To verify the authenticity of the card, just enter the code on the manufacturer’s website. At the same time, this method does not always help, since it can use one of the real serial numbers of this card on the package.

Is it important to use an SD card?

A memory card is an expandable source of physical memory. If the device does not have enough internal memory, you should use a SD card. If there is enough internal memory and/or free memory in excess, it is not necessary to use a memory card.

64 GB memory card

Does the SD card slow down the phone?

The effect of the memory card on the phone performance is only apparent when certain tasks are performed. In most cases, the SD card is used as an external storage. In this case, insufficient card performance may affect the speed of applications that read or write data from the drive.

If the memory card is formatted as an external partition of the internal memory, an unsuitable drive will negatively affect more tasks performed.

Do cheap SD cards work?

Inexpensive memory cards are quite suitable for certain tasks. Usually inexpensive cards are not characterized by high capacity or speed of operation. Such media is usually suitable for data storage or other tasks where there are no special requirements for the volume and mode of operation.

Will the SD card improve the phone performance?

The use of memory cards with high read/write speed will provide performance gains in certain tasks.

A card used as a removable storage device will only improve performance in certain applications where data needs to be read or written. The most noticeable increase in such work in the camera app is in the process of shooting photos and videos in high resolution.

If the memory card is used as an external partition for installing and running applications, a high-speed card will eliminate program failures.

The best effect of a high-speed card is achieved as the default storage after being combined into a single logical disk with internal storage.

A1 memory card

Can the SD card affect the image quality?

A poor-quality and/or insufficiently productive card often leads to damage to photos and videos. For example, damaged memory chip cells will not allow you to read data or read with damage. And the lack of speed is usually manifested by the loss of frames or part of the image.


This article describes in detail why SD cards are cheap. Widespread use and proven production technology have a positive impact on the cost of production. And a wide range of characteristics allows you to choose a card that is suitable for the price and requirements. Because the final cost is affected by the data transfer rate and volume. Therefore, inexpensive cards are not suitable for tasks that require high write or read speeds, but rather as storage for files.

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